Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Be One. As of today, Be One - Ron Head - December 12th, 2012

Be One. As of today, Be One - Ron Head - December 12th, 2012

As channeled through Ron Head

And here, my beloved friends, is that good news I promised to return with. This message will be, as I’m sure you are finding, unanimous. But nevertheless, allow us to bring it to you one more time.

At long last, after several millennia, you have arrived at the final doorway into the long promised age in which all of the anger, war, poverty, fear, and other less desirable conditions are left behind, having taught you all the lessons you desired to learn. From this point on, your only purpose will be to increase your awareness, understanding, and acceptance of the Divine Light, as well as that of all those you may encounter. You will make the most outstanding teachers because you have, as you say, “been there and done that.”

You will find that the next period, from now until the twenty-first of this month, will bring you a huge increase in light and internal change, if you allow it. It will be much larger than before, but should be easier for you to adjust to, since now you certainly can see for yourselves where this is taking you. Very few of you have any doubt left at this point.

We also tell you that the amazing joining of yourselves into collective prayer and meditation that you have accomplished, and which continues as we speak, is creating an indescribable explosion of love and light throughout this world of yours. We extend our deepest respect, admiration, and gratitude for all that you have done and continue to do. A vast sea of change has been activated, mostly by you, dear ones.

Find the self who is worthy of all that we have promised you. Release your doubts, your guilts, your feelings of undeservedness, and accept. Learn to accept. We cannot force your brilliant futures upon you. Somehow train yourselves to maintain the focus on your desired future and welcome it with gratitude and that energy alone will at last allow it to come to you. Let us worry about how. We are pretty good at that part. In fact, you have already done the most difficult part. Just let us finish the job.

There is a feeling of elation, of celebration, sweeping across the surface of your world today. Immerse yourselves in it and see it spreading to all of those whose circumstances do not yet allow them to feel it. Be one. As of today, be one.

Our deepest love to you, dear hearts. Good day.

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