Thursday, June 20, 2013

OP-ED- Pondering the Circus Acts: Poof, Zap, Fulford, Keenan, and the OPPT


a resource for the awakening human: Pondering the Circus Acts: Poof, Zap, Fulford, Keenan, and the OPPT

Observing the recent crossfire between "Zap" and Benjamin Fulford, and recalling the previous drama between Neil Keenan and the OPPT, has reinforced my view that such sources and dramas are produced for public consumption by the intelligence services. Just like the ancient Romans used bread and circuses to distract their public from the tyranny slowly enveloping them, the modern Roman Empire uses food stamps and entertainment to distract theirs.

For the sleeping ones, the entertainment takes the forms of TV, movies, celebrity culture, sports, mainstream news, etc.; for the awakening ones, it takes the form of false-light channeled messages from "Matthew Ward," Sheldan Nidle, "SaLuSa," and others, as well as "intel" from "white hat" sources like Poof, Zap, Fulford, Keenan, the OPPT, and others...

...all of whom are shown here leaving a strategy meeting at the Masonic Hall...

What is the one thing these modern forms of entertainment have in common? They move the consciousness of the observer where the Cabal wants it to go. Whether the system architects are subconsciously indoctrinating a sleeper or consciously indoctrinating an awake person, they are creating a state of mind that will lead towards an acceptance of the planned New Order. And when you think about it, all the New World Order is is the hidden global government coming out into the open.

For those who doubt there is a hidden global government, I would invite you to look over your head and see the chemtrails, then go to Moscow and see them there...

...then go to Shanghai and see them there...

...then ask yourself why all these nations around the world are allowing the chemtrail planes to poison their skies. There is complicity there, don't you think?

We are brought up to believe that our countries are real and are in alliance with or opposition to each other, but nation-states are mere public relations constructs. They were, and are, artificially drawn on maps by the Occulted Powers for a variety of purposes, which include:

> capturing conflicting cultures within the same borders to create internal strife.

> teaching people within one nation that the other people across the imaginary line are competitors or even enemies, thus creating external strife.

> serving as Lego blocks as the Occulted Powers attempt to construct ever-larger political entities, such as the European Union.

> serving as chess pieces with which different "elite" families/houses vie with each other for position within the global hierarchy.

To see the truth of this perspective on the nation-state, look at the last 100 years of history in the Middle East and the role of the British Empire in it.

Getting back to why I view the beings in the title of this article as disinformation sources, I invite you to ask yourself some questions: Have you noticed any recurring patterns in their information over the past months/years? What is the paradigm they all share? How might the information and paradigm they offer facilitate your acceptance of a benevolent-looking New World Order (after having had a malevolent-looking New World Order waved in your face by Alex Jones and others)? When reading their information, have you had the gnawing feeling that "something's not quite right," but you've chosen to ignore it because you really, really want their info to be true? I'd go ahead and lay out my rationale today, but this entry has drawn out longer than I expected, and I have a bit of a headache from Hump Day Sangria Night last night.

So till next time, I send you my love....