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Veteran's Today Headlines -January 5, 2012

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ScreenHunter_1099 Jan. 04 21.03Ufology, Communication and DNA
It is amazing to note how the word "UFO" is no longer used to define an unidentified flying object. Both in film and in television series this word has been "censored".
vietnam vetsVeterans Today
Vietnam Veterans Low Priority
vt-top-1011Veterans Today
Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today's News - January 05, 2013
Kevin_Barrett-1Kevin Barrett
Daniel Pipes gets an earful of truth
ScreenHunter_1102 Jan. 05 09.58Veterans Today
"Bahrain should return to motherland Iran"
ScreenHunter_1101 Jan. 05 09.50Veterans Today
Christmas in Iran
Michel, Henri Boulard, JJ de Launay, Martine and JaneJane Rosenstein
Telethon and Entertainment - French Style - Montmartre à la Une
natural_disasterSherwood Ross
U.S. Failure To Act Swiftly on GW Imperils the U.S. And The World
predator-firing-missile4Paul J. Balles
Deadly Drones
lendmanStephen Lendman
Another NNC Lendman Interview
Keystone PipelineVeterans Today
Keystone XL: DilBit Through the Heartland
gatekeepers MCS
Stephen Lendman
Interviews with six former Shin Bet heads : The Gatekeepers
They stopped well short of agonizing over what they did. Late in life conscience pangs ring hollow. Other priorities got them to say anything. »»
Basically, no matter what slant a news outlet takes, the only news stories that are reported are those that do not contradict the dominant 'civil war' or 'proxy war' narrative. ~ Darth Nader ~
Debbie Menon
Many Conflicts Rolled Into One
The policy of the US and its allies is increasingly bizarre: on the one hand, they recognize the opposition National Coalition as the legitimate government of Syria but, on the other, they label its most effective fighting force, the al-Nusra Front, as "a terrorist organization" linked to al-Qa'ida. »»
Help For A Loved One In Need
It happens every year. We visit friends and family who we only see occasionally and are often surprised at their condition. For the family of a struggling veteran, this can be especially difficult if that veteran doesn't want to seek treatment. »»