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I also recommend due diligence. I do not know if this is real.  Just posting so you can be aware of what is happening.  ~enerchi



DISCLAIMER ---- John Has Not Done due diligence on this. Would recommend you do your own investigation & diligence on this. May be genuine and real --- there is that possibility, especially with the timing of all this. John MacHaffie

From Clayton Hanna at

Recently I was asked to contact people who are in need to apply for a one-time, tax-free non-repayable financial grant to improve the quality of life for them and their immediate families. The grants are not to be shared with others in need, as anyone of legal age can apply for a grant. 

These grants are offered by invitation only by the St. Germain Trust of Europe and are open to people who live in most countries around the world.

All that is required is for the person who wants a grant is:

1. The name and address of the applicant. No PO Box numbers, please, because couriers cannot deliver to a PO Box number.

2. Their personal email address. They cannot use company or business email addresses.

3. Their home phone numbers as they ask people not to give their work or business or company phone numbers. 

4. A brief statement why they want or need a financial grant.

There are no strings attached other than everyone who receives a grant must comply with the rules established by the government regarding philanthropic or humanitarian grants, which are provided with the grants. All grants are provided to help to improve the quality of life for the applicants and their immediate families. Only one grant per household.

Applicants can invite their adult relatives, adult children and adult grandchildren, friends, pensioners, veterans, co-workers and those who are in need to apply for a grant.

The Trust cannot state the amounts the applicants will receive as that is considered an enticement to the applicant and that is illegal. All that can be said about this is that they said the amount of the grant is "substantial", whatever that means. Nobody has to put up a penny. Nobody is asked to reveal any of their financial affairs or account or credit card numbers under any circumstances, and never will be. No one will receive any sales calls as the names and information of the applicants is confidential and will never be sold or made available to any third party, ever.

Please note applications for a grant will close
Sunday, November 11, 2012.
Applications received after that date cannot be submitted.

Please reply by email to
Grants, c/o Clayton Hanna at

Subject line: 
Your Name - (your country) Grant Application 

In Body of email:
Home address (No PO boxes – cheques will be delivered by Courier to homes):
home phone number
home email address

Reason(s) for applying for grant (please be brief)
Examples - personal hardship due to:

  • financial struggle
  • working from pay cheque to pay cheque
  • disability / poor health
  • family member disabled, illness
  • unemployed
  • homeless, (if homeless you must provide a(in care of) c/o home address
  • pensioner
  • on a fixed old age pension
  • working multiple jobs to pay rent etc.
*Please note that if there is more than one adult in the house applying for the grant - then you need to get creative about the address - such as 3968 ABC Street suite # 1 or suite #A or if in an apartment - eg #201(a)

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This is a separate entity from the OPC needs program and coming directly from the GERMAINE Trust in Europe. I WOULD SUGGEST ALL ---- TO GO FOR IT!


  1. A deadline? For a prosperity program? And the millions of poverty stricken people will not benefit from this simply because they had no chance to get online to apply for it or didn't hear about it? Prosperity should be for all those in need, not just for those who heard about the online application and took advantage of it.

    Sounds more like a fishing program, attempting to build a list of names and addresses for whatever covert reason they might have. I've heard of this online application for some time now, but not a testimony from one person who said they received money from it. You draw your own conclusions...

    1. 1- No money before deadline, 2- Those who get some money will help others and 3- Do not spread fear, 4- You do not ask and be happy.

    2. Think about it...if prosperity is for all, why do we need to apply for it? This is not about fear but about common sense. Sure go for it if you feel it is on the level, and more power to everyone who applies for it. Everyone's road to travel will be perfect for their needed experience on this planet.

    3. In my belief, even having had the chance to express myself in this manner helped me to see that what i do have... my life... is the most precious gift any one could posses. So than you for this lesson. With love .S

    4. In my belief, even having had the chance to express myself in this manner helped me to see that what i do have... my life... is the most precious gift any one could posses. So than you for this lesson. With love .S

    5. Agreed. Who even cares about money at this late date? Maybe NESARA is really a test and if we pass, we can ascend(if ascension is for real) by the end of the Mayan calandar.

    6. Has anyone that applyed for the grant heard or got money

  2. John Wayne is probably turning in his grave from being used as this guy's avatar. True cowboys, which he not only played in the movies but was in real life, are all about liberty and justice for all.

    This story is so hokey. Agree with anon at 3:04 -- they want your information for something.

    1. I just feel that this "opportunity" is so off! Really?? This is NOT the New Age that I want to be a part of. This scam is all about who you know, if you are really in need of support, you most likely won't have had any opportunity to come across this ... not sure how to even describe it. I seriously would be concerned about the privacy information that so many people are so willing to give out.

  3. In my belief, having expressed myself as i did in this application showed my that i already posses the most precious gift any one could posses... life itself... so thank you for this lesson..
    \with love.S

  4. Enerchi. How, if at all, does this differ from the link you have at the top of your site? They both read very "similar" but, the PP you have linked to does not specify to be "The St Germain Trust". What I'm asking is; if I send this link out as I did your's, might the people who applied for those benifits also apply for the "St Germain Trust"? Are they 2 seperate individual Prosperity Funds or the same or seperate but sharing info not to overlap or what? ka

    1. ka,

      This is completely separate from the Prosperity Funds listed on this website. The one that I link too is organized and run by volunteers that are affiliated with John MacHaffie. This ST. Germain fund is run by , who knows? Their is contact information for Clayton Hanna at who is accepting applications for the Germain Trust but I don't know if this is the real deal. The deadline seems to throw people off as it did for me as well. Not sure why a deadline is imposed. Question everything.


    I just head about this St. Germain Grant opportunity; it does appear to be legit, but it also appears to possibly be some kind of positive "test" by the “Earth Allies” to see if "at this late stage of the game", if the "powers that were"/cabal (of what little is left of the cabal, that is) would still be able to interfere with this first real initial attempt to have these first real NESARA checks delivered to the various (hundreds of thousands or millions of) addresses around the world--so let's :cross our fingers" and see if this can be "pulled off without a hitch".

    I did hear today that as of early this morning, because of St. Germain’s World Trust had already received SO MANY Application e-mails for receiving these first NESARA checks (and even though the absolute DEADLINE for people to send their e-mails in, to receive this Grant of funds is tomorrow, as specifically mentioned in this forwarded e-mail, Sunday [and I Am assuming that would be no later than 12:00 Midnight tomorrow night]), that the St. Germain Trust has requested that those web sites who had originally posted this info. a couple days ago, to no longer post this info., only BECAUSE THEY WERE SO OVERWHELMINGLY SWAMPED WITH SO MANY GRANT REQUESTS AND THAT THEY HAVE RECEIVED MORE REQUESTS THAN THEY CAN NOW BE ABLE FILL (as for right now!). But it is my opinion, that even though those who still send an e-mail requesting to receive Funds, as long as you send your request prior to the “cut off” at Midnight tomorrow night, that even though it is unlikely that you would get a NESARA check from this FIRST initial “Activation” of people beginning to receive these funds, that your name will, at least be “next in line” so to speak for the next, possible releasing of Funds—if this first attempt “goes off without a hitch”, and there is no interference from the “powers that were”. In other words, if this first, apparent attempt to actually deliver these first NESARA checks is, indeed, successful, then when the next, and probably much larger Releasing of Funds, it is my opinion that you who still go to the trouble of sending in an e-mail with your request now, will definitely be at the “first of the line” to next get this Funding.

    So we shall see if, in fact, this first attempt to “deliver” these NESARA checks actually occurs, or is somehow blocked from occurring. Let’s Invision in our minds, and see this occurring successfully, lets Decree & Invoke through the power of our I Am Christ Presence, and the Great I Am That I Am/Divine Creation, and Call Upon the entire Galactic Federation of Light and all Beings of Light, and “last but not least”—St. Germain. Himself, and his Other-Half, Lady Portia, that his World Trust will, indeed, be able to truly now begin to Truly Release these vitally needed Funds to begin this process of “Financial Freedom”, and let’s allow the “NESARA Consciousness” to merge with us! Amen!! Amen!!! And So It Is!!!!


  6. Source for this posting is here........

  7. sounds like an application for a amef pmac, haha, I would only do it,if I get to know someone who've done it 1st !!!

  8. To Anon 10:05pm: I've done it. Now you can do it. Git'er done.

  9. All these Nesara scams are just another name harvesting list. How long has this been going on now without the first penny ever being paid to anyone? Look around you. Does anybody really think the Cabal is getting weaker? Seriously? Here in the US they just gave you an election with a choice between two known and vetted criminals and then laughed at you the next morning. Every day world wide, thousands of more cameras and other surveillance apparatus are deployed, new government fees and taxes are coming at us from every direction and there are actually real people that claim the Cabal is getting weaker? Only a Cabal stooge or someone very gullible would think so at this point.

    1. We will find out if anything big happens by 12/21/12.

  10. Maintaining a low profile and preparing for your own survival seems safer to me. Nothing is ever free and there could be difficult times ahead. Prepare in all ways, physically and spiritually.

  11. As soon as I saw this today (too late of course), alarm bells started ringing, and that was before I was even aware of the deadline! It's a classic way of harvesting e-mail addresses, so I suggest any applicants prepare to be spammed heavily. Plus, as you have presumably given your full name, postal address and a telephone number, be on the alert (seriously) for attempts at identity theft and other financial fraud.

    Sorry to be so cynical about this, but I find it difficult to believe - as someone said above - that such an act of altruism would only be aimed at people who are not only on-line, but belong to such a restricted demographic group. Hardly the poor and needy types that such largesse should be aimed at!

  12. I have no idea if this is for real or not. However, I wanted to point out a couple of things. As long as we're still using money and operating in 3D, there have to be some practical details. True, some needy people can't get online, but many can. Many poor people (myself included) either own computers, cell phones or can access them in public places. As for identity theft, it doesn't really make sense. You would need a lot more than names, addresses and phone numbers for that, and that info can be found very easily from public data. Collecting emails for spamming? That's at least plausible, but I already get so much spam I'm not worried about that one, lol.

  13. Seriously, if this is a scam why would people want to hurt other people ho are so desperate for help? And ifs it's not a scam why isn't there more information on it?