Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thrive’s Kimberly Gamble: ‘We WILL Succeed at Stopping Chemtrails’

By Ross Pittman |

“I’m very confident that we will, in fact, succeed in stopping chemtrails.” – Kimberly Gamble
Listen to Kimberly Gamble, producer, director and co-writer of THRIVE talk about the Thrive Solutions Hub and how it will be used to coordinate a world-wide effort to stop chemtrails. The two-year plan for Thrive is to use the solutions hub to take on chemtrails and use it as a model of whole systems solutioning. The process will be documented so that it can used for other issues such as GMOs, fluoride, banking, whatever. “I believe that success begets success,” says Kimberly.
Here are some of the topics that are discussed during the interview:
  • The incredible success of the movie Thrive, which is being viewed over a million times per month worldwide.
  • The two-year plan for Thrive is to use the Thrive Solutions Hub to take on chemtrails and use it as a model of whole systems solutioning.
  • The Thrive Solutions Hub – a new model of coordinating the efforts of activists. It’s about being strategic and organized in how we go about it. See: The Thrive Solutions Hub: An Evolutionary Tool for Resolving Critical World Issues By Enabling Activists to Pool Their Resources and Talents
  • It’s also about taking advantage of the huge amount of work that has already been done by people like Clifford Carnicom, Dane Wiggington, Morgan Carey, and Michael Murphy.
  • Common rule – the government is not allowed to experiment on people without their informed consent. We have the right to not be sprayed. The US government has been convicted at least 30 times for doing toxic experiments on humans.
  • Success begets success. Stopping chemtrails will build confidence that other issues can be successfully resolved.
  • There are already over 650 groups participating in the solutions hub worldwide, and over 40 of those groups are dealing with chemtrails.
  • How to sign up on the solutions hub and get involved at various levels and in various sectors.
  • The importance of living your life in alignment with purpose
  • Speculative information on chemtrails often gets mixed up with factual info. Need to stick with the facts. There are plenty of facts to work with.
  • The intelligence is there. Solutions are there. People are waking up. Organization is the key.
  • We don’t need everybody to agree on why we are being sprayed. We do need for people to agree that it is a violation of our rights to clean air.
  • Take the best information from various informed sources. If something doesn’t fit, then don’t throw everything out. Get educated. Do your own research. Collect the facts.
  • Lessons learned from Evon Peter about how his tribe in Northern Alaska, the Neetsaii Gwich’in, deals with dissenting opinions. All concerns are respected.
  • Foster and Kimberly worked with Barbara Marx Hubbard and The Shift movement to come up with sectors for the solutions hub.
  • Ask strategic questions about every aspect related to chemtrails:
    • Who is benefiting from this plan?
    • Who owns the planes?
    • Who is manufacturing the chemicals?
    • Who is distributing them?
    • How does the money flow?
    • What is the financial incentive? For example, Monsanto has a patent on aluminum resistant seeds. Check that out and determine the connection.
FYI: I just registered a group for Santa Monica, CA. It took less than five minutes.

Here’s more from Kimberly Gamble about the Thrive Solutions Hub:

We launched the Hub last summer with the intention to provide tools and materials to help people create local groups and put the Thrive Solutions Model into action. For us, this model is key to creating effective solutions that assure a whole-system approach is utilized for maximum coherence. We experienced this coherence when we stopped the Moth Spray program here in California back in 2007. The Solutions Hub is the first time we’ve attempted to offer a system to support this model online.

Thanks to people’s feedback, over the past months we’ve learned a lot about what’s worked with it and what hasn’t. We have also become more clear about the best role we can play to support the growing movement for creating effective solutions. Based on our experience, here is our current plan for the Solutions Hub as we strive to make it efficient and useful.

The current version of the Hub is based upon a social networking platform that our web development team had created for other purposes. We asked them to adapt it so that it could serve the formation and interaction of groups, ideally with the intent to help the coordination and communication within a group, and amongst groups worldwide.

Unfortunately, this platform has proven to be more problematic than expected, and a bit too limited in its functionality to meet the needs of groups to effectively self-organize and coordinate actions and shared resources. Having invested a lot of time and a fair amount of money into this first version of the Hub, we have come to realize that attempting to create another Facebook-like social networking experience is neither our forte nor the best use of our resources.

Although the intention was and is good, the time and money it takes to build and maintain such a system is not the highest leverage action we can take to support individuals and groups as we had envisioned it might be.

Our goal is to serve with maximum effectiveness for the world and maximum efficiency for us with the resources we have at hand, so we have taken the time to reflect upon what feels most true for us to meet this goal. To this end, there are three areas we feel we can best serve through the Solutions Hub:


Providing live and recorded webinars and courses to share the concepts and application of the Thrive Solutions Model, including how to put it into action in a real-world solutions process, such as we did with the Moth Spray. We discovered that only a few people were attempting to utilize the model, and even for them it would be helpful to learn more about it and how best to put it into action.


One of the most empowering actions we feel we can take is to provide a comprehensive system for us and the worldwide Solutions Hub community to share and find resources of all kinds that can support both individuals and groups to take effective action. Whether it’s a highly-informative website, book or video, or PDF documents that can be used for legal or legislative leverage, or organizations that are doing leading-edge work within various Sectors and Critical Issues, or graphics and posters that can help communicate vital messages and actions, having access to these kinds of resources can make a huge difference when organizing locally, regionally and globally. We have created specifications for a new resources section of the Hub to meet this need and are excited about the prospect of what it can provide.

Community Directory

Being able to find and connect with each other and network our knowledge, talents and actions is the third component we feel is essential to empowering a global solutions movement. This is, of course, what we set out to do with the current version of the Solutions Hub. Although this version is designed to register Solutions Groups only, we’ve learned that for the most part it is individuals that get inspired to start a group. We understand that it takes a lot to find others to commit to an ongoing process, and without a solid foundation of understanding the Solutions Model, it can feel overwhelming to attempt to single-handedly rally and coordinate a newly-forming group.

As described above, we have decided to reconsider our role and the systems we provide for this, and have determined that offering a directory of both individuals and active groups who want to connect and engage in sharing information and the pursuit of solutions is a better fit for us, rather than the Facebook-like approach we first went with. This new directory will be integrated with the Resources and Education component, and will provide an improved means to make contact with, and communicate within groups, as well as with individuals, using a secure email messaging system that maintains personal privacy.

We feel this streamlined approach will better serve the intent and purpose of the Hub while relieving us of the challenges and demands associated with building and maintaining a social networking platform (and as it is, most groups already have their own Facebook group page or website, and can use other third-party systems like Facebook, Meet-Up and Google+ to coordinate their activities).
So these three areas — Education, Resources and a Directory — are what we feel we can best offer as an overall system to support Solutions Groups and Individuals to apply the Solutions Model and be empowered with the ability to connect with each other and share the resources and actions that prove to be most effective for creating positive solutions.

We are very excited about this new phase. We are refining our plans now and anticipating being able to move forward with it in the next few months. We welcome comments and questions, of course, so please send them to and we’ll do our best to reply in a timely manner.

Kimberly Carter Gamble
Producer, Director, Co-Writer, THRIVE