Tuesday, April 9, 2013

OPPT Working With Indonesian Royals? Neil Keenan On The Way Out?

Received this information via email.
Dear E,

I read the article you linked to yesterday regarding Neil Keenan. Figured I'd send you a portion of an email I received a few days ago. I won't pretend to be in a position to state that it's the truth but it comes from someone who'd know. I pass this along only because it resonated with me as truth. 


....Interpol finally arrested Soros late last week. _______ And I'd like to put something else on your radar. There's a retired Mountie named Deryl Zeleny. A while back he was tasked by the Canadian military to investigate domestic threats (and wound up discovering the banks and courts being the biggest ones): americankabuki.blogspot.com/2013/01/rcmp-investigation-of-scotiabank.html

Deryl is part of a brain trust currently figuring out how the Indonesian royals and OPPT folks can combine their efforts. Long story short, the folks with all the gold are now fully backing the OPPT. They've offered everyone in the world $6m in gold, with absolutely no strings attached. 

The Indonesian's utmost priority is ending poverty and the destruction of the environment, and they've been immensely saddened by decades of having no luck getting this accomplished. And at the same time they've dealt with having to watch almost helplessly as the Cabal steals their assets time and time again. They were devastated to learn the Keenan was just another agent attempting to gain control of their gold holdings, in a string of many throughout the years.

So the OPPT folks have conditionally agreed to work with the royals to help implement some "bridge funding" before all this free energy/black ops tech begins to roll out, en masse; we're almost there. But the deal is the financial system must collapse first. The cabal still has the means to partially regroup if there were to be a release of funds to the world today.

The Indonesian royals are beginning to distance themselves from Keenan "publicly" (openly behind the scenes) and have likely severed all their remaining connection with him. From everything we can tell, they discovered his CIA/Bush Camp allegiances, as well as possible drug trade ties. Keenan must now rely on a group of highly talented former agency operatives, currently serving as his PR staff (DB, JH, etc.) here in the States to provide cover as he contemplates how to restart his efforts.  Personally, I highly doubt that he will. 

PS: Keep a close eye on former OPPT Trustee Caleb Skinner. The project that he's working on will blow your socks off. Think a non evil version of Facebook that actually benefits humanity.