Sunday, January 6, 2013

Universal Voice FB Group Banned One People’s Public Trust Discussion

Universal Voice FB Group Banned One People’s Public Trust Discussion

It seems that Drake's team has forbidden any discussion of the "1776 Trust", as they call it. Isn't that a tad extreme? Isn't it against everything they stand for?
Why would they be censoring discussions and posts---particularly in a group about Freedom that recognizes rights under the Constitution like free speech that Drake so adamantly supports?
Drake's goal is to deliver intel, so why are they preventing the sharing of intel that The People have a right to know, particularly after HOW MANY MONTHS OF SAYING "IT'S" ABOUT TO HAPPEN?
There's much more to D's articles than simply TOPPT. What about the Mass Arrests? The dismissal of Obama and appointment of Boehner? The trip to the Hague? The gold and silver? Dinar RV?
They are saying the reason they don't want to discuss the One People's Public Trust is because Drake was unable to vet the Trust. Last night someone on the Universal Voice page related that anyone posting the information would be blocked. Are they telling their members what to think and what to believe?
Isn't it possible that Drake isn't in line to get every piece of intel on the planet?
Hasn't he himself told us that there are various groups working on their respective projects globally and that all the intel is not shared between them---only what they need to know?  That came out of the two green light timelines---Drake's "tactical" green light versus Cobra's "financial" green light, we were told last summer.
Drake also told us that Cobra works for the CIA, yet Cobra has come out in public, done some impressive conferences that people raved about, and seems to be sharing intel IN HIS REALM OF EXPERTISE that Drake is not privy to.
Is is possible that some of Drake's intel is bad? D claims she and some of her friends are fed up with a few of those who've fed them information over time, and some of that intel said that Keenan is bad news. That didn't resonate with anyone, so what are we to take away from this?
Personally, I don't see anything happening. If we don't do something differently, nothing is going to change.
It's too hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Things are not what they seem. The subterfuge is so thick the good guys are getting fooled and can't tell good intel from bad. After nine months the cabal are still murdering us although we've been told they are "about to be removed" and have been "contained" so they can't harm anyone. We've been forced to question EVERYTHING!
Do we believe that because the whole of Congress/the House, etc. were hauled in front of a judge and forced to sign a document saying they would uphold the Constitution and work for The People, that they are actually going to just change their stripes and do it? After all the cabal have done to The People, do we really believe that will happen? I'd love to believe it, but seriously? I don't trust them. I want to hear about a lot more activity than that, so bring it on, D.
Maybe the St. Germaine Trust/NESARA/OPPT are not valid, but who has the right to say we can or cannot discuss and explore them for ourselves? The New Age is about FREEDOM, not control. Knowledge is power. We, The People are who the cabal are most afraid of. If we don't know what's going on, we're still complacent. Those of us who are awake can make a difference if we KNOW THE TRUTH.
Someone posted a link to an article about the people of Mozambique arresting police officers! The year 2013 is purportedly about taking our freedoms back, but we're going to have to work at it. The cabal and the MSM have kept us in the dark. That has to end. We can't fight an unseen enemy. We need transparency and Truth. What is so difficult about freeing up the media? I'd love to know.
This point in time is tumultuous for us all. The natives are restless. A few claim to know what's going on and feel obligated to share what they can.  Most of us don't know anything but what we're told and we're hungry for news and proof that our belief in our "leaders" is warranted. Some of us have better contacts than others. Some of us have been played. Some of us have bigger egos than others, and that's a 3D thing.
It's also the time that The Divine Feminine is balancing the energies on this planet and beyond. The warlike, power-hungry consciousness is making way for 5D qualities like love, compassion, and peace.
Is it an accident that D, Heather, Carrol, Hope, Sherrie, Debbie, Jean Haines, Kerry Cassidy, Lisa Harrison, female native Chiefs, and countless other women stepped forward to play a part in the transition, take definitive action and share Truth?
Is it possible that power struggles could erupt as the masses gravitate to these lady crusaders who believe it's time to take the reins? Could we not accomplish more, faster, if we take off the gloves and work together, guys?Just askin'.