Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Georgi Stankov: Humanity is on the Cusp of Most Dramatic Events of Cosmic Proportion

by Georgi Stankov, May 1, 2013

It has begun. The current graveyard calmness and peacefulness are coming to an end. The culmination of all events that have been carefully prepared behind the veil by both the dark cabal and the forces of light – and in particular by the PAT – will now erupt on the historic scene and will transform humanity within the blink of an eye.
This night and early morning I received all the necessary final information as to how this scenario will unfold in the coming days. I will try to present the flow of incoming information chronologically as to enable a better understanding.
I dreamt tonight in a lucid and very powerful dream that the dark cabal have decided on May 1 to start a huge final war against humanity to prevent ascension, but that they will fail and that this heinous act will only cause their demise and annihilation. Then I dreamt further that I was in Italy and witnessed the mobilisation of the population there for a war. I saw the Duce (Mussolini) going to war in a panzer-train. I was perplexed as the historical time was not correct, but my HS told me that it is actually the reptilian shape-shifter Berlusconi, who is going to war now, as he is the reincarnation of the Duce. Berlusconi simply symbolized the dark cabal, the clones and the reptilian shape-shifters that have usurped the power over humanity for the last 12 000 years since the Fall of Atlantis.

I woke up with a feeling of joy that the time of change has finally commenced. I have always envisioned that the final act on this planet will be triggered by the dark cabal in a state of total desperation. They will be forced to start a massive destructive war or something similar to prevent ascension, but will terribly fail. Thus they will demonstrate their true insidious character in a dialectical manner to the rest of humanity, so that they will be easily ousted by the masses with indignation and contempt. There has never been any other outcome.
Now this morning when I woke up, I first told this dream to my wife as not to forget it. Then I immediately opened my computer as I expected some kind of confirmation of this auspicious dream message. I was not at all surprised to have received an email from Jahn Kassl from Vienna, who channels and edits a website, from where I have translated and published some messages recently.
Now you must consider that this man is very busy and had told me that he normally do not correspond on the Internet, so that I did not expect any email from him. He sent me a private channelled message, he has not published yet, which contains exactly this same information from my dream:
That the dark cabal will start a new war very soon and that the time of the current graveyard peacefulness has come to an end, but that this attempt will badly fail and the forces of light will prevail. Humanity will recognize the true nature of these dark men and will oust them from power. This will be the beginning of the new era of ascension. The message is in German language and I will see that I will translate it later. The original German version is attached below, but I have just learnt that our friend Björn Kurt from Switzerland has already started with the translation. However the message is rather long and it may take some time for him to translate it.
This was the strongest confirmation I have received so far that we are on the cusp of the big changes, for which we have been waiting so long. Then, while responding to Jahn Kassl, I received all of a sudden a huge download of additional information, which completed the picture of the coming End Time scenario this month. All of a sudden, all the pieces of information I had been gathering in the last several weeks and days came together and fitted perfectly. It has always been like this with my HS.