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Glowing Object Appears Next To TV Crew In Russia 2013 "Translated"

Published on Feb 18, 2013

Translation provided by Ravi Deka.

Birds, their element is the sky, but even their in their own territory they are not always without danger. A gliding bird is a beauty and a secret no wonder to these winged creatures are attributed so many songs, tales, poems and legends. But unfortunately in the recent years this beauty is subjected to many dangers. In only the last 350 years..(Male voice) Alesya Look..Female Voice (Russian Exclamation - something analogous to "Oh my goodness")..what it it?..Wow..Blin( Pancake- another common Russian Exclamation)..what is it..(Male Voice) Disappeared..Crazy..(Female Voice)..what was it?..Crazy..

News Anchor: This unusual and unexplained event was stumbled upon by our correspondents Alesya Kveryaka and Andrei Sayenko while filming on the subject on the International Day of Birds. As it was apparent the sky is not only the element of the feathered. Of course we couldn't leave without attention what was seen by our filming group and invited to our studio a specialist who specializes in the so called UFOs which we so apparently saw on our screens. And so please get acquainted with UFologist Ernest Palitaiv.

News Anchor: Good Evening, explain to us what was seen by our correspondents?

Good Evening, Of course I cannot affirm with full confidence . it is needed to thoroughly study your film and talk with your correspondents, but is obviously not a natural phenomenon and judging by the egress of colours, lights and by the evolution of this object itself , they were lucky to witness representatives of an extra planetary civilization. All encounters with UFOs are divided into three categories. When man observes unknown objects in the air, objects that have already landed on the ground and contact with beings that have already landed. In other words the representatives of NIT have become contacts of the 1st kind. Of course I know there are many skeptics who have suspicions about the existence of extraterrestrials . and now arguments are beige sorted out with new strength, but such meetings are only increasing.

News Anchor: But this event can be related to in different ways, in one way to an accidental filming of the object but on the other hand as an unsupported testimony of the witnesses.

Western Ufologists have calculated that from the beginning of the last century to the real time the phenomenon of UFOs has been stumbled upon by over 5 million people, moreover some were famous people. famous Astronomer and Noble Laureate Clyde Tumblr, President of the US Carter, Russian Scientist and Doctor of Technical Sciences Kusov,. And one is blamed of Hallucinations or dilettantism. In our Republic it is also by far not the first report. Of course because it was possible to accidentally shoot the even on film is a miracle . BTW can we see it again..

NIT is a TV channel from the Republic of Moldova, which has a sizable Russian Speaking population.

Interesting footage from Russia which seems to show a glowing object appear behind a TV reporter during a recording. This made news headlines in various parts of Russia last year but the mainstream media did not pick it up or chose not to. What could this object be, an Alien, UFO, or something else, as always you decide.

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