Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Karen Hudes Replies To Benjamin Fulford - Reported By 'InTruth'

http://bullmarketthinking.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Karen2.jpgSince I posted Ben’s replies to Adnan Sakli and Karen Hudes at the end of last weeks comments, I am reposting here for all who are interested to see.

Ben is okay. I just heard from him with a reply to Adnan Sakli. I told him that the blog will be relieved to know he is alright given the typhoon and asked him when we might expect the new report to be posted. Will reply when I hear.

Meanwhile, here is his reply to the last Adnan response. Once again, he is the consummate gentleman which Adnan has shown he is not!


Tell him I hope he looks into is heart and finds a clear conscience and that he is sure he is on a good path. 

Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン

He also just replied to Karen Hudes last commentary:

Well clearly Ms. Hudes is a true gentlewoman and my hat is off to her.
Please tell her I never responded to her e-mails because I never got them. My e-mails are often intercepted and not sent on to me.

I would really like to hear her take on Neil Keenan and his activities. He claims to have been at a Monaco meeting a few years ago with many finance ministers and that he runs some kind of BRICS alliance. Somebody linked to the Rockefeller family also told me that such a meeting took place. Can she confirm this or was this some elaborate fiction designed to muddy the waters?

Also ask her is she is willing to support my group’s plan to cash about $1 trillion worth of historical bonds in order to finance a massive development and environmental protection campaign. My personal candidate for running this campaign would be Jeffrey Sachs.

Thank you. 

Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン


I hope you will share this with Ms. Hudes. Thank you.


Here is Karen Hudes reply to Ben’s e-mail. It is quite interesting:

Dear Barb,

Thanks for forwarding my email to Mr. Benjamin Fulford. The search function on Kauilapele indicates http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/scott-mowry-article-8-31-13-the-end-of-economic-slavery-has-arrived/ and that this site linked to my articles in Veterans Today and JHaines. I recall longer posts on Kauilapele, but the search function does not retrieve them. 

I am waiting for my recent comment on Mr. Fulford’s Hipknowsys http://hipknowsys.blogspot.com/2013/09/benjamin-fulford-september-17-2013-p2.html
to post:

Your comment will be visible after approval.

The Vatican/Chinese bankster coalition you are pushing is not in the cards. Instead, what is happening is that the US through a grassroots movement assisted by local sheriffs, US marshals, in collaboration with the white hats in the Pentagon and the rest of the US’ allies are calling for the rule of law. It is this framework that will be calling the shots. There was a 95% likelihood that this would happen ever since the World Bank whistleblowers got through to the UK Parliament. This article explains http://www.larsschall.com/2013/05/08/governance-issues-at-the-world-bank-a-security-risk-to-the-world-order/

The Monaco meeting was a bogus attempt to ignore the succession laws governing Marcos’ signature authority and rests upon a legal opinion from the US Treasury that is not worth the paper its written on. This opinion, together with Treasury’s audit of Germany’s gold, will go the way of the fiat currencies See http://beforeitsnews.com/new-world-order/2013/09/recovering-buried-gold-in-the-philippines-and-indonesia-chinese-bankers-and-corrupt-federal-government-120.html Mr. Fulford’s attempt to move from the OITC to the Vatican is a leap from the frying pan to the fire.
I am bringing the rule of law to bear so that the members of the Bretton Woods institutions can get down to brass tacks and consider all proposals transparently, including the $1 trillion in historical bonds that Mr. Fulford is referring to. Jeffrey Sachs, or any other individual, or committee, or smoke screen, only diverts, delays, and brings the world closer to permanent backwardation in gold. If Mr. Fulford wants to continue this dialogue, I invite him to email me directly.


Law Offices of Karen Hudes