Sunday, December 30, 2012

Drake says 1776 One Peoples Trust, Wanta Funds, and Prosperity Packages may be scams?

Get Real and THINK

by Drake
‎>>>>No one in our group is promoting any of the so called 'prosperity' Things going around the Internet!<<<<

-I do not know if they are even real... in addition, I see that my name has been added to this CRAP!

>Wanta funds, Prosperity Packages, and 1776 look to me to be scams.
>>>Unless I state clearly that I support something, It Ain't So!!!<<<

Then a Genius sez We are doing it too!...?

Come on man...get real...and THINK !

-There are as many 'excuses' as why these things are hidden as there are people who believe 'anything'...?

It is coming, but never arrives? Wonder why that is???

>The Freedom Philosophy found in the 1776 'Document' should tell everyone it ain't real... All self declared? This shows a 'self' that can NOT be trusted.

>>>SO... what do these trusts want from you? Their 'cut' or just everything they need to know who and where you are? OR BOTH???! Maybe a fee?

-IF any of these are real, then there is NO reason for them to hide any of it or what they are doing...Unless...there be a problem in the wood pile, Hmmm?

Who stands to lose?
Who stands to win?

Proof of a bank account containing the 'mystery' funds would be fine. Use official bank letterhead AND have the CEO of the bank sign it...offer an email address where everyone can ask about it too...OK?

SHOW ME or forget about it...
I am NOT involved in any of this.
~  Drake