Friday, October 26, 2012

WE ARE CHANGE - Exposes The Romney's Camp about Secret Kill List That Obama Supports

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Luke Rudkowski asks NY Congressman and Romney representative, Peter King for his insight on how Mitt Romney should handle the inheritance of Obama's kill list should he become president. Peter King touts the kill list as "totally right, totally Constitutional" as he quickly becomes angered and derogatory towards Luke.

The New York Times article on Obama's kill list:

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Here is the Obama side talking about the justification of killing American citizens without due process.

Here you go, right on video! Go to the 2 minute mark and watch Gibbs justify way the 16 year old American citizen was ok to be killed without due process.

Sad but true.

People need to put aside politics and realize that both democrats and republicans are puppets for a higher authority which goes way beyond the presidency of the united states.