Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Astrology of December 2012

FatherMotherGod Amon Ra's pictureThe Astrology of December 2012, Winter Solstice, Mayan Calendar, etc.,

By FatherMotherGod... - Posted on 20 November 2012

This is my big end of the Mayan Calendar video, sort of. December's vibes place the individual in the midst of a profoundly transformative field. After all the crisis and drama of recent years, the responsibility for bringing change fall squarely on the shoulders of individuals, who must, now, take responsibility for wrestling the world around them into more acceptable shape.

This will be a more complicated process than you might think,because individuals themselves are the focus of profound and powerful transformative energies. People will be working toward a greater understanding of who they are and what they really want, even as they try to transform the world they find themselves in.

The beginning of a lengthy and strenuous process.

A more polished, written version of this analysis will be available on my blog on or around December 1st. The link to my blog is on my channel page.