Monday, February 11, 2013

Intel Report: 1st Basket of Currencies to RV in New Financial System

My the 'rumors' just keep coming...?
        This is one of several 'lists' sent to me.
       ...and they all get to wait...
        There is another (main) shoe to fall first.
           ~ Drake
                            1st   Basket  RV's:
Here is a list of the currencies that are updating together in the 1st basket::
jod = Jodan dinar
sos = Somali Shilling
scr = Seychellois Rupee
std = Sao Tomean Dodras
tnd = Tunisian Dollar
syp = Syrian Pound
tzs = Tanzanian Shilling
myr = Malaysian Ringg
aed = United Arab Emirates Dirham
pen = Peruvian Nuevo
php = Philippine Peso
qar = Qatari Rial
nad = Namibian Dollar
mzn = Euro
ngn = Nigerian Naira
omr = Omani Rial
cny = Chinese Yuan
kzt = Kazakhstani Tenge
lbp = Labanese Pound
vnd = Vietnam Dong
iqd = Iraqi Dinar
cop = Colombia Peso
bob = Bolivian Boliviano
vef = Venezuelan Bolivar


  1. Yeah, because Drake is always correct with his intel right? As usual take anything Drake says with a huge grain of salt, this is most likely more bullshit.

  2. We will have to watch the MSM code talkers and read in between the lines in addition to the web scuttle-butt. There is something definitely going on with the Royals stepping down, now the Pope, and a quite a few wall street bankers are on the lamb, and where's the CLINTONS?.

    Even the royals financing are being investigated, so we just need to start seeing a change in the power structure of the west in the District of Criminals.

    Vigilance is the key.

  3. mzn=euro ? Really?

    1. There's something wrong with this list - and here's why.

      mzn is not the abbreviation for the Euro. The mzn=euro in this list seems to mean the exchange value of the mzn to the euro. Mzn is the Mozambique Metical currency.

  4. The Venezuelan Bolivar devalued by 46% last week.

    Try again Drake.

    1. RV means decrease or increase in value. Drake doesn't specify which currencies will do what. He says they will be the first group to RV (revalue). I believe that the announcement of Venezuela's currency devaluing is a great sign that this Global Reset has begun. We shall see!

  5. I doubt Drake will let a few anons drag anything down

  6. This info has been out for over 1 week. It has been posted many times over at Dinar recaps.

  7. what Drake is saying is that there is another shoe to fall before these currencies are allowed to RV and that shoe is the "main" shoe, which is announcements. Who knows if there is a gun war going on right now in DC over the announcements. Who is going to make the announcements, now that's going to be very interesting.

  8. He got the list from where? Dinarrecaps. He always echo info or intel from somewhere. I been watching him, never original. His the other post most probably under pressure by the release of Daniel paper. He maybe senile or attention seeking.

    1. both senile and attention seeking and of course batshit crazy

  9. and then nothing happened

  10. Gold dropped here in the US today. Anda few months ago China said that they were going to be buying up all of the Gold to force the dollar to collapse. I believe this info is Legit. I'm actually kind of anxious to see what Obama says tomorrow for the State of the Union Address. What better way to announce change? Fingers crossed. - Enoch

  11. 1st basket is Drake - complete basket case if he thinks we're falling for this "info".

  12. Unfortunately, if Drake said it will happen you know it WON'T happen.

  13. anon 8:00 name calling makes you sound stupid because that is what stupid people do who have nothing intelligent to contribute.

    1. in the interests of accuracy, anon 8:00 hasn't called anyone names. They have attributed conditions of mind and motives.