Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dolores Cannon and Hypnosis Channeling: A Reality Check


Somewhere up in Heaven, they're laughing. I was pondering what I'd cover in my next entry and considering doing a nice, positive spiritual piece, then something happened: a new Dolores Cannon interview appeared. Immediately, I knew that Spirit had handed me my next assignment. I get to be the one who offers the counterpoint to the kindly old grandma. How do I land all the glamour jobs?!?

Just when I thought I could stop writing about deceptions...

...they pull me back in!

It is necessary to contend with grammy, though, because her form of channeling has produced a number of books that paint a potentially misleading picture of the afterlife, which is a subject I'll discuss in a future entry. But for now, I'll dust off an entry I wrote about Dolores back on February 24 for the benefit of all the new readers. I've added a new update at the bottom and might add another after I listen to her most recent interview. Here goes....

I listened to a Dolores Cannon interview yesterday, and while it was as uplifting and positive as her interviews usually are, something just didn't sit right. She said that in all her work over the years, she'd never encountered anything negative, which struck me as an oversimplification if not an outright untruth. So I felt led to go to my bookcase and dust off one of my many unread metaphysical books, The Custodians, which was written by Dolores.

Upon opening the book, I immediately came upon a relevant section. On page 259, she has a patient under deep hypnosis and is using her as a communication conduit to talk to an "alien." While discussing the practical precautions his species takes when abducting and returning humans, the alien goes on to say...

"Other beings sometimes do not return an Earth being. But that being probably would eventually expire after a short period of time. We prefer not to do that, because we are here to help. Some beings view human life in more animalistic terms, and treat a being as you would a cow. You know, perhaps dissect it for scientific reasons, just thinking of it as an unintelligent animal. Usually never to eat or anything of that nature, and they probably would wait until the being did expire before any type of such experiments would take place. But we honor the life here. We have made a commitment, in the council, to help the beings here, even though we are more advanced."

So the being with whom she is speaking specifically tells her that there are not-so-nice aliens who abduct humans, usually not to eat them, and who usually let them die before dissecting them like lab rats. I was surprised to see such information in one of her books because in her interviews, she makes it sound like there are no bad aliens, there is no Cabal, and all is peaches and cream.

Knowing that the thesis of the book is that alien abductions are misunderstood and are actually a positive phenomenon, I went to the front of the book to see if she addressed the dissonance. She did. On page 10, she writes about the aliens' reasons for abduction...

"I do not believe they are doing this for their purposes, but for ours. Of course, we have seen that there are several different types of entities involved, and there could be some negative types doing these things for their own gains. But I believe these are in the minority, the renegades or mavericks of the UFO groups."

In this passage, she says that there "could be" some negative types doing self-serving abductions, but the alien on page 259 specifically states that there are; there is no "could be" about it. Based on her own personal beliefs, though, she ASSUMES (and y'all know what that means, dontcha?) unfriendly abductions are a fringe activity. That's a mighty big assumption, and it is the kind one makes when one desires to come to a preferred conclusion and is willing to gloss over evidence that runs counter to it.

Another thing that struck me was how she compared humans on the Earth to fleas on a dog. This is precisely the perspective expressed by negative aliens and their human minions, which indicates that her consciousness has been influenced by the entities she has been channeling through her patients. Hearing her make that comparison reminded me of another writer named Patricia Cori. In Chapter 2 of her book The Cosmos of Soul, Patricia offers a message from the "Sirian High Council":

"...Gaia's primary disease is rooted in the excessive over-population. Like a cancer, the population is multiplying at astronomical speed, killing off the other healthy cells...
     ...The AIDS virus and others now being prepared in your underground laboratories are simply population control technologies designed to reestablish equilibrium in the body count of the planet.
     If you can see beyond the horror of such widespread genocide, you may understand the bigger issue here. As man has altered the balance and the population has run amok, some huge catastrophe has had to occur to dramatically reduce your numbers, and this the governments of the world understand."

The whole "if you can just see beyond the whole 'genocide' thing, you'll see why you need to die" message really gave me a belly laugh! Much of the book sounded really good until I got to that part and saw the agenda behind it. I would argue that it is NOT the number of humans that is destroying the Earth; it is the nature of the sprawling, purposefully inefficient, consumeristic, greed-driven slavery system that is destroying it. And guess whose minions are behind the slavery system?

The dark ET/EDs dehumanize us and destroy our world with their exploitation systems, then blame us for the destruction and ask us to die. To them I say, "It's a clever trick, but it ain't happenin', space bitches. It is not 'man' who 'altered the balance'; it was the meddling of your own Cabal minions that unbalanced things." I'll write more on "overpopulation" and other unintended consequences of the Cabal's obsession with control and exploitation in another entry.

To get back to my point, though, the dim view of humanity expressed by Patricia and Dolores -- that we are a metastasizing cancer or blood-sucking fleas -- is characteristic of the thinking of our own "elites" and the ET/ED beings who pull their strings. While I don't think Patricia or Dolores are dark beings, they are certainly picking up strains of dark ideas from their undiscerning channeling efforts (and yes, channeling is exactly what Dolores is doing during her hypnosis sessions).

On page 248 of The Custodians, when Dolores begins to establish communication with the aforementioned alien, she is specifically told by her hypnotized patient that what is occurring is channeling...

Dolores: "Would he be willing to share some information with us?"
Patient: "He wants to channel through me."

...And since the consciousnesses she channels offer consistent themes, express ideas that sound good, and can heal her patients' physical maladies, she has uncritically accepted everything they've told her. Speaking from my personal opinion, that just doesn't seem like a sound practice. And using one's patients as high-bandwidth Ouija boards seems a bit risky as well.

Does this mean that all the entities who come through during Dolores' sessions are bad guys? Not necessarily. I am careful to never discount ALL channeled material because if dark beings can use real or synthetic telepathy, good beings can too. I read all channeled material to which I'm led, but I don't uncritically accept anything it says. The environment in which we live absolutely requires constant discernment, and there is just no way around that.

As the physical manifestations in our world clearly show, there are dark beings about, and they have a plan for us. The low-level ones have been putting us in a very bad position so the high-level ones can show up and pose as heroes, and when they do, they'll be whispering sweet nothings and speaking 99% truth. They'll do this so you'll swallow the 1% lie that comes with it, and that lie is the poison pill that will really screw a person up. So in my thinking, it seems wise to sharpen my discernment, stand in my truth (even if others label me "negative" or "obstinate"), and learn to spit, not swallow (ladies, please teach your fellas how). In the end, those of the True Light who are fearless and unmoved by dark deception will be left standing.

And so it is.

[Update 11 April 2013]

Here is an interview which offers an alternative perspective on the entities that can come through during hypnosis channeling: Super Woo Radio Episode 9 MP3. It is an interview of Eve Lorgen by George Kavassilas which discusses the Alien Agenda and hypnotic regression. The whole interview is good, and it really gets rolling in the second hour.

[Update 26 June 2013]

Here is a blog written by another hypnotist who follows Dolores' methods. If you take a look through her various entries, you'll note how she transitions into flat-out channeling of an entity that poses as "God/Creator." The key difference between normal channeling and what she does is that she allows the entity to possess her hypnotized and suggestible patient instead of being possessed herself. Nice.

All this being said, the entities who speak through channelings and show up at rituals have been around for a long time and are known by many names. They are also known to be flatterers who appeal to one's ego, and who mislead and create mischief. Listen to them if you wish, but not with blind trust. They mix in a lot of fool's gold with the real nuggets, so sift well.

Love always....


  1. It is said by the Avathar Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The reason for so many people is incarnated on earth today is because all that have ever incarnated on earth is incarnated just now...

    And my understanding is that this is the time.
    To reduce the population is nazism and insane. The source will I thing like man to have an experience. To reduce life ain't the karma I will recommend.

    1. Yeah, i agree; the number of us humans here is about the same as stars in our galaxy; thats what we've come from before entering this solar system afterall, our star embodiments =)

      m enjoying these reads from REDEFININGGOD.COM <3 Thanks for posting them Enerchi!

    2. Enjoying these reads too! Thanks E!

  2. I aggree. She has been infiltrated....

  3. Love this guys' posts. He uses discernment and awareness in the same way Enerchi does.

  4. I completely disagree with this. I've read a few of dolores cannons books and this bloke is clueless...

    1. It's hard to believe such a nice woman might be wrong about some things. I get it. But there it is in her own words.

    2. having read a few of her books I've got to say that they give you a grand perspective of the universe and take away alot of my previously mundane worries. I view everything with a critical eye but have always been fascinated with hypnosis. I have a friend who couldn't quit smoking but went to 1 regressive session and never smoked again.

      The subconscious can process a VAST amount of information as opposed to the conscious mind, Edgar Cayce(sleeping prophet) would go into a trance like state before making his famous predictions and I'm of the opinion that Dolores is inducing somnambulism(the deepest level of hypnosis) and in that state she is communicating with our multidimentional higher self.

      Took me awhile to get my head around what she has to say but it ties in with alot of the NDE accounts and when I get the chance I fully intend to undergo regressive hypnotherapy purely for curiosity's sake as she has trained people from all over the world and there are several in Australia =)

    3. 9:21 'Hard to believe such a nice woman might be wrong..' They got to cover all bases getting their disinformation out. Lil ole ladies making you think of grandma all nice and fuzzy...sort of thing that appeals to some.

  5. So are you a flea on a dogs back or a creation of the creator with a divine spark?

  6. this guys is spot on about dolores , she wont even acknowledge their is a cabal manipulating anything,when asked by a caller about manipulated wars ,she replied that was war in their reality? the person replied yes i see it on the news everyday, she then said do you directly expeirence war? she said no , then delores said bascially then what you worried about?,,, dolores definatley has an ayn rand attitude towards life

    1. She does have a good point about, do you directly experience/be affected by war. If we didn't have global connectivity, media/internet, terrible things could be happening on the other side of the world and we wouldn't know about them, so we would only concern ourselves with whats going on in our own lives. Seems like shes just trying to say, take in what makes you feel good rather than things that make you sad/depressed, simple logic if you ask me.

    2. That's the thing about disinfo. Lace it with truth in the hope that the lies will be taken in as well.

    3. "AnonymousJune 27, 2013 at 1:30 AM"

      That is selfishness - we should care about other people despite they lice in different countries. Their problem are our problem. If there is injustice somewhere than it's our duty is to remove it and help others. Not to ignore them, because if we will ignore them, than this injustice will strike us in time and than we will not be able to receive help from others.

      Another proof that she is with Cabal that want you detached from others, selfish, and without caring to others.

  7. Hypnosis = mind control
    Channeling = possession

    Together it does not make for a good combination.

    Dolores is suspect, imo.

  8. * Dolores is a crone, that has the bedside manner of a cold fish...she's definitely not warm & fuzzy...displaying aloofness instead with pronounced narcissistic & psychopathic traits of non-empathetic, dismissiveness, akin to in " a Legend in her own Mind"...enamoured with her own imaginary & highly inflated delusions of manifested conceit...whilst dispensing her 'pin-hole' reality of subjectively measured knowledge & esoterica....just

  9. I have listened one Dolores Cannon interview - in a start it seemed ok and interesting, but later on my inner self told - it's a trap. Get out of this sh*t. She is Cabals agent. She is putting a sugar to a bad medicine to make you eat it.

    Don't do that.

  10. I totally agree when he says :"In the end those of the True Light that are fearless and unmoved by dark deception will be left standing". Thanks Enerchi for posting this.

  11. I have read and listened to much by Dolores Cannon. Some of her information has been extremely helpful and some just doesn't resonate as truth. But, isn't that sometimes true of just about anyone who researches and writes about such esoteric and until recently, untapped subjects?
    On many occasions Dolores has stated that our physical lives here in this 3D experience are just an illusion and the concepts of good and bad, light and dark, are psychological constructs or programming. I have never actually heard her say that there is no such thing as evil or negative entities, and if in fact she has, I would disagree. We may indeed live in a constructed reality that we ourselves manifest and it would appear to be one of Duality. If Dolores chooses to believe in a reality where she has never encountered any negativity, that is her belief and experience... whether right or wrong, who are we to judge someone's beliefs. We can certainly disagree and put forward our own opinions, but just because we might not agree doesn't mean WE are right. I really enjoyed this critique of one aspect of Ms. Cannons belief, and to some extent I agree... but, That doesn't necessarily invalidate or discredit all of Dolores' work or make her a fraud. Just my two-cents!

    1. So don't judge Cabal belief when they are killing people.
      It's simply their belief that's all.

  12. As Clinical Hypnotherapist I am astonished by what I have read. To channel in the middle of a hypnosis session itself is highly unethical, as she is doing this without consent of the client! Also Somnambulistic state is used for Surgery not therapy. Unethical behaviour, as a person can have ideas implanted and manipulated in this state. Very disappointed I was originally very intrigued, but didn't take long to trip over the BS.

  13. Also the comment of Hypnosis = mind control. Absolutely not, Clinical Hypnotherapy is not about control but towards a therapeutic outcome, where the client is always in control. and then you get these nutjobs that fuck it up for genuine therapists! :[