Tuesday, May 14, 2013

World Bank Whistleblower Arrested After Radio Interview on The Pete Santilli Show

BREAKING: Immediately after her interview on The Pete Santilli Show, Karen Hudes, Attorney and World Bank Whistleblower visited the World Bank in Washington DC and was handcuffed, detained, and finally cited and scheduled to appear before Eric Holder’s US Attorney’s Office in Washington D.C. on 5/30/13 for UNLAWFUL ENTRY.

Ms. Hudes has been subjected to horrifying attacks by her fomer master including invasion of her medical privacy, unlawful termination and barring orders.  Dispite these attacks, she remains vigilant in her efforts to corrct the global monetary systme swhich she asserts is on the verge of collapse within days.

Karen will be on The Pete Santilli Show tomorrow to give our listeners an update.  If you;ve never listened to the Pete Santilli Show, tune in tomorrow at 11am PST / 1pm CST / and 2pm EST to hear for yourself why Pete is the most controversial, hard hitting conservative talkshow host who is gaining popularity faster than any other radio host on the planet!

Pete will be discussing this topic in his next episode; Monday May 13, 2013 @ 11am PST / 2pm EST.   If you would like for Pete to address your questions, opinions or concerns, please leave a comment below or call the live show at (218) 862-9829