Monday, July 1, 2013

Our Relationship with Source, Part 1


a resource for the awakening human: Our Relationship with Source, Part 1

Our Relationship with Source, Part 1

This is the week I rethink everything. After spending the nearly four years since my second awakening trying out external spiritual concepts from self-styled gurus and channeled entities -- all of whom were so certain, so detailed, and so contradictory with their ideas -- it's time to set everything down and sort through it. It's time to take a hard second look at things like the obligation to spiritually evolve, soul contracts, karmic debt bondage, spiritual hierarchies who tightly control spiritual expression, and other such ideas that make my spirit want to curl up in a ball and die forever. And it's time to call BS on the channeled entities who sugarcoat such ideas with their sickly-sweet spiritual aspartame.

Speak of the devil, I can already hear them responding...

"Oh, Ken, you make it all sound so terrible. It's really not like that at all. All those wonderful things you mentioned are there to help you endlessly recycle into slave incarnations on our prison planet... err... allow us to rephrase that last part. We had another Greg Giles moment..."

Yep, it's time to strip my spiritual car down to the frame and rebuild it with genuine parts, and when you strip your spiritual belief system down to its foundation, you start with the most basic beliefs of all: who you are, who God is, and what your relationship is with "him." That is the subject of this entry. And since certainty is the first casualty of being human, I can't tell you that my perspective is the right one; I can only express my hope that it will be of benefit to you as you approach the Truth from your own unique direction.

So to begin, is this what God looks like?...

...Nope, I don't think so. But it is a rather accurate picture of what's going on in our world, because it depicts an incarnate being (like us, but perhaps less energetically dense) pretending to be the "Almighty Creator of All That Is."

The preponderance of evidence seems to suggest that at some point in our past, beings showed up who had advanced technology and/or less limiting incarnate forms that allowed them to put on a rather awe-inspiring magic show. They put on such a convincing performance, in fact, that they convinced the goat herders in certain regions of our planet that they were "gods." And to lord over their new subjects, these wannabe gods left behind a cadre of their servants to whom was given the "divine right" to rule.

Over time, this cadre convinced many others to have faith in the king of their gods, the "God of gods, King of kings," and they taught people that we are lowly creatures he created, and are separate beings from “him.” They also taught us that our apparent imperfections make us loathsome in his sight, so we are disconnected from him unless we seek reconnection through their religions (which act as a barrier and filter to our communion with our true Source).

This bizarre doctrine does not originate from the true God of course; it was established to create a series of self-limiting beliefs in our minds:

> You are a lowly physical animal, not a divine and powerful spiritual being.

> You are disconnected from God.

> You need someone else (some priest or savior) to reestablish and maintain your divine connection.

By implanting these and many other beliefs in us, the slavemasters got us to block our own perception of our connection to God. And without knowledge of that connection, we became nothing more than five-sensed physical animals they could control and exploit.

It is quite a clever con they devised. If they tried to completely deny us any form of spirituality, our innate longing for God would overwhelm their system of control. So instead, they allow us to reach for God through a medium they control. But reaching out for God through a religion is like reaching out for sex through a condom: it can give you many of the same sensations as a real connection, and it is tantalizingly close to the actual experience of communion, but in the end you are blocked.

As I was brought up in the Christian religion, I was endlessly disturbed by what the “holy” people taught me about our relationship to God. They taught me that he created us to spend all eternity bowing down on our knees in worship to him. Yikes!! Is it just me, or does that sound like a hellish eternity of slavery to a vain and insecure dictator? My mind and heart struggled against this message because when I fixed my mind upon God, I perceived a perfect being who was above the human need for validation, and my heart intuited a being of total understanding, limitless grace, and unconditional love.

Once I finally broke free from the prison of fearful ideas that had been erected in my mind by the “faithful,” I began to take note of what my own mind and heart told me about God. The conclusion I finally reached, and how I got there, will be the subject of Part 2.

Till tomorrow, I send you my love....