Sunday, January 6, 2013

Neil Keenan: Shah of Iran Is Actually Alive & Well

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The Daily Decepter, January 6, 2013

Well, we little people were never supposed to see this, because it was all a production of the FEDs, but most recently Shah Pavlavi of Iran has been ‘out and about’  and tired of living in a box. He has been moving about freely and with great love for his country, understanding this great theater constructed by the FEDs is just that, theatre!  He never passed away! He just went away, and he is living very comfortably in Brussels, Belgium along with others in similar positions including (possibly) ”the man” from Libya. 

So the rumors/stories you have heard about Hitler/Gaddafi/Bin Laden and many others just might be true.  They also might be walking this planet, tucked away in a place only created for a HOLLYWOOD plot—and remember what HOLLYWOOD means!  HOLLY WOOD is a Witch’s Herb used for Black Magic.  MMMMMMMM getting the point?  

They even have you fooled, don’t they?

Here are  two photos of Shah Pavlavi, the Shah of Iran.  Past and Present…and a Video to come 

….Who knows who we will be bumping into  next?

…to be continued