Monday, May 27, 2013

Currency Revaluation Confirmed By IMF & Federal Reserve Sources - By Eagle1

Big Update from Eagle1 Saturday Evening at KTFA Forum


Here's an update to my post from Thursday that seemed to create quite a stir.

On Friday morning (May 24th), I received a relayed phone call from a gentleman who works for the Federal Reserve.

He had seen the above-referenced article (which went viral on the Internet) and advised me that the issues with Babylon II were down to a single country's software issues. He expected those issues to be resolved by Friday night.

Early Friday afternoon, I received two phone calls, one from a gentleman whom I have known for some time who is connected to the IMF, the other from a gentleman who works for the U.S. State Department.

The gentleman with the IMF advised me that the remaining issues with the one country's software glitches had been resolved, and that the IMF/UST group was going to have what was expected to be the final effort to have all 25 currencies in this present basket online.
That call was later confirmed by a gentleman who works for the U.S. State Department.

This morning, (Saturday, the 25th) I was notified that the effort went smoothly on Friday night, and that we could expect to see all 25 currencies on FOREX early Tuesday morning (the 28th).

During the day today, I have received not less than a total of seven separate confirmations that the remaining glitches with one remaining country (I do not know what that particular country was) were completely ironed out, and that a late-night test of the system on Friday went off without a hitch.

Although there seems to be some slight disagreement among those who have been on/or near the inside circle with regard to the actual rates, the rate for the IQD should come in somewhere between $3.40 and $3.56. (Obviously I haven't seen this so I can only report this as rumor at the moment.)

The VND is expected to be between $.42 and $.47 (although there have been two separate reports that it could actually be between $.97 and $2.20).

The more consistent numbers I've heard for weeks place both currencies at $3.42 and .$47 respectively.

If they come in any higher than that, none of us will complain. Until we actually see the numbers on FOREX, take all of this as rumor in the meantime.

Blessings on you.



  1. It will be interesting to see what actually happens and when. I have to admit I have made the mistake of repeating some of this stuff and it only made me look foolish. What will be will be. Obviously nobody knows for sure when or what will happen and what it will mean to the common man and woman, so just relax and enjoy the ride. #;)~

  2. I have my own way of testing the validity of RV statements. I check the Ebay listings for IQD under the theory that if and when RV is confirmed, the "buy now" auctions for dinars will disappear immediately. At the very least, insiders will snap up any remaining dinar or dong b/c of the obvious profits.

    As of 5-27, there are 932 "buy now" listing, which is more than there have been in the last months of my checking. I take this to mean that this latest intel is false, again...

    I'd like it be true, but it is suspicious b/c there are no named sources. If RV is to go live so soon, then they can reveal their sources.

    This is false, as usual.

    1. Spot on...even tracking valuations hourly will reveal insider movements. Scam central.

    2. Maybe Ebay is under a GAG order........

    3. I just went on ebay and saw I could buy 1 million VND for $74.99. So, if I understand this correctly, the RV thing, if I buy that VND for $74.99, then on Tuesday it will be worth at least $420,000 and as much as $2.2 million?

      Is it me, or does that seem beyond absurd? Where does the new value come from? Wouldn't that make all vietnamese people millionaires overnight? Isn't that just more of the same fiat scam?

      I agree with anon 12:32 PM. If someone was selling $420,000 of US dollars on ebay for $74.99, I don't think the auction would last more than a millisecond. Yet, that is exactly what the RV is suggesting.

    4. That's the whole point of why 'The Playing Field Will be Leveled'. Why do you think the PTW are fighting SOOOOOOOO hard to keep this from coming to fruition.

      Real Estate for one as well as many other commodities will be TEN CENTS ON THE DOLLAR.

      If you were the Cabal, you'd be doing EVERYTHING you could to keep things from happening too!!

      Matthew 19:26

    5. DS

      "...then they can reveal their sources."

      Like hell they can. Could get those sources tortured
      and KILLED.

      This is no patty cake party. It's freeing a PLANET.

      NO ONE with an ounce of sense follows eBay for
      foreign currency -- counterfeit crappola.

      - DS

    6. For us to be re-reading this in mid November 2013 with still no revaluation,just shows up these cretins who write the shit as egotistical fuckwads who wouldn't know shit from cheese. They are lying and are either paid $2,500 a day for conferences or they are paid for influencing YOU to buy Dinar and Dong. I know one of these "GURUS" who has now predicted a result daily for over a year. If it did come off he would say "See I told you". one claimed he was the guy who "pressed the button" to make it all happen. Guess what you Neanderthal jerk.... nobody presses a button you luddite. People we would all like to clear debt but don't finance these cock heads who are out to deceive for their own gain.

  3. i can now confirm...
    insider sources have told me...

    that there will be a RV for the euro. each euro today has a value of 1,2933! after the RV of TOMMORROW MORNING the exchange rate will be 12'933.77!!!

    so buy your euro now!!! TOMORROW WILL BE TO LATE!

    the button has been pushed!

    the bad guys at the weather stations are holding back the RV because of the sudden weather change in central europe. after weeks of the weather gods delaying the euro RV themselves, they changed their minds and gave us a sunny day at last! but the sudden weather change must mean that everything is back on schedule...

    the bad guys at the european professional weather forcast institute (known as prostitute) have been arrested. that's why we had sunny wheather all through europe today!
    everything looks a-ok for euro rv TOMORROW!

    fat cats in southern europe have exchanged their low rate euros for a huge chunk of change. forcasts looking grim for the next few weeks again. waiting for hailstorms to confirm the RV is ready for the masses.

    1. Heh heh,

      Substitute Dinar and Dong in there and
      you'll be closer.

      Date is elusive.

      - DS


  4. It makes more sense to first bring down our current fiat money system and replace it with a fair and just gold-backed currency before any revaluation can have real meaning and REAL change of value. That's why I don't believe ANY rumors of an RV happening while still using toilet paper money, so to speak.

    1. Guess what happens all at the *same time*:

      - RV - G L O B A L, 197 COUNTRIES.
      - All Gold or other asset backed.
      - NEW Treasury Note for America
      - New AI run global computer network.
      - ETC.

      All mostly in place, READY to pull the switch.

      Never been done before, not like this, not even close.

      Has to be perfect. Testing has been going well.

      - DS

    2. Add to that list, for America:

      - DEAD IRS

      - [Only] small sales tax on non-essentials,
      or its equivalent.

      - DS

    3. Then DS, let us not focus on an RV to happen but for the demise of the fiat currency and implementation of the gold-backed currency. THAT is the requirement for an RV to take place. Whether it will all happen concurrently is irrelevant. And talk of an RV to happen is nonsensical without the new currency in place. Soooo, let us focus on the new monetary system and then everything else should fall into place...according to what you are saying.

    4. [DS]

      It HAS to be all at the same time.

      Can't have new non-fiat currency (197 countries !) without
      new AI global computer system -- bad guys would re-grab
      some control, BAD news.

      There are many requirements for this all to take place.

      It's complex and large enough to blow up your skull thinking
      about all the factor involved.

  5. anon 5:29 that was a very intelligent conclusion. Why don't more people get that?

    1. People do get it. Lot's of people get it. It's the bloggers that are creating the problem by publishing false "intel."

      This blog should just stop spreading the RV story. If it happens, it happens. We'll all know. What we don't need is constant false alarms.

      Surely, the next round of false RV stories will be July 4th, Independence Day.

    2. 8:43 you have no clue of what is going on. The RV is just a small part of the bigger picture. MORON! I hate people like you. All you do is bitch and moan. Shut the fuck up! I come here to read the latest intel reports. Go somewhere else if you cant handle it, sound like a bitch!

      Dick Soup

    3. Yesssssss another person mocking Ducksoup!!

      Let's go full throttle on this Michael Dicksoup Dunn moron. If he can spam this blog with his nonsense. We can spam this blog with Dicksoup Dunn satire.

      Balance out his annoying posts with post making fun of him. Give people a good laugh instead of just being irritated by his his comments!

    4. 2:35 - how about showing some respect for Enerchi and his blog and not turning this into a blog for trolls? How about you developing some maturity? Remember the old saying - two wrongs don't make a right.

    5. Good point 5:41!!!

      Will do. Wish there was an ignore feature on this blog

    6. If only there was 11:58! lol!

  6. the thing is, either the RV of the fiat currency comes first or everything comes together. the dinar cannot happen on its own.

  7. Well ive been reading this stuff for way to long and held onto my VND for some time, and well its now August the 9th 2013 and guess what we are not any closer to the RV than when these post where first published. I have seen however the dong is not being sold or exchanged openly as it was a few months ago also the Denair. Well I think its time to cash in your dong boys and girls its just not going to happen. I wish it would ide be super rich and pay off my house. I

  8. I think any response at this time would only be even more embarrassing.

  9. Iraqi dinar is not a legally traded currency anywhere,except in Iraq. Look up cbicurrencyauction. They show every day auctions Dinars for us dollars. But tap on the section where it says bank,, the only banks listed are the banks in Iraq Iran ect. No American backed banks. Yes there ate Us banks opening up in parts of Iraq, duty that's to lend us dollars and transfer for big contractors. There are a 118 trillion Dinars in circulation., how can a country with that in circulation pay $1/$2/$3 to buy back the ones in circulation. It can not be done. America is what 16 to 18 trillion in debt, we can't even handle that.
    About the Vietnam song, that is a legally traded currency, you can buy that from any American bank, from there foreign currency branches, I paid $61.00 per million. 3 location in Omaha Nebraska. If and when the dinar RV, it will have to be around. 03 to. 06 cents per dinar. That's still a good return on a $800 per million dinar.

  10. wall street says it will be happening by 2014