Friday, January 4, 2013

ET Caught On Video..... Real or Fake?

I think this is most likely a social experiment to see the response of the people.  To set something like this up would probably cost a few thousand dollars in production for a short video.  What is the motive here? The person that sent the video in doesn't seem to be promoting or selling anything. Could it be for 15 minutes of fame?  Is this a social experiment? Just Having Fun?

Video: UFO Lands In China, Alien Walks Out, People Flee

Published on Jan 2, 2013 by Stephen Hannard ADGUK  
Footage filmed in the National Forest Park of Fuxin, China, 2012. A small group of friends out for the day spotted a silver object descend behind some trees close to where they were having a picnic.

As they ran to get a closer look it became apparent it was a UFO, one of the group quickly got out his camera and started to record, as they got closer they spotted a tall creature coming out of the object.

The two females who wish to remain anonymous became frightened as they believed they would be abducted, the girls panic alerted the creature who glanced in their direction, the group then fled terrified. Local authorities were contacted and a subsequent search of the area was conducted, no further information is available at this time. 

ADGUK presents the complete footage of the possible UFO landing in the National Forest Park of Fuxin, China. The Group of friends were travelling by car to the park for a day out and a picnic when they spotted the object descending behind some trees, they then stopped the car and ran over to the spot where the UFO had apparently landed. This is an update on the incident as my first post contained a few errors and I was not aware of further details and footage that were pending. Apart from that all info is verified.

These were sent to  Stephen Hannard ADGUK via his website by a subscriber who claims its real, He is undecided on this, if it is a fake then someone has gone to allot of trouble. As always you decide, but worth a post in any event. Thanks to Jimmy Rein for the video clip. If you have any interesting pictures or videos you would like the ADG to look at then please submit them here, Thanks.