Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ken's Blog: Say Hello to Capital Controls

Say Hello to Capital Controls (Update 3)

Have a look at what I saw when I logged in to my bank this morning...

I've previously had difficulty withdrawing more than $500 from this bank. They said it was because "the cash truck didn't come today."

[Update 1 - 2 October 2013]

I came across some references in the alternative media about a giant (1,000+) bank cyber-attack exercise on October 16-17, and I was able to locate the organization administering it. While it supposedly doesn't involve hacking into any actual systems, I just don't like the sound of it, and I don't like the look of the group conducting it. Note their All-Seeing Eye symbolism...

I also find it interesting that this exercise is scheduled to coincide with the October 17th date that the government supposedly hits the debt ceiling (which it likely already passed back in May when the debt figures froze in place). Mainstream media outlets are already warning that this could lead to a default on Treasury bonds and a global financial crisis. According to this article at

"At that point, there are basically three options. One is President Obama could decide that the government’s legal obligation to spend (and certain elements of the 14th Amendment) trump the statutory debt ceiling, and just order the Treasury to sell more bonds. The second option is Obama could instruct the Treasury to pay some of the government’s bills and just not pay the rest. The third option is to pay nobody. All three of these options face the same basic problem of seeming to be illegal. (The second one also faces the problem that Treasury says it lacks the logistical capacity to do it.)

The general consensus is that the third option would, among other things, provoke a global financial crisis by causing a default on U.S. treasury bonds—bonds that are meant to be the safest asset in the financial system."

[Update 2 - 6 October 2013]

Well, the government's cooked books and the political puppet show have set the stage for a government default as early as the 17th, a Thursday. Should it occur, I wouldn't be surprised if a "fat finger" hits the wrong key somewhere in the financial markets to start a stampede, then the bank holiday could begin as early as Friday afternoon (the 18th). I'd be on the lookout for Israel to do something crazy around the same time. If this is to be the dollar's implosion point, the Occulted Powers (OPs) will want to generate maximum fear over global economic collapse and world war before they roll out the new show.

Some have opined that the OPs haven't yet finished looting the pension funds, doing bank bail-ins and such, so this won't be the trigger point. That could be so, but an accompanying cyber-attack could drain those funds and accounts in moments. Time doesn't seem to be on their side, so I'd be surprised if they go for the slow kill. Given the pushback they suffered on the Syria attack, an incremental approach could lead to incremental defeats.

However one looks at it, the 16th onward is certainly a window of opportunity for the takedown, so it is a risky period of time. In fact, one of the OP's woo woo propagandists, Cobra, alluded to this at the end of his most recent interview...

Interviewer: "Ok I can finish now. I have tons more always but that’s my questions for the month of Sep. Do you have anything else that you want to surmise about what has happened and where we’re going from here."

Cobra: "Yes actually we’re going to enter a new window of opportunity in the second part of October and then things have a potential to get more interesting."

Interviewer: "And when you say more interesting you say closer to the event."

Cobra: "Yes a potential."

[Update 3 - 6 October 2013]

I almost forgot: notorious information/disinformation site offered up an interesting scenario in their most recent post. They suggest that Obama might use the staged government deadlock to take emergency dictatorial control, at which point the US military will move to unseat him.

Take note of how the article lends support to the NWO transitional plan:

> The "evil communist revolutionary Obama" attempts to take over the country and implement a fascist nightmare.

> The angelic "White Hats" in the US military rise to the challenge, capture him, and "restore the republic" by installing an "interim government" until elections can be held. These are the same "White Hats / Positive Military" that Fulford, Cobra and their ilk have been talking up.

> The interim government "educates" the public on everything that has been happening behind the scenes and sides with the BRICS and their new financial system. All will then be in place for the OPs to introduce themselves to us as the heroes who made it all possible. Golly gee, won't we be lucky!