Friday, October 18, 2013

Chase Employees Admit Orders from Top to Limit Cash for ‘Unknown Reasons’

Anthony Gucciardi
October 16, 2013

Following the documented reports that Chase bank had been limiting overall cash withdraws from various accounts and freezing wire transfers, I decided to get to the bottom of the issue and call the nationwide Chase information line. What I found is that not only did every business account owner receive a document detailing strange measures to limit their overall account usage to a $50,000 maximum and the complete restriction of wire transfers, but that even the Chase employees themselves had no idea why the measures had been instituted.

Instead, they simply told me that the orders ‘came from the top’ and that not even the highest level managers at the information center knew why they had been instituted. But what’s more, I was also told that these ‘regulations’ may also hit other banks around the country. When speaking to the supervising manager on the account caps and transfer restrictions, I was told that the entire thing could be the result of ‘regulation’, which may have actually stemmed from government higher ups.
The supervising manager even went on to answer my question as to why Chase customers are not allowed to access their own finances, telling me that it is possible for customers to ‘pay a fee’ to withdraw their funds after ‘upgrading to a platinum account’ for an unspecified amount of upgrade costs. Now remember, this entire lockdown was initiated over ‘risks’ and the continued ‘safety’ of the bank’s finances. So what are they so afraid of when it comes to giving customers their own finances?

The reality is that banks are gearing up for a Cyprus-style scenario, where even your own finances are held captive by the mega banks through either regulation or orders from the top. Specifically, the mega banks absolutely hate cash payments and deposits, because they deal only in debt-based digital numbers on a screen. I would encourage everyone to immediately transfer their finances out of Chase bank, but don’t expect a lengthy delay in this policy when it comes to infiltrating the other mega banking establishments.

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