Saturday, January 5, 2013

Petition: Put an end to “Technology” suppression

I was contacted by an AWE viewer who wanted to post a petition and get support to end technology suppression.  Sign the petition at this link here.

Put an end to “Technology” suppression, and release truthful “Information” that led those technologies. We, have spoken.

Firstly, Technology is not to be used to capitalize on production of anything, it is to be used to advance our species, physically, mentally, and as a whole on this planet.

Energy, we do not specialize in energy production, yet it is the number “1” used technology. We use it to power everything and maintain working systems in our culture. This should not be a paid resource, it should not be limited to being produced by Oil & Gas companies, which harm our planet, as well be used as a decoy for war mongering.

“Advancing” education, Energy Production & Sustainability, Transportation Systems, Reliability and Efficiency, will be key to Economic growth and “Governing,” not dictating.

The technologies are there, we know, and we demand a nationwide public description, response, and resolution.

Created: Jan 02, 2013