Wednesday, December 26, 2012

James Gilliland - December 24, 2012

Well, it’s December 24th and so far all is well—yet we are far from out of the woods. There has been some major UFO activity around the Sun. Looks like some divine intervention has altered what NASA and many others were expecting. The kill shot or solar flare that would create the Carrington Effect. There is a lot of UFO activity over Chile and Argentina with an increase in earthquake activity. UFOs often appear over areas soon to experience and let’s not forget Chile in the past has generated some formidable tsunamis. The cosmic ray index is showing clearly we have an increase in cosmic rays bombarding the planet. It looks like one solar stream is dying out while another is taking its place so a short rest on incoming energies. Many are getting sick, dizzy, and nauseated as symptoms to these new energies. Emotional highs and lows with some outbursts are commonplace.

These new energies were set between the 19th and the 23rd. There are many formulas some given as far back as 1982 in lectures and books available at concerning solar flares and CME’s coronal mass ejections. This is concerning how they effect the planet. Severe weather, increase in earthquake and volcanic activity, even social and economic changes. The advanced formula which I am sure will be borrowed again concerning the manifestation process. Everything on this dimensions owes its existence to the next higher dimension. The process goes from consciousness to light then energy followed by mass. The streaming energies coming in are conscious for that was their origin.

The Earth, our physical world, is merely the hard copy of other higher levels. Most are in reactionary mind reacting to the changes on the physical level manipulated and programmed to react and act a certain way. There are those who utilize creationary mind manifestors of their own destiny.

There are advanced beings here on Earth and throughout the cosmos that work on other levels. Consciousness is Cause, the physical is the Effect. There are beings working on the level of pure consciousness, beings working on the level of light have magnetized light bodies and ships living in a holographic world. There are beings working on the level of energy with energy bodies and energy ships living in an energy world or less dense physical world. Then there are the beings most are aware of in the physical world with their ships and the herd or social consciousness of Earth. The 2012 energies were set on these other levels. Those who say absolutely nothing happened lack the understanding of or sensitivity to these other levels. The manifestations in the physical will follow.

The Earth is being bombarded with Cosmic, Gama, X, Infrared, and other rays like never before. Magnetic waves are creating ups and downs like an energetic rollercoaster due to alignment with Galactic Plane. If one believes this is not going to have an affect one is ignorant and insensitive to the higher knowledge and incoming light and energy most of which is measurable. One of the best measurements is your own body and unfolding reality. Become the observer, feel what is happening around you, look at the social and economic changes, severe weather, increase in earthquake and volcanic activity. We are going to witness the effect of these new energies intensely over the next two years and yes those light, energy, and physical off worlders are making themselves known throughout this process. The new energy grids are in place, the awakening and healing process is in high gear.

Hang on.

Be well,

James Gilliland