Saturday, July 27, 2013

Secret Space War VI: Dead Humans by the Millions, the Real Alien Agenda?

By Preston James
SSG Beyond Black Arm Patch - photo by Trevor Paglin

Unless Americans wake up from their slumber and take their country back from Neocon Zionist hijackers and infil-Traitors who appear to be operating according to an Alien Agenda run out of the City of London Financial District, it certainly seems that they are destined to become dead by the millions in the streets, towns and countryside of the land their forefathers conquered and then freed from England’s Colonial tyranny.

And unless stopped cold in its tracks, it now appears that the department of Homeland Security (DHS), the New Amercan Gestapo is now being morphed into a new Bolshevik style American Cheka designed to deploy mass terror and mass murder inside continental America.
And the same goes for the rest of the world, especially Africa, where the first large population of aliens has been rumored from highly placed sources to be planning to migrate to if early reports are accurate.
However, one thing that does seem exceedingly clear is that zionist Central Banksters from the City of London Financial District have been operating according to an apparent “Alien Agenda”.  They have hijacked the USG and America, and are now in the process of building up a super-massive internal police state army and surveillance system which they plan to deploy against average Americans as a Bolshevik-style NWO “Red Terror” Cheka mass-murder machine (just like what happened in Russia in 1917 that resulted in the torture and murder of approximately 66 million Russians).
[Note: This is a long article.  Bold print is provided as main point summaries for those that do not wish to read each part of this article.]

Have Americans actually been financing their own future mass murder by DHS, compliments of a bought and owned, blackmailed, human compromised, Bankster controlled Congress and Executive who are serving as puppets of this offshore Banksters force?

And is this City of London Central Bankster bunch being controlled by an  evil Alien Force, perhaps best referred to as the “Third Force” which has been alleged to have developed a small super class of alien-human hybrids who run all the Central Banking of the free world and earn enormous inhuman profits by use of pernicious usury ?(1 & 2)

Doubt this, then consider the recent buildup of the Department of Homeland Security and Northcom, both created to serve as large well-armed military forces which will be coordinating functions inside the continental USA to be deployed against all innocent Americans who desire to preserve the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Is DHS, the New American Gestapo, now being morphed into the New American Cheka?
DHS seems completely out of Control with US taxpayers money, spending like a drunken sailor buying up 2 billion rounds of ammo, most hollow point which cannot be used in wartime, 2700 armored vehicles, 30,000 drones which can carry air to ground missiles, and 7,000 fully automatic real assault rifles, not just semi-auto look-a-likes.

And remember it was DHS that was set up in the first place and is still directed by self-serving NeoCon zionist dual citizen Israeli-American (“Israeli-firsters). i.e. ”infil-Traitors” who were also deeply involved in the planning and execution of the 9-11-01 false flag attacks which were wrongly blamed on Osama bin Laden (aka CIA Officer Colonel Tim Osman) and Mideast Muslims from Iraq and Afghanistan.

These staged 911 terror attacks have served as a pretext for many current USG and SSG evil now being imposed on Americans by a completely corrupt, compromised Congress and executive which is now acting more like the world’s largest RICO crime syndicate than a representative Republic. 

The 911 terror attacks staged by zionist NeoCon Israeli-American dual citizens (Israeli-firsters) has been used by them as a false pretext to “justify” the continuing phony “War on Terror” which they have used to manipulate Congress with, to set up DHS, fight illegal wars and create a large internal unconstitutional illegal police internal police state surveillance system.
Of course this massive false-flag attack of 911 that they staged was used as a false pretext for a completely unprovoked, illegal, undeclared, unconstitutional series of Mideast wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and numerous other US financed secret low intensity wars in Africa, Libya and Syria fought by US created and financed Al Quae Da (aka el CIA duh) and US financed special mercenary operators. And as most Americans fail to realize that much of the time private special operators have comprised up to at least 50% of all US troop strength in these wars, sometimes much higher, especially in the numerous secret African deployments nobody in the USG or the DOD will admit to publicly and these folks when wounded do not get VA benefits which is a story that is never told in its full implications.
It is vitally important to identify who the actual, real Terrorists really are.
It is vitally important to identify who the actual, real Terrorists really are and not to just accept the USG labels as dispensed by their main propaganda dispensers, the Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM) which is zionist owned and controlled by three large major defense contractors and three offshore  major mass media corporations.

DHS keeps claiming that Terrorism is a great danger to Americans.  Yes this is true but it is important to identify who the real terrorists really are and it is the NeoCon zio Dual citizen infil-Traitors, the DHS, the USG and the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

Have Americans done what Stalin predicted, bought and paid for their own rope to be used to hang themselves with?

Stalin said that Americans would provide their own rope that he would hang them with.  Now we have the USG having conned American into buying DHS its own bullets with which to mass murder American with.  Pretty crafty, huh?

Now ask yourself, has something gone terribly wrong when the Federal Government has built up its own internal secret police and army and is now preparing wage a massive 20 year war (if need be) against the American people to completely break their will and transform them into dumbed- down powerless, mindless and soulless serfs?

In order to justify this kind of deployment against innocent Americans, all such persons who support the Constitution and Bill of Rights as well as the “rule of law” must be defined as “domestic terrorists” or “potential domestic terrorists” which has already been done by DHS with their numerous MIAC type reports which have been leaked and published on the Internet.

Is DHS which is now being transformed into the new America Cheka preparing to deploy a new Bolshevik Red Terror inside continental America?

It now seems more and more evident that mass population reduction (covert mass murder) is planned to be attained for approximately 80% of Americans in numerous very crafty ways involving geo-engineered storms, strange gene-spliced weaponized influenza-bacteria,  strange chemical and biological inhalants, and special gene spliced magnetized prions seeds sprayed from aircraft which cross the blood brain barrier and when remotely psychotronically activated can cause massive cognitive slippage and degeneration, early dementias and Alzheimer’s, and mad cow or Crutchfeldt-Jakob like brain degeneration. Early symptoms have been reported as “senior moments” of forgetfulness in young adults who never before experienced such cognitive slippage.

Major geo-engineered storms like Katrina and others are examples of how geo-engineered weather catastrophes can be used to dislodge folks from their homes and serve as a pretext for martial law. A similar strategy of establishing a false pretext was used by DHS staging a phony bombing at the Boston Marathon to “justify” locking-down part of the city and going door to door to enter home and roust and terrorize residents with no warrants. Sand many believe that the CIA has been involved in setting numerous forest fires out west to create additional chaos and displace Americans from their homes.

USG staged emergencies create an instant presumption of exigent circumstances removing any need for warrants according to current court rulings which are actually completely unconstitutional. 
Of course staged emergencies of any type can be used by the USG, DHS and the SSG to create an instant presumption of exigent circumstances which so far many courts have accepted as an acceptable way to bypass the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. What started out as police having the right to intervene in a robbery or actual emergency to save lives has been legally stretch to include using swat teams to bust in the home of innocent folks with no warrants, and FBI being allowed to write their own warrants anytime they want to for any reason at all no matter how stupid of deceptive.
The War on Poverty has been a great boost as far as increasing and centralizing Federal powers and fostering dependency of the American masses.

The war on drugs has been even better for building and concentrating centralized federal police state power and militarizing the police.

And certainly the phony War on Terror has been successful beyond the wildest dreams of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) as far as completing the construction of their long desired Nazi/Stasi surveillance and police state.

And now we have the creation and buildup of the Department of Homeland Security, unConstititional in every aspect and the greatest effort to destroy the American Republic and mass murder its citizens ever conceived or enacted.  How could that be you might ask, I thought they were set up to help protect us from terrorists hiding under every rock?

Will you, the real terrorists, please stand up and identify yourselves and stop lying about what you have done?

These folks who are supposedly fighting the “War on Terror” are the terrorists and they are the ones that did 911, Murrah, Waco and Ruby Ridge. They are masters of deception and busy generating ongoing American crises in order to keep the American people’s heads filled with news filler from the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

These criminal sociopaths that run the DHS, the USG and the SSG are very busy constantly accusing everyone else but themselves, as “domestic terrorists” or “potential domestic terrorists” (and this includes all normal Americans who want the Constitution and Bill of Rights followed). They are accusing everyone else of doing what they did, what they have been doing, and are still doing.
This is called “projection” and is a symptom of racist groups which are especially paranoid and self-serving such as the Zionist-Judaics, actually a small but very powerful minority of the Judaics who have been blessed and anointed with the powers of the world’s central Banksters run out of the City of London Financial District. They have been given all the money they need by the central bankers to buy and bribe as well as human compromise almost every single politician and top USG official. Of course the central Banksters run out of the City of London Financial District, a separate country like the Vatican are also radical zionists and racial madmen who want to seduce and secure the while world with filth, porno and Hollywoodism, political correctness and perversions, rape it of resources and asset strip it, destroy all other religions especially Christianity, and mass murder 80% of the world population.  Quite an extraordinarily evil agenda wouldn’t you say?
And at present they have hijacked the American political system and have just about finished building up the world’s biggest Nazi-Stasi internal police state and almost completely militarized the police and transformed them into an internal army ready to fight and kill and now looking for victims to do what they have been trained to do and use all their new machine guns and stun grenades.
We now appear to have become a full scale Nazi-Stasi Police surveillance state with no Habeus Corpus and no Constitutional Rights. (3 & 4)

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