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Bix Weir - Friday Roadtrip - March 22, 2013

Friday Road Trip 3/22/2013
Bix Weir


This Lesson in Reality...Was All on Purpose!

I love Max Keiser as he speaks the truth but there is something he, and most everyone else, is missing about what's going on in Cyprus. First here's a great segment and discussion with a very bright analyst...

Although it is all true what they say about losing confidence in the banking system IT WAS NOT A MISTAKE!

This was a planned and coordinated operation by the Good Guys designed to TEACH THE MASSES of what is wrong with fractional reserve banking. The taxation/theft of individual bank accounts is doing exactly what it was designed to do. The EU/IMF mandate was designed to kick off the bank runs and begin the process of destroying the Banking Cabal.

It was not a blunder or mistake.

It is part of the plan!


So the CHAOS that is hitting the Euro Zone will get worse and it will TRIGGER the long awaited derivative meltdown. Yes, there is no way around it. JP Morgan's London Whale Trade is NOTHING compared to what's hitting right now. TRILLIONS of derivative payouts will be triggered next week as defaults begin through the EU.

And JP Morgan stands directly in the line of fire!

If you haven't read "Fools Gold" you have no idea just how RESPONSIBLE the people over at JP Morgan are for both the 2008 financial crisis as well at the pending 2013 financial "Creative Destruction" event that will destroy all electronic and paper "assets". It is an amazing book that puts faces to the terms CDS and MBS and a great story of how GREED corrupts.

Read it! I've read it twice and listened to the audio version many times.

JP Morgan's derivative book is the key to the takedown of the banksters. The latest numbers from the OCC show that JPM holds close to $70 Trillion in derivatives. The latest data was just posted here:


It's a big, big problem that can take the world down. Remember this interview with Sean at

And there are more. The flood gate has opened on exposing the fraud and derivative manipulation at JPM.

For those who want to dive deep here are some great reports...


Gillian Tett discusses "The Morgan Mafia"

(5:40) Oh, you've got to understand. There's one thing about the credit world that's absolutely key. it's the "Morgan Mafia". They're everywhere and they created it."

JP Morgan: Out of Control
I have said it many times over the past 5 years...the Good Guys want to position the Bad Guy Banksters to be exposed as the CAUSE of the Global Financial Meltdown.

JP Morgan is the front man for the banks so the exposure and visibility lately as THE #1 Bad Guy Bankster makes sense.

It's time to take the system down and blame those responsible...the BANKSTERS!
We have arrived at the DEATH of JP Morgan.

"Get Your Money Out" Goes Mainstream

I released this email on the Public Road this week to wake people up but I think it is so timely and important so here it is again...


I received an email from a long time Road to Roota subscriber who actually LIVES in Cyprus. He is an English national but retired to Cyprus about 10 years ago. Although his email may seem unimaginable to those of you in "financially stable" countries that false sense of stability will not be around for long...


Hi Bix -

Just a note from a very loyal subscriber to say THANK YOU...thank you for sticking to your guns when everyone else said you were crazy. I'm a long time follower of yours going back to your GATA days and took your advice to withdraw all my money from "the system" back in 2009. Friends and family who followed my subsequent advice over the years are very happy they did the same.
Those who did not listen are coming to the realization that there are no scenarios where they will ever get their money back. Although they are looking for people to blame they are also mad at themselves for waiting so long to take any action. I was tempted to give them a loud "I TOLD YOU SO" for mocking me all these years, but I find myself feeling very sorry for them and lending them cash to get by the best they can.

A few observations... The purchasing power of physical cash is rising as not many have any and folks are trying to stock up on essentials. Bartering should be kicking in soon as nobody (shop owners included) wants to part with their real goods and also nobody knows what our future "cash" will be if we leave the Euro. There are many rumors that they are going to tax or nationalize all retirement account as well.

I know Cyprus is not a huge country but we have all been violently awoken to reality over the past few days. You have always said that the end will come quickly and boy were you right in our case! Cypriots have come to realize that no fractional banking system can survive when the required blind faith in the system is lost.

There is no doubt that this same realization will hit the rest of the world very soon so tell all your subscribers that ROOTA WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG!

Bless you and all those who are fighting the Bad Guys.

Stephen Xxxx
Paphos, Cyprus

Thank you Stephen and we will heed your advice.

My the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

Reality is hitting hard and it IS spreading fast. There is talk of Italy and New Zealand instituting a similar bank deposit tax because there is no more bailout money. After the Cyprus experience there is no way that the people of those countries will allow it. That means these banks and countries will be defaulting and triggering even more derivatives.

You are insane if you don't have all your money out of the Banksters hands by now. As a matter of fact...


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