Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Veterans Today Headlines - December 26, 2012

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usa_war_flagFour More Years of War
Expect Obama to prioritize advancing America's imperium. He did aggressive in term one. New wars are planned. Current ones won't end
Obama Speaks After Meeting With The Presidents Of Pakistan And AfghanistanBrig Asif H. Raja
The US Will Again Ditch Pakistan
hammettKevin Barrett
Dashiell Hammett, truther
govt wasteEd Mattson
Are American's asleep?
vt-top-1011Veterans Today
Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today's News - December 26, 2012
jewish catGilad Atzmon
Jewish Projection For Christmas
HSBCDean Henderson
HSBC Skates
nuclear power plantSherwood Ross
Pentagon Held Secret Meeting With Nuclear Industry 2003
merry_christmasSami Jamil Jadallah
Salam, Peace, Shalom
CaucasusVeterans Today
Preventing the Coming U.S. Disaster in the Caucasus
Congressman Mark Siljander explains why educated Muslims and Christians share   a virtually identical faith...and ought to unite against the values of Anti-Christ.Kevin Barrett
And blessings of the Holy Prophet Jesus to you, too!
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A Holiday Message from the Secretary of Veterans Affairs
We are equally honored to salute the more than 22 million living American Veterans who similarly distinguished themselves in years past. Their collective service is the bedrock of our Nation's sovereignty and the guarantor of our security as a democracy. »»
Give Us Chuck Hagel for Christmas
So, Mr. Obama, ignore the threats and the spiteful accusations and please give us Chuck Hagel for Christmas. We can't promise to be good, but we can guarantee it'll shake things up. »»