Monday, November 5, 2012

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Frequently Asked Questions on Voting Technology

Here are some simple answers to basic questions. 

Q: Why are computers a problem for vote counting? Isn't technology the answer to absolutely everything?
A: In this case, no. Computers are a problem because the votes are counted in secret -- inside the computer's "black box" which is currently off-limits to everyone, even elections supervisors. Only the voting machine manufacturer knows how the computers are programmed. Right now, a very tiny handful of extremely shady people control the top voting machine companies that manufacture the machines, and most of them have ties to the extreme right-wing. (read Bob FItrakis on Diebold and the Vast Right-Wing Voting Conspiracy)

Secret ballot counting used to be illegal. It's no better than a bunch of thugs taking the paper ballots into a back room and locking the door.  

Q: Are Optical Scanners okay? They use paper ballots.
A: No, they are not okay. They scan paper ballots, but the scanners themselves are computers and have been proven easily hacked and manipulated.

Q: Isn’t an audit of the paper ballots enough?
A: No, it isn’t. The only way to know that every vote was properly counted is to count the ballots by hand in public. Audits alone allow the potential of manipulation and fraud. They are time consuming, often prohibitively expensive, and right now they require legal challenge to procure one in many states. Additionally, once the ballots leave the precinct or are stored overnight, the "chain of custody" is broken. Any audit that takes place after that point may have experienced ballot tampering. 

Q: Can’t you rig a paper ballot election?
A: With a process that includes stringent oversight, it’s very difficult to do so. See-though plastic boxes can prevent ballot box stuffing. Counting the ballots in public on election day stops the back-room fraud prevalent in the past. Additionally -- and most importantly -- paper fraud is detectable, whereas computerized fraud is not.

What we need is a vigilant public aware of the threats that face our ballots on election day. We haven't had that! We've been asleep at the wheel, assuming our votes are protected, when in fact, the CROOK ARE IN CONTROL.

Q: Aren’t computers more accurate?
A: No. Studies show that, of every voting system in use, paper ballots counts are the most accurate, and when done properly the results are produced quickly. In first world countries across the globe, from Swizterland to Canada to Israel, paper ballots are counted by hand quickly and efficiently.

Q: Don’t we need computers for disabled people to vote privately?
A: The disabled community was cynically used by proponents of ballotless touchscreen voting machines -- much to their horror, once they understood the fraud associated with those machines. While computers cannot be allowed for use by the general public, the exception is that one electronic voting machine can be allowed in each precinct, e.g. an Automark, for people with disabilities to use. Under no circumstances whatsoever can any other voters be allowed to use this especially designated machine.

Q: Are early voting and mail-in ballots a good thing?
A: No! They are not! They do not allow for proper oversight and chain of custody of our ballots. They are, in fact, absolutely INSANE practices if we take even a moment to consider it. We have no idea where our ballot goes after we cast it.

Only paper ballots, counted in the precinct on election day, are an acceptable method of voting and vote counting at this point in time, when all other technology requires faith and trust in those who control the machines.

Q: Aren't you just a crazy whacked-out conspiracy theorist with a tinfoil hat who hangs out with Mel Gibson?
A: Wish it were true! I'd rather be crazy than watch my country and planet be destroyed from within by corporate gangsters, vicious banksters, and delusional religious extremists. But if you don't believe me, check out THE EVIDENCE: