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Al Hodges Update for May 15, 2013 - New Financial System, CMKX, World Global Settlements Updates

Hodges and Associates May 15, 2013

It is the Ides of May; I would therefore remind you all what Samuel Adams said: "It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." Please continue to act accordingly.

I recently advised that I would have a statement for all on this date; here it is:

1. Let me start with a comment on the Bivens litigation. As has been widely disseminated by now, the United States Supreme Court denied our Petition for Certiorari. Many have asked, “What does this mean [for us shareholders]?” The specific legal effect is to fully and completely terminate the Bivens case. It means that for seven very courageous plaintiff shareholders, they are at no further risk. It means for all shareholders [putative class action members all] that the US Government is free from the threat of additional litigation, at least in the practical sense. It means as well, in my professional opinion, that the Supreme Court Justices are fully aware that the World Global Settlements (WGS), the Global Currency Reset (GCR), and all associated/reliant programs are in the final completion process; therefore, there being no need for the Court to grant Certiorari as a means of keeping the pressure on the politicians who have been so aggressive in delaying this.

2. I know, understand, and empathize with your angst, frustration and anger engendered by the outrageous delays which have occurred. However, it is a fact that we are a relatively small part of the pay-out scheme. The overall WGS and GCR, with particular focus on the GCR have been the primary cause of these delays; not because of incompetence or similar reasons, but because of the vicious tornados generated by the ‘cabal’ which I have previously referred to as ‘headwinds.’ We have truly confronted and battled the vilest, most contemptible, well financed forces for evil on the planet [more I cannot say at the moment]. Although we have won, securing the peace has proved to be a herculean task. We are now at that point, at least based upon all the evidence and advice from good people across this country, and around the world. You can not truly imagine yet the effect that all of this will have on you, your family, your city, your state and country, and indeed upon the world. It will be life changing for all.

3. To put it another way, the World Global Settlements, including the US Dollar Refunding Project, the Global Currency Reset and all the associated/reliant programs are real. They are the instruments of great change - part of a world wide re-distribution of wealth which includes some 20 countries revaluation [up and down] of their currency; and every country will have asset-backed currency. Yes, this does include Iraq and Vietnam which are the cheapest of the lot. The protocols governing implementation of these various programs have changed quite substantially as a result of the cabal’s interference as evidenced by the wholesale departure of many leaders and executives, and the arrest of more that 1,000 bankers for abetting financial fraud. The estimates of those who will be prosecuted after the completion of this, is in excess of 10,000. As I have said in the past, most of those I have denominated as ‘miscreants’ have, during these delays, been duly relieved of the money they stole [which has now been recovered by the US], and many others have been indicted.

4. Although CMKX payments were not originally connected with the WGS, it has always been the case that they were dependent on its occurrence. That is because Bob Maheu, who was one of the White Knights, worked so assiduously to “level the playing field” for more than 20 years. The concern has always been that since fiat currency systems always end up in the same place, the only correct way to compensate these shareholders, required ensuring that they received their payment in asset backed currency and could have access to a fair and transparent banking system. I was mistaken when I previously passed along ‘intel’ about Peter Maheu being fined; although he has in fact been before the Supreme Court and the World Court it resulted in no such fines – mea culpa. There are other reasons related to the big picture, which may also play a part in these continuing delays. While as it has turned out, any delay seems patently unfair, the simple fact is that we will not receive our payouts until the financial imbalance in the world has been corrected.

5. The bottom line is that you will be paid a great deal more than any have the right to expect [based on the amount of their investment]. In addition, you will receive a payment for the unconscionable length of payment delay. I cannot guarantee when this will happen; what I can tell you is that it will be very soon. What does that mean? – It means that the Global Currency Reset into the new international, fully transparent, all digital, 1024 bit encrypted banking system will happen as soon as it is possible. Your first payment will be delivered at approximately the same time.

A. Clifton Hodges (CSBN 046803)
4510 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Suite 201
Westlake Village, CA 91362
TEL: (805) 371-7515
FAX: (805) 371-7514


  1. Who the fuck is Al Hodges?

    1. He is the representative for the CMKX shareholders. Al is a white knight working to push through the new financial system Many people like Al because he is a lawyer working on behalf of the people against the government corporation of the UNITED STATES. You should research CMKX lawsuit and the SEC to see that this is the real deal.

    2. So he's a mentally-ill charlatan leading a bunch of ignorant sucker hoohas that were rippedoff in a common penny stock scam. OK.

    3. The World International Court does not exist - therefore there cannot be any WGS. Are you telling me the Queen showed up for trial? What nut jobs hatched this one up? This article was written 6 months ago. What exactly does soon What's this guys angle? Some attorney in Pasadena is suing the Queen. No currency has ever revalued in the work and this guy thinks it will happen twice then 196 mor times after that? I hope nobody took the bait. If you are holding onto the Dong, since his last message, you can thank Hodges for losing 10% of your money. So for those that believe in this guy, how much longer do you think you will hang out. There is a sucker born every minute. Who believes they will make any money off this rubbish? Where are the transcripts of such a trial? It sounds like a mill for college diplomas.

    4. I wonder after so much time, he all of us been forgotten..I lost ten thousand, and still am amazed on how little attention we get as comprared to the great scheme of things.. If there is a better blog please let me know..

    5. The World court exists. People used money that was designated to help develop 3rd world country and essentially stole it leaving the investors expecting a return high and dry and prevented developing countries from growing. Every time there was an effort to help weaker countries develop those funds were strangely stolen an used for the prosperous crowd that stole the money for their own purposes. There are some big names involved. The goal is to eventually arrest everyone involved. I believe Hodges only had time to go after the most aggressive individuals that were the most aggressive against him. There still folks trying to control the money. I;m not sure I agree with the asset standard. During the depression we went off gold an onto fiat currency. Afterwards the Glass Steaglal and related acts prevented a financial crisis, Financial reform should have prevented this and given greater transparency. Nobody has been able to implement it.

  2. Yes! Finally a new update from Al. It has been too long.


    1. I didn't get the impression of digital currency, He said all digital encrypted system.... Most people already use a digital, debit, eft, online checks, PayPal, long as it is asset backed and transparent, I'm in

    2. Looks like 9:50 needs to go back and learn how to read and comprehend. Nothing in this article states digital currency. Stupid morons are everywhere now a days. I call bullshit on the bullshitter.

  4. Yes INDEED!

    MELLOW OUT y'all.

    Part of freeing Earth, the financial arm of the drama.

    Here we go.

    Bad guys DEEEEEE-FUNDED.

    DON'T worry about the digital stuff -- that IS needed for SECURE
    data and funding transfers (FREE from rat interference).

    You can STILL walk around with a roll in your pocket. No Problemo.

    You can still have a SAFE in your basement or closet filled with
    GOLD, SILVER, CASH, Clean Underwear(?!?!), etc.

    The new system MUST be (and WILL be) rock-solid secure.

    BitCoin should be fun too after we remove the DHS temporary
    and idiotic interference.

    - DuckSoup

    1. Also, on this subject -- I researched SAFES.

      I've no connection to these guys -- but the best safe:

      Brown Safe Co.

      New "M" Class safe. They have new propriatary
      steel formula.

      50 calibre bullets turn to DUST when fired into
      this stuff. Amazing. See their video of the poor bullet
      hitting the safe door face.

      Apparently they're working with the military to make
      this new class official -- testing etc.

      - DuckSoup

    2. All I can tell you, everything looks FIAT an nothing is asset backed. Even if their is an RV, why would anyone want to trade for FIAT currency where already too much is getting printed an would be given to the same institutions that have been hoarding FIAT currency?


  5. Who is Al Hodges?

    Many people know of Al Hodges from the largest lawsuit in world history. What is this lawsuit? It is alledged that between June of 2004 and October of 2005, over 2 trillion dollars worth of fake CMKM Diamonds Inc. shares were sold to the public. The companys shareholders are now suing the S.E.C for 3.87 trillion dollars. Yes, you read that correctly. Al Hodges represents the shareholders in a case worth 3.87 trillion dollars! Main Stream Media has refused to report on the largest lawsuit in history, except it has been, by our friends at RT NEWS.......

    CMKX shareholders are waiting just like all the Prosperity Programs recipients, Farm Claims recipients, Dinar investors, and the World Global Settlement. The common link between all these groups is the new financial system backed by commodities and precious metal assets.

    1. Thank you for this. I need to do some research as I am not caught up with all of this. Sounds like Al is another piece of the puzzle. Adds to the legitimacy of all the stuff posted on the financial system reset.

    2. Hey enerchi,

      You're amazing -- and *thanks* for all the diverse info.

      - quack

    3. The largest law suit in World history? Say what? Baloney. Where are the transcripts and who were witnesses? Who was the judge? Where was the trial held? I'm afraid Hodges ego is bigger than his ability to make make letter. After 6 months, I think you can consider this guy gone. He's taken your money and ain't coming back. Why doesn't this attorney know when he clients will get their money if its true unless he's conning you.

  6. I've read so many similar articles in the past four years that I no longer believe any of this BS. If you ask me, I think these are all distractions created by the government to keep people hoping for a change, while they finalize their NWO plans.

    1. Be careful what you hope for.

    2. Don't blame you for wondering.

      But you need to beware what you read.

      "THE PLAN" (to free Earth) went quiet and severely

      That's all. Was necessary.

      Best briefings -- Drake on Universal Voice Radio.

      For info on off-planet cleanup, see Tanaath's stuff
      at *Wild* stuff, I suggest coffee
      while checking it out.

      - DuckSoup

    3. Wow, your viewpoint is depressing. This post may piss you off but it is not directly at you. It is for ALL those who think humanity is losing. Your perspective is the exact opposite of mine.

      Your NWO is going out of business. They have been ruling for thousands of years and as with all things, they come to an end. A new beginning is happening.

      Selfish people only want things .... "NOW, NOW, NOW" You all sound like a bunch of babies. If you cant take the heat get the fuck out of the kitchen. This shit takes time, this shit has been in the works for decades to take out the NWO. It is a GLOBAL collaboration. Did you think it was easy? You all sit their complaining while the real heroes are taking care of business. You give these assholes so much power. Not me. Fuck them. And fuck all those who perpetuate their existence. They have nothing on me! Fuck the NWO! You losers are about to get yours.

    4. 11:02

      It's hard to realize how *H U G E* this Earth cleanup
      really is.

      Take a while to sink in.

      BRIEFINGS coming -- and *those* are going to blow
      people's minds -- WHO was bad, WHO was good, etc.

      By the way, I'm assuming I can add you to the list:

      "REALLY Unwilling To Be A Slave"

      I'll warn the scumbags.

      - DuckSoup

    5. To all those folk using the word fuck(you), in essence misusing an expression, and polluting our verbal landscape with negative nothings... the very innovative psychotherapist Albert Ellis, a specialist in Rational Therapy and Sex Therapy, said that he did not understand why people insisted in using the expression "fuck (you)" when they wanted to insult someone, when in effect the act of "fucking" is a pleasurable act. Sooo dear people if you want to insult, say "un-fuck you" that could be an insult!!!Have a happy day, night whatever. Live in the Light

    6. Anon 11:55

      Haa haa, interesting perspective! That made my day! xb

  7. My question is - how does the denial of this writ prove anything when the majority of them are denied? I would love for what he says to be true - but it seems to me to be a far fetched conclusion.

    1. I also just wanted to make a note here - the address in this article in not Al's lawfirm's correct address. Why would he use an incorrect one?

      4 East Holly Street, Suite 202
      Pasadena, California 91103-3900
      Tel.: (626) 564-9797
      Fax: (626) 564-9111

    2. IF people realized how much of all this Earth cleanup
      is and has been need-to-know, they would just relax a

      All kinds of data holes that will ONLY be explained
      AFTER certain targets are done and the personnel
      are no longer at risk.

      It's beyond huge.

      One example: Disabling nukes planted in civilian
      zones around the USA ("Ring Of Fire") and also AT
      the recent Olympics.

      SpecOps GOOD guys who did the heavy lifting are
      now rotting away from radiation exposure.

      Those guys are real heroes.

      Need-to-know has saved a ton of lives.

      Drake briefings on Universal Voice Radio will fill in
      a ton of gaps.

      - DuckSoup

    3. 11:31

      Let's see here.

      People who are going up against Cabal & Friends
      are hard to pin down.

      Well, considering Cabal & Friends are more than
      willing to peel off all your skin over a period of weeks
      just for FUN should shed a bit of light on that.

      - DuckSoup

  8. But isn't transparency what it is all about. They talk about transparency while not being transparent. I think it should all come out! Secrets should
    be a thing of the past...Transparency NOW!

  9. NO, NOT NOW.

    Later, when it's safe. Then **most** stuff
    (enough stuff) will be more open.

    Are YOU trustworthy enough to be told about
    operations which, if exposed, will get all the
    personnel involved tortured for 4 weeks and
    then killed??

    I seriously doubt that. You sound like a donkey.

    Many people are important ONLY in their
    own minds. Harsh yet True.

    To be trusted, it must first become determined
    that YOU don't have a big fat flapping PIE

    LIVES are at stake. This is real life, and taking
    down evil people is DANGEROUS.

    - DuckSoup

  10. what the fuck is the NWO? WCW?

  11. Sounds like a new digital currency that will require a "chip" at some point is in the works. Sorry, this may be true - but the Light sounds like a train at the end of the tunnel.

  12. Pay attention please cos this could be important. Use your own inner guidance and think.

    An individual with close connections to Hodges and Associates. Whilst the following pertains particularly to CMKX it might provide insight into the finer workings of various events behind the scenes. This course of action might well apply to other GS funds.


    ¨We already have been at the World Court/International Court being represented there to release our funds the past 2 years, Peter Maheu went before the US Surpreme Court to have our funds released in camera. Review where we all have been.

    Mr. Hodges has petitioned Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the II House of Windsor to have our funds released. This is VERY IMPORTANT to know this. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the II House of Windsor she took and oath to protect the Common Law Rights of Common Law man(God's Law) which also includes WE THE PEOPLE as Common Law Man with Inherent Rights Why is this important?

    Mr. Hodges has been operating the Bivens according to the ORGANIC/ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION and not the constitution of the corporation of the United States. The US Supreme Court has been attempting to protect the corporation of the United States under her majesty the crown corporation of London at that time, not Her Majesty Elizabeth the second of the House of Windsor. When we begin to comprehend what was done to us and the importance of TITLE/NAME the realm of jurisdiction will open our minds to the way our ForeFathers wanted things to be for us and protected those Inherent Rights and Common Law Rights.

    I know this is confusing because you believe to be American's yet America still falls under the Jurisdiction of the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II House of Windsor. Reverse engineer American History and evidences and facts begin to reveal themselves how both united states of America was changed into the United States of America Corporation.

    THERE IS ANOTHER QUEEN OF LONDON its a TITLE for the CORPORATION OF LONDON also KNOWN AS THE CROWN. When court proceedings take place and the CROWN is prosecuting they are doing so under STATUTORY LAW the lowest of law, statutory law is the lowest form of law and only operates within government and government agency, Common Law is the Highest Law of the Land which all of us both Americans and Canadians realize that this has been hidden from us through the corrupt court systems and we subject ourselves believing what the government dictates, and they use for short the CROWN to trick us and we NEVER QUESTION WHO ARE YOU?

    Just like Federal Reserve people think it is a function of the government we learned its a Private Bank/Cartel. Same goes for the CROWN it represents the CROWN CORPORATION OF QUEEN OF LONDON

    Mr. Hodges has done what no other Attorney in the united states of America EVER ATTEMPTED TO DO is operate and plead out Bivens Case through the ORANGIC/ORIGINAL Constitution.

    I would write more on this and perhaps I will to help teach what has been taken from all of us through the corruption of the past 100 plus years


    Comments over @ tdarkcabal blogspot

    1. Thanks Harv. Only one problem. White Hats aka tdarkcabal.blogspot are cabal disinfo

    2. How many people believe Hodges went to court and called Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to court? That is my only question.

  13. Q. I am not getting it, how does the denial of cert. make us trustees and beneficiaries? I am not getting the connection...thanks for clarifying.


    ¨To comprehend the connection we must unlearn who the government and the courts wants us to believe we are. Please bear with me it will anger many and others it will be enlightenment.

    God created the earth and everything in it. God created man in His own image( God did not create a worldly government to over rule man) and gave man DOMINION over the earth and to subdue it.

    God gave man authority to be dominion over all that God created. God gave us COMMON LAW, INHERENT RIGHTS, INALIENABLE RIGHTS.

    The earth belongs to man it is mans RIGHT to the LAND and not a privilege.

    When we are born into this world our parents created a document that is REGISTERED on a LIVE BIRTH RECORD(COMMON LAW) that we were born. Our parents are the ward over us until age of Capacity was reached.

    After our parents REGISTERED our names on LIVE BIRTH RECORD(COMMON LAW) as we are known by and signed it on public record, the government took our LIVE BIRTH RECORD and created/converted from our LIVE BIRTH RECORD a Birth Certificate which created a LEGAL PERSON/TITLE/NAME/ENTITY(Corporation) exactly the mirrored your LIVE BIRTH RECORD TITLE/NAME(COMMON LAW) the difference is that the LIVE BIRTH RECORD is the HIGHEST TITLE any human being has and is the ONLY TITLE/NAME and no other created Title/Name by the government can over rule it.

    When entering a court with a LIVE BIRTH RECORD visible the Judge will demand you put it away, keep that LIVE BIRTH RECORD visible at all times and the Judge will leave the court room because he does not want to recognize your Sovereign RIGHTS as COMMON LAW MAN. COMMON LAW MAN IS MASTER. Let me quote Dizardos, "Judges might merely be seen as higher ranking public servants. Remember....servants answer to a master and not the other way around."

    A Birth Certificate is a Legal Person you are being the ACTOR for since the courts and government are corporate ENTITIES/LEGAL PERSONS as well. We as human beings have learned to accept the Birth Certificate as we are told this is who you are by the government it is ONLY the ROLE you are playing for that LEGAL Person the government created, that is not the real you. Your LIVE BIRTH RECORD is the real you COMMON LAW, GOD’s LAW. When using the Birth Certificate your assuming a ROLE of a Legal Person/Title/Name as and you operate as the agent for that Legal Person. This is called Statutory Law Legislative Acts. Statutory Law and Legislative Acts ONLY are recognized in government contracts between government agencies. Statutory Law is the lowest form of Law. Common Law is above Statutory Law and Legislative Acts.

    1. cont'd
      A Birth Certificate is a Legal Person you are being the ACTOR for since the courts and government are corporate ENTITIES/LEGAL PERSONS as well. We as human beings have learned to accept the Birth Certificate as we are told this is who you are by the government it is ONLY the ROLE you are playing for that LEGAL Person the government created, that is not the real you. Your LIVE BIRTH RECORD is the real you COMMON LAW, GOD’s LAW. When using the Birth Certificate your assuming a ROLE of a Legal Person/Title/Name as and you operate as the agent for that Legal Person. This is called Statutory Law Legislative Acts. Statutory Law and Legislative Acts ONLY are recognized in government contracts between government agencies. Statutory Law is the lowest form of Law. Common Law is above Statutory Law and Legislative Acts.

      We have been thinking all along that with a Birth Certificate that is who we are when in reality it is a Legal Person and a means for the government to tax that Legal Person you are acting for.

      We are the sole shareholder of that Birth Certificate, the Administrator for that account. We can give power of attorney to others to act for that Legal Person/Entity/Title we can also act as the Executor and Beneficiary of that account called a Birth Certificate if we so chose. They ONLY TIME we cannot be the Executor and Beneficiary is when we are in Statutory Court then we become the Trustee and the Judge becomes the Executor and the Crown the Beneficiary.

      How does this relate to the Supreme Court Denial of our case?

      The government was created by man in a Limited Capacity and NOT in an Unlimited Capacity, WE THE PEOPLE have the AUTHORITY not the government. The government is to operate as Trustee to protect our COMMON LAW RIGHTS which is the earth and land.

    2. cont'd (Sorry these posts are so long but they are packed with info.

      Since we bought shares into CMKM Diamonds Inc. we invested and there was enormous value found within the mineral claims. When the geologist assayed our claims, the reports went to the government both Canadian and American government they realized what the intrinsic value was which is enormous. The government(s) and all its heads SEC etc allowed to Naked Short Selling to run rampant, selling more shares than what was really there. Trillions upon Trillions of shares were sold into the market without the knowledge of the shareholders extracting value away from the shareholders illegally. The SEC said there was no such thing as Naked Short Shares, which was a lie. The government breached their role as Trustee of COMMON LAW man to protect our COMMON LAW INTEREST/LAND and the government along with all the heads becoming greedy withholding from the shareholders what is RIGHTFULLY.

      Fast forward just a little now, Mr. Hodges sent letters to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II House of Windsor who took and OATH to PROTECT COMMON LAW MAN and UPHOLD GOD’s LAW as PRIMARY LAW SUPREME.

      The District of Columbia and all its 10 square miles has been operating through the Constitution OF the United States and NOT through the Constitution FOR the United States since 1871. All of the District of Columbia better known as Washington DC is owned and operated by Queen of London the Corporation also known as the crown and NOT the Crown under Her Majesty Queen II of England House of Windsor.

      The DENIAL of our case by the Supreme Court is a DIRECT BREACH of TRUST by the Government of the United States. The government CANNOT take something that belongs to the shareholders. The taking clause through the Bivens is just that, anything that is on the Land belongs to the shareholders and the government cannot mandate and take something away that belongs to the COMMON LAW MAN, the government and other unnamed agencies have Breached the ROLE as TRUSTEE and have used every stall tactic to prevent the shareholders from being given what is LAWFUL OURS.

      Many have said that there is no merit within the Bivens and there is no real proof of a TAKING CLAUSE. Under Common Law, Law of the Land this is a DIRECT BREACH of Trust by the government(s). We as Common Law Man are owed to be paid what is RIGHTFULLY OURS and anything that comes from the Land which God has ENTRUSTED TO US. The government is limited in capacity and cannot take what is RIGHTFULLY OURS.

      This has always been a battle for control by the government they have taken it upon themselves to act as god over us. This is why there is such a need for the resetting of the global economy. The US Dollar Refunding Project along with going back to the ORGANIC CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES such a struggle along with getting paid what has been set in Trust for the shareholders.

    3. final part

      The DENIAL of our Bivens Cases PROVES the rampant corruption within the government in and of itself. Breaching the Trust of Common Law Man and everything that God has given us and not the government.

      Hope this helps you understand a little more.

    4. My head is spinning. Someone said ages ago that when the truth starts to come out we will be surprised to discover that those we thought were the good guys are really the bad guys and vice versa. Don't know what to think or believe right now.... :(

  14. Briefings going to be W I L D ! ! !

    New BANKING system SECURE -- NO bad guy
    manipulation, SAFE.

    Use CASH if U want. Do what you want.

    Final MAIN bad guys going down now.

    Many smaller bad guys go down AFTER
    Global Reset.

    - DuckSoup

  15. So if this update is in fact accurate, and I have to say I hope it is, I wonder why the BILDERBERG GROUP are holding their annual meeting in the UK very soon. I would have thought that they would not have bothered if the CABAL is fatally wounded? The update sounds wonderful, but I wonder how many years away these huge changes for the better might be?

  16. Hope you chumps have finally realized that Crazy Al Hodges is an insane conman who made this nonsense story up and you all were swindled in a common penny stock scam then victimized by a mentally ill charlatan called Al Hodges with nonsense he made up out of his imagination.

  17. This is the first time I read anything about this. Based on what I see, the re-evaluation is going to happen shortly. What ideally needs to happen is someone would put together a checklist with a schedule of what needs to happen from start to finish in order for all the goals to be accomplished which include identifying the people already arrested and relieved of their money and a date when the charges are expected to be brought if available and allowed for release.

  18. How would one go about getting His share of the shareholder losses, when this goes down???? I was one of them that bought shares in this company have my Certificate of Shares.

  19. Were going to arrest 10,000 people. The pay off is any moment. Everything in your live will change. It have been my experience all systems are imperfect. Anytime there is a government funding,someone is feeding of it and taking their cut. One people get that income stream, they get to powerful to stop. Everyone gets paid off to stop you. It has also been my experience,evil people can't change and will always keep trying to take everything. They are psychopathic narcissists and law suits don't matter. Anything that big, they will come after you because you are between them any the only life they know. If you are saying what you think is true, the headwinds are only beginning. When they leave, they will be replaced by others just like them, because that is the way the system is.

  20. You guys crack me up....What about this can be verified? It sounds like a fanatic 15 years journey. lol