Friday, November 16, 2012

Benghazi, Military Purges And Wars Civil And Foreign

The Benghazi consular office was one of at least two torture sites in that town. Chris Stevens was torturing Libyans and foreigners who had been kidnapped and brought there from outside the country.

Stevens was following the orders of Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice by running guns into Syria for the NATO mercenaries. There was no Muslim riot in front of the consulate. It was under attack for 7 hours while under surveillance by a drone which relayed the attack to the White House. The Obama administration meaning Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett and Tom Donilon decided to let the ambassador and the men defending him die rather than let him live and let the world know they were torturing people at the consulate. Most likely the Israelis and the Saudis organized America’s Libyan mercenaries to kill the ambassador to help Mitt Romney as a sort of October Surprise. But as I said before he and his campaign staff were too stupid to capitalize on it.

A lot of Republicans voted for Obama or stayed home because Romney seemed to be the one most likely to start a war. They will be in for a shock though I think America might avoid a war in the Mideast.

Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League denounced General Petraeus for saying Israel was a liability for America. Jane Harman who was implicated in covering up AIPAC’s involvement in a spy case. During these scandals one AIPAC official said it was a matter of routine for then to pass on American classified material to Israel. Paula Kranz Broadwell is Jewish, spent time in Israel in a West Point cadet exchange program and is closely associated with the Hudson Institute and the Jebsen Center both of which are Zionist organizations pushing hard line policies in America and Israel.
Admiral William J Fox Fallon was the head of Central Command when he was forced to resign because he said war with Iran would not happen his watch. Admiral Mike Mullen was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff also opposed war with Iran.

Obama has been conducting a military purge. He fired General Carter head of Africom and Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette command of the powerful Carrier Strike Group Three. Those two were real men. They stood up to Obama’s handlers who twice refused requests from a CIA torture site one mile from the Benghazi consulate. Those men had been promised air support which was later refused. Dr Steve Pieczenik said more than a dozen other military commanders. Obama and Bush both have been purging the American military of men of conscience who will not follow orders that will get them and their men killed.

The Bush administration created NORTHCOM in 2002 to run America as a dictatorship under martial law. The bankers who controlled both Bush and Obama knew they had bankrupted America and would need a military force strong enough to protect them from tens of millions of adults who will wake up one day to see their money has gone. My calculations are that we have no more than six months until the dollar, the pound and the euro collapse.I expect [roces to double by the end of summer 2013 cutting your paycheck, savings and pensions in half. I am predicting nationwide food riots which will degenerate into race wars if we do not intervene and say No to our Banker Occupied Government.

It is clear to me the bankers want to destroy America both by attacking Iran and Syria. and by starting a race war on the continental US.

Former IDF and Mossad commanders have told the Israeli people that a war will destroy their nation.

I have written several times about what would happen if Iran or Syria were attacked. Iran, Syria and Hezbollah would fire 150,000 missiles at Israel. Hezbollah has been given sufficient missiles to turn both Tel Aviv and Haifa into parking lots. Hezbollah has older missiles but they do have many with Russian guidance systems and 992 pound (450 kilogram) warheads. Iran and Syria have fuel air explosive warheads which have several times as much blast area as conventional weapons. If there is a war more than half of the Jewish homes in Israel will be incinerated. And the Israeli nuclear works at Dimona which has been leaking and killing its workers will be hit directly several times. Israeli military officers have said that an attack against Iran must be fought only as part of World  War III. I have game played an attack on Iran and the only militarily successful strategy would be a nuclear first strike against Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Pakistan. Yes. Pakistan. They have lots of Hydrogen bombs that can go boom and kill you if not by a direct blast by radiation. The Iranian and Pakistani militaries have been working together behind the scenes.

Hezbollah has further changed the war dynamics against Israel. They have moved many of their rocket forces into Syria. Hezbollah has also acquired drones from Iran some of which are capable of firing missiles at Iron Dome, Israel's only protection against 150,000 incoming missiles.

An attack against either Iran or Syria would be disastrous. They would destroy all 35 American bases neighboring Iran and all 22 bases NATO shares with Turkey. So what could you expect in the first 59 seconds of war if you were either a sailor or a Marine if you were serving in the Persian Gulf? You would be hit by missiles fired from drones to knock out your radar  by communications and then incoming Russian Mach 2.2 and 3.0 anti-ship missiles would come in waves every ten seconds depending upon where they were launched. Finally you would be hit by rocket artillery with a range of 130 miles and 1.322 pound warheads (210 km and 600 kg). Your widows and orphans would soon discover that 7 out of every 8 dollars in your GI insurance would legally be stolen from you under a law signed by President Clinton in 1999 and upheld by both Presidents Bush and Obama.

On the home front the bankers have set up Homeland Security with 200,000 contractors (mercenaries), 72 threat fusion centers to control the local police, b]bought 30,000 drones to treat us like Pakistanis tribesmen in Waziristan, 1.6 billion hollow point bullets and set up NORTHCOM to kill you. The bankers and the Jewish controlled media is talking about ratifying the UN Small Arms Control treaty which does allow the signatories to seize our guns. Admiral Yamamoto is reputed to have said that he would never invade the mainland of the America because there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass. American now has at least 300 million guns in civilian hands. Included in this are 700,000 slide fire stocks which permit automatic fire from AR-15 and AK-47s. There is no military force capable of going door to door to collect our weapons of self defense at a time when there are nationwide food riots and race wars. What will the politicians and Wall Street do if a handful of Americans in Pennsylvania and Virginia cut off the electricity to New York and Washington?

The bankers are planning to get you killed so you cannot demand the return on the 43 trillion dollars they stole from you.

In fact they plan to steal even more from you. During Hurricane Sandy the Depository Trust which had the only hard copies of your stock and bond certificates meaning your only proof you won anything will be entries in computers owned and operated by known criminals.

The bankers know we are already in a Depression. Obamacare is forcing employers to cut hours and to pay of workers to cut the number of workers carried by insurance. Taxes will be raised at a time when the deficit is almost  1.3 trillion dollars. If you subtract hundreds of billions of dollars from by consumer spending, you will contract the government even further. than it is. If you subtract the US inflation rate of 10% from the current rate of GDP growth, you will realize that the economy is already contracting 7% a year. Austerity cuts and tax increases will push that contraction rate to 8% and then 9%. We are headed off that fiscal cliff to disaster.

The bankers know this and want you to go splat when you hit the ground.

I have said this before. But the military purges are accelerating our march to war both in the Mideast and at home. We need to tell the officers and the  enlisted personnel that is now up to them  to say No to  war.

America cannot survive another war. America cannot survive nationwide food riots and multiple race wars between blacks, whites and Hispanics.

The US military is the only force capable of saying No to the bankers and the politicians burn this country to the ground over the next few months.

The anti-war video below is brief but powerful.