Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Time is Now!

The Time is Now. The universe is here to support your manifestations.

The Time is Now is not the kind of time you have been using to measure your experiences on Earth. We are referring to your eternal timeline which has no beginning and no end.

This eliminates the fear of death and aging, and the fear of being lost in time and space having to return to a dimension that is measured in this limitation.

As you release your belief in time, all prophecies and beliefs based on this archaic measurement can then be seen within the eternal continuum. It is only the fear of death and destruction that puts fear into the minds and hearts of humanity regarding these transitional times.

The fifth dimension does not exist in time as it is now being used on your Earth. To align with that dimension, you must think, love and live outside a time-based reality. Your God Presence only abides in the NOW, which is all there truly is or ever will be.

You are here with unique gifts that you have been given especially for these transitional times. Never doubt that you have something wonderful to offer, no matter how small your offering may seem to you or to those around you.

If you like to be a supporter, then please know that we bow before your hearts in gratitude because you who serve in the background are just as valuable as those who are serving on the front lines, and you are what determine the success or failure of every endeavor.

Humility, profound inner resilience, and psychological stability are very strong assets to have during these pivotal times. This is especially true if you are willing to make an agreement with your limited ego to function as your ally by shifting from being in control to serving and following your unlimited Divine Presence.

Energy is actually neutral, but you are constantly determining where your energy is going and where you want your ego to direct it, based on your thoughts and feelings and your attachment to them. These thoughts and feelings create thoughtforms, which contain fourth dimensional substances which are being created by everyone in existence.

The third and fourth dimensions are each filled with the negative and the positive thoughtforms which are being emitted by those who are living on and around your Earth.

Wherever you are living in your mind, heart and body is determining what you are supporting within those dimensions and even within the extended universe.

You cannot really expand beyond where you are living in your consciousness, and since this is the time that the opportunity for ascending into the fifth dimension is being offered, remain ultra aware of where you are abiding in your consciousness throughout the day and even the night.

Humanity has not been able to expand beyond the confines of its thinking mind because the limited capacity of the ego was given the authority to direct your lives. Many of you are now moving into a much deeper, more intimate relationship with your heart so it can become the primary authority in your day-to-day lives.

When we say your heart, we are not referring to your limited emotions, but rather to the Divine Love which was encoded within your heart at your original inception out of the Heart of God. This is why your heart is so paramount in providing you with a direct link to Source. It was meant to be the director of your life since it has such an eternally connected relationship with your Presence and Source.

When you are creating uplifting, positive thoughts given to you by your God Presence, then your ego can actually assist you by helping to put those thoughts into action. Energy as thought goes out into space where it attaches itself to the nearest similar energy field and then returns like a boomerang to the sender.

This immutable law of attraction is why your world is still so steeped in turmoil. This is why we continue to urge you to focus only on what you really want to see manifested in your lives and in your world. The universe is there to support your manifestations.

We remain dedicated to your ascension into your Presence.

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