Monday, June 24, 2013

We’re In The Midst of A Global Currency Reset

This aired on Bloomberg TV on July 25th. It is the FIRST time it has EVER been mentioned in the mainstream media…
Let’s examine the rumors that are floating around.

1. The Fed Reserve will merge or absorb into the UST

2. There IS a global event that has been unfolding during the past ten-plus years. The Basel III Protocols (which includes the Global Currency Reset) have required the cooperation of many nations — 198, to be exact.

3. What gets in the way from time to time with regard to this Global Currency Reset (as has just happened in the past few days) is political maneuvering and disagreements that delay things.

4. Fiat currency is becoming a thing of the past due to ongoing pervasive fraud and devaluation of paper currency – now it will have to be backed by assets (precious metals, oil, etc.) China would like to take over the US’s position as holding the world’s reserve currency in hopes to have their currency backed by gold. However, Clinton mentioned in one of her speeches that Iraq will become the richest nation in the world due to its oil reserves. Thereby, numerous nations that hold the Iraqi Dinar are looking to the IQD becoming the global reserve currency.

Basel III (or the Third Basel Accord) is a global, voluntary regulatory standard on bank capital adequacy, stress testing and market liquidity risk. It was agreed upon by the members of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in 2010–11, and was scheduled to be introduced from 2013 until 2015; Basel III was supposed to strengthen bank capital requirements by increasing bank liquidity and bank leverage.

5. Precious metals (gold and silver) prices are manipulated. Currently the price is dropping. Why? Something big is about to happen. What?

The Global Currency Reset will take those 198 nations currency and revalue it up or down based upon that country’s assets. For example, Canada will go up about 20 cents, along with the Dong and IQD going up. The USD may go down or not depending upon how much IQD they have in reserve – and because O had all the other nations that owe the US money agree to pay back what they owe when the reset happens taking the US out of debt.

Since the US has billions worth of UQD they can do several things. Exchange the IQD for gold thus taking the USD back to the gold standard. Hence the current USD will be collected and replace by the new currency. New currency expected to be distributed in the fall.

6. At the G-8 summit this year the talk among nations was how to collect taxes from tax dodgers. Basically the global banking system is tightening up its agreements between nations and will identify those who have been slipping through the current tax holes. Thus more tax return money for the nations who track down their tax dodgers.

So instead of a crash – which is inevitable given the current fiscal structure, there will be a Global Currency Reset which is in the works.


  1. It was aired on July 25th? Which year?
    The news is dated 22nd June, and today is 24th June 2013.

    Am I missing something?

    1. And actually, the How Money Became Worthless documentary first aired in January 2012 speaking of the same inevitability with the global monetary system, but they didn't say anything about timing, just that one day we will wake up to a new world as if a switch has been flipped.

      All I can say is it's about damn time. How many more people need to die on the battlefield for the good of humanity while others continue to refuse to wake up.

      I think even if a documentary about 911 -- put on by the engineers and pilots for TRUTH, was shown on the mainstream, there would still be people who buy the original story and refuse to acknowledge it was an inside job.

    2. If you follow the vid to youtube it aired there on July 31 2012.

  2. the post is this year and the vid was last year but looks like it was sneaked in and missed by us. Dunno if that's correct but that's how I read the article.

    1. Which means that if from last year, it is proven BS because it never happened.

    2. Means we are still in the midst of it.

    3. Think of the magnitude of the event then you can understand how it has taken 10+ years and is still ongoing.

    4. So "soon" has become 10 years(a decade) and could mean a few more decades? Even mainstream science is warning us that at the current rate of environmental destruction(they omit the fact the cabal is responsible) we will see mass extinctions before 2030. It's no wonder most people are calling this whole thing BS and too little, too late.

    5. **FEW** people realize how V A S T this thing is.

      We're near endgame -- will be GOOD.

      PEOPLE are gonna have to clean up their
      states. Common Law courts -- RATS to Prison.

  3. I've seen this piece before, must be 2012. Just goes to show the jig is up, "experts" are aware of this, most people are still ignorant.

    We must however, consider the possibility that the whole mess was done with the intention of implementing new rules, which might not be in the best interest of the people, but rather in the best interest of the very criminals responsible.

    In other words - this whole Basel III protocols, RVs, so called prosperity funds, etc, might be just a sneaky way to implement one world currency under central control.

    As long as we have corporate governments, or for that matter ANY governments, I think we, the people of the planet will draw the shortest straw. We will keep paying tributes to corporations, have no say in anything, go through the theater of elections to elect people who will decide for us, instead of implementing a data system, where we decide, how we want to run things.

    We should just fire all the "politicians", ie. corporate money whores, dismantle corporate governments, decide TOGETHER on basic rules, based on personal human freedom (NOT liberty) and make decisions ourselves. In other words - create functioning republics with individual involvement, not representation, which seems to lead to misrepresentation every time.

    On the money side - we have seen so many times, that money is just a tool of control. We can do things in a different way, without having to pay in order to live on the planet we were born on. In my personal view, central systems are the problem, not the solution. Every criminal system so far pushed for centralization, not the other way around. I wonder why?

    1. Which is why I am not getting too excited. There's the possibility the new financial system is cabal so they can keep their tools of control. When money becomes obsolete, this is when we can really be excited.

    2. 11:54

      If you were the cabal and tried any more evil,
      you would have the following climbing right up
      your pants:

      --US Positive Military and security services
      with Help from foreign Military and security

      --US Organized Militia (and THESE guys
      are PISSED)

      --E T C

      Cabal is D Y I N G fast.

  4. When we see the free energy patents held back under the pretence national security released,
    you will be able to kiss scarcity goodbye and welcome in a new age of abundance.

    The mind boggles at the implications of free clean energy, it turns the current oil dependant
    industrialised model on its head. Imagine if Tesla's wireless electricity was implemented en mass
    for the public, you could turn entire deserts green.

    Its fair to be caught up in the idea of a new transparent financial system because the current game is
    completely rigged and the house always wins but until we stop objectifying money we can't move on.

    1. Oil should become irrelevant within a few months of the good guys winning. Money within a couple years once all that suppressed technology is released. Poof was calling for a star trek and jetsons future.

  5. This is total bull for plenty of reasons
    First and foremost: Iraq doesn't have the world's largest oil reserves. it comes fifth after Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Iran. Venezuela having around two times the oil reserves of Iraq.
    Second: The gold standard system was abolished for a good reason: It failed miserably. And it has numerous disadvantages that makes it a thing of the past. The most prominent one would be that gold as a resource is not evenly distributed around the globe. And the same goes for oil, silver etc. Which gives a huge advantage to countries producing gold/oil etc. Not to mention that the free floating fiat currency system doesn't prevent the currency from reaching the "fair price". Only someone who knows nothing about economics and monetary policy would buy that bull. The mechanics of supply and demand i.e. the efficient market will always win.
    The problem is not with the currency, reserve or monetary systems. The problem is in the old paradigm of thinking that causes people to hire a fascist government to do think and behave on their behalf.

    1. Who cares about oil when we have free energy? Who cares about gold as a form of money when suppressed technology will make all money obsolete? People need to wake up and realize that if the light wins, we should be looking at a star trek and jetsons reality. Even Poof was saying this.

    2. Financial "experts" (GASBAGS) has
      been part of our problem.

  6. This stuff is happening NOW.

    Global Reset is here.

    "No Money" society will take 15-35
    year to implement, depending.

    OIL is critical as LUBRICANTS
    and many other uses.

    New banking system will be locked
    down security.

    GOLD is PERFECT as a BASE.
    And country resources add to that
    base for a rock solid money system.

    Currency is printed, BACKED by
    these resources. Stable.

    1. Anything printed can be manipulated. Until currency is measured by means other than digital tracking it must be met with hesitance and scrutiny. You can say the backing of xx dollars (usd or trn idgafff) is accounted for in the treasury and claim audits even. Problem is that it is the exact way our most recent monetary system began. We see how that has played out!

      I am filled to the brim with hopium but it doesn't cloud my critical thought synapses. Pucker up! As this is, unfortunately, new lipstick on an old sow. It is an old cabal tactic.

      Can nobody see how it is all about Iraq? No! It is god's plan... his blessing! No, it was gobbled up a few years ago into Nesara ( which nobody has 100% proven was not an attempt to solve an oncoming collapse by a man with excellent foresight or a patriotic mission to undue the Virginia company *snicker*)...

      Maybe some wise "patroits " started planning for Nesara in 1215 when the Vatican became the "owner" of Great Britain. Do not be so quick to give your complete faith in a feel-good fable without spending equal to greater time researching history. This is not a fight with the "NWO" that began more than 60 years ago... it is an OWO. The global reset and all the happy little trees being painted are tempting the lead+on to the 1 billion (at most) populated new world order under the ascended order of ba'al.

    2. If this "stuff" is happening now, have you been shown proof by your insiders? When can we expect proof, this year? 3, 5, 10 years? ~25 years for a moneyless society is far longer than I had hoped. Does it take this long for the sheeple to realize they don't need money? I plan on "ascending" above the need for money once I buy some rural farmland and with free energy and other advanced tech, become self sustaining.

      I guess we will still need some oil as lubricants for the cabal who have been arrested and are sitting in prison. It will come in useful for what the cabal plan to do to each other while in prison. How secure will the new banking system be? The cabal have ways of getting in. As for gold, won't it become worthless once replicators can make anything you want? Many people think the new financial system is cabal. I will keep an open mind and wait and see.