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Black Ops Projects

Black Ops Projects
The ultimate secrets of free energy and the true nature of the cosmos that the world's governments and their shadow masters
don't want you to know about...

This particular section of the website is very unique in nature.  One of the subjects that this writer has steered clear of vetting information on is that of the subject of UFOs and ET intervention.  There is good reason for this.  It must be clearly understood that this particular subject, when broached, leads most people, even the most ardent seekers of truth, to 'tuning out' before reaching the end of the first sentence.

     The late Bill Cooper, radio host and author of the best selling book Behold a Pale Horse, spent decades traversing the rabbit hole and debunking the lies told to us by those masquerading as our leaders.  For his efforts, he was murdered in November of 2001, five months after going public with a report (in June of 2001) that a major terror attack would be perpetrated within the United States and blamed upon a relative unknown by the name of Osama bin Laden.  However, in the final months of his career, Cooper also came forward with a report of another kind, one in which he stated that many of the UFO and ET conferences in this country and beyond had long ago been infiltrated by various agencies and injected with various levels of disinformation.  Thus, the subject of UFOs and ETs has become arguably the most convoluted of all subjects which one can possibly hope to debunk.  

     Having made this statement, this writer has recently been made aware of a particular angle of UFO and ET affairs that deserves a much, much closer look.  These affairs have begun to come to light as of October/November of 2012, and revolve primarily around the personal testimony of an intriguing new whistle blower who goes by the name of 'Daniel', who claims to have been a part of the Montauk Project, which later morphed into Phoenix I, II and III.  Montauk/Phoenix was one of many ultra-secret operations known as Black Operations projects.  These projects are kept carefully hidden from the eyes of the public.  One of the main objectives involved in these affairs has been that of the testing and development of a whole slew of ground-breaking technologies based upon the works of Nikola Tesla, Pons and Fleischmann's Cold Fusion/Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, reverse engineered, antimatter and antihydrogen propulsion systems, and others.  The development of these technologies has led to the creation of a secret space program that goes well beyond the scope of the information which NASA chooses to release on 'public record' concerning the true nature of the cosmos.  Many of these Black Ops projects have been funded by the vast sums of precious metals centralized during the 20th century by the global banking cartel as part of the highjacking of the global collateral accounts (much more about this in Part II of this report, The Off-Ledger, Occult Economy).  

     This angle of affairs also entails the release of a very intriguing new film entitled Shadow Ops, produced by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot Productions.  This film is vastly different than any other so-called UFO/ET 'disclosure' film yet recorded.  One of the few films in existence which trumps Shadow Ops in sheer scope is that of The Disclosure Project by Dr. Steven Greer, (links to films below), which features an incredible four hours of footage from a vast array of military insiders of various rank and file, from a Five-Star Admiral to a Brigadier General, who are coming forward as whistle blowers to reveal the truth behind the massive 100+ year cover-up (since the time of Tesla) and subsequent global disinformation campaigns which are meant to keep the people of Earth from knowing the truth behind the UFO and ET phenomenon.  

     The 60 minute Shadow Ops film is itself a no-holds-barred investigation into the cover-up of the secret space program, which is currently being held under the tightest of wraps within secretive underground military bases both in this country and beyond.  The film focuses a great deal upon the purported decades-old development of a Mars space program, and features testimony from whistle blowers who are coming forward with great risk to their own personal safety.  

     One final angle of affairs bears mentioning, one that this writer feels fits into the context of this ground-breaking new information being provided by insider 'Daniel' as well as this film from Project Camelot:  That of the testimony of a one Valdamar Valerian, who is the author of a series of highly technical scientific works called The Matrix.  This series of books served as the inspiration for the trilogy of films of the same name; though in only the loosest sense possible, as most of what Valerian wrote about in his thousands of pages of text was manipulated to suit a big-budget Hollywood production.

     What must be clearly understood, when reading Daniel's testimony, watching the Shadow Ops and Disclosure Project films , and listening to Valerian's radio interview (posted below), is that there exists in this world an upper-level, parallel power structure that holds far more power and sway over global affairs than do the so-called 'leaders' holding political offices both in the United States as well as in the European Union.  One of the main reasons why this secret space program is being suppressed is due to the fact that the technologies which have been developed as part of these shadow operations represent, in no uncertain terms, a completely new energy paradigm.  If these energies were to be released to the world and properly funded, within a generation we would see the complete end of all fossil fuels, oil, coal, natural gas, and even nuclear power, to be replaced by such things as Tesla electromagnetism, cold fusion/LENR, water vapor extraction, and many others.  This would, quite literally, set the planet free.  It would erase national borders and boundaries and eliminate the need for control structures of any kind, including governments.  It would also usher in a new era of deep space travel, whereby we as human beings would be free to travel the stars and expand our scope of knowledge beyond this planet.  When one considers the ramifications of what this means for those who currently maintain power in this world, (secret societies, bankers, CEO fat cats, fossil fuel companies, and so on), you can begin to see why they will go to any lengths to ensure that these technologies are never released to the public, and that disclosure concerning the true nature of the cosmos is kept a closely guarded secret.

     In the film Shadow Ops, there is one particularly revealing conversation which takes place at the 44-minute mark of the film.  When questioned about this secret space program by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan, Robert Dean, a former U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major with access to high levels of information concerning the suppression of these technologies and of this secret space program, ended the interview by delivering the following warning:

"They're sitting on the technology.  You understand?  You're playing with dynamite here."

List of projects and agencies of 'special concern' to the subject at hand:

Project Pegasus
Project Looking Glass
The Philadelphia Experiment
The Montauk Project/Phoenix I, II, and III
Project Blue Book
Project Grudge

DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (official military website HERE)
Lockheed Martin 'Snunk Works', Advanced Development Programs (ADP) / (official military websites HERE and HERE)
CERN/Large Hadron Collider (official website HERE

**Note on CERN: 
It must be clearly stated that the true purpose behind CERN's Large Hadron Collider is not, as has been made public, the discovery of the so-called 'God Particle', but rather that of the testing and further development of reverse-engineered, antihydrogen propulsion systems for interstellar spacecraft.

Photos taken by this writer of 999 Sepulveda Boulevard, a building located just outside of the Los Angeles International Airport where purported whistle blower Andy Basiago stated that he took part in DARPA's Project Pegasus.



These photos were posted on the facade of the parking garage located immediately outside of the rear entrance of 999 Sepulveda Blvd. 


Additional photos of 999 Sepulveda Blvd.  At left:  Roof of building has what appears to be a helipad.  At right:  Clear shot of building showing newly constructed facade.

*Note that just on the other side of the parking garage is a narrow street, at the end of which lies the gated entry way to a small building with a 'Boeing' sign posted on the fence.

*Note also that located within offices inside the building there are large 'support beam' structures of unusual design, which appear to look very similar to gear shafts from a machine structure of some kind; perhaps remnants of what had stood previously before the building itself and the surrounding area were remodeled. 


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