Thursday, December 13, 2012

From James Gilliland – 1212 This Too Shall Pass

From James Gilliland – 1212 This Too Shall Pass
Posted on December 12, 2012

Here it is folks, 12/1212 the kickoff. While some are not sensing anything and have their TVs blaring with a few beers under their belt, those who are sensitive are going through the emotional ringer. Some are feeling agitated, some anxiety, and others overwhelmed with what they have shoved under the rug or avoided coming up to the surface all at once. It is an emotional rollercoaster. There are those who are observing, not reacting, allowing supporting the process of others who are doing quite well with the energies. Then there are those who are thick as a brick unaware of anything, of which sometimes I am envious. Yet looking back I am glad I have the sensitivity to feel what is going on with others and around me so as to depersonalize it and assist others in their process. I must say, however, this wave of energy is a whopper catching me off guard now and then, forcing me to go within to deep ancient wounds I thought were healed long ago.

We have a joke here when people are processing and telling us about their process and asking us if that ever happened to us. We say no, being perfect we don’t have those problems. Where this is spiritually incorrect humor there is truth to it. When we release the past, the judgments of others and of ourselves we are perfect. Even in our imperfection because who sets the bar, who is the judge. If Spirit/God/Creator does not have an ego and shines like the Sun on everyone evenly and equally without judgment, forgiveness is automatic. We only have to forgive our selves and the accepted judgments of others. There is nothing external about this process though it can come in an external fashion. We have allowed others to enslave us through dependency financially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually due to looking outside of ourselves and not believing in the powerful, loving, joyous manifesting God within.

The divine spark of the Creator is within each and every one of us yet it is up to us to fan the spark to become the full flame. It is also up to us to not let others smother or extinguish our sacred fire no matter how noble they hold their judgments to be. Now is the time to forgive. It is time to release the past. It is time to stand tall in our own divinity, reclaim and fully accept our birthright. We are all children of God, Divine beings—yet now it is time to grow up, buck up and meet these challenges as Gods and Goddesses, not victims. It is graduation time and never to late to turn in that A performance that will propel you into the 5th dimension. Nothing is impossible other than the word impossible. Let out your war cry, scream at the heavens. It is time, and remember, the internal path holds the power. If you are trying to force your ways with external expectations you will be left behind in a grand journey back to source.

Be well,
James Gilliland