Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mountian Goat Update - October 10, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share a secret with you today. Sharing secrets is a game Meine youngest Kinder like to play on rainy days. Today is a rainy, cool, fall day in Bavaria. So they play and I join in. What is the secret we share today?

Our Business of Today

Last week we should have had grand announcements of RV in Iraq to citizens and activation of rates at all the banks international. We did not see this. Why? This was held up due to a political situation in the USA. Only USA held this up. It was caused by the debt arguments, political posturing and lack of compromise. I was told by all my contacts that the new rates were ready for activation and that the debt issue would not interfere. I now have to admit I believe this contact was wrong and mistaken. This is the second time this person has done this to me The real facts were then told to me by many different sources yesterday and today.  I trust these sources for a very long time and so I no longer will trust anything from this other contact with verifying first multiple times.  So since this time the UST has been stalling and waiting. It has been that close at hand. 

An agreement has been reached today October 10th to extend the debt ceiling to mid November to give time for both parties to meet and review the Affordable Healthcare bill. They want to review it and have time to weed out bad or misunderstood sections so partial repeal of bad laws for nation could be negotiated out in the coming days. This is SUPER news for us.

When this is accomplished we will then see a realistic budget for USA and over the next couple years a quick draw down of the national debt. Unknown to many will be the reason for this drawdown. Of course we are all aware of the method of this accomplishment. It will be kept very quite, as you also should do the same, since this is a political issue between parties. Who is trying now to take real credit for the resolution of the national debt (not just the annual debt overload)?  We all also know what administration was the real brains behinds this plan and our rewards - don’t we?

Going forward with GCR

So in the past week I have heard that all aspects of RV are done except the final rollout and announcement in Iraq and activatio of rates worldwide. All news is excellent today coming from all sources (including in Iraq) as we should expect now to see activation of all 190+ rate changes happen today. The new CBI site is expected to show new rates today. This is what I believe will happen and I am hearing will happen. But like most timings on this process who really knows now what can hold it up. I am careful not to give you too much in this letter since I can not promise anything. I only pass on what I hear.  I am hearing nothing is in the way. We should now all look for the new rates first on the CBI site then at the same time or shortly after rates should get activated at the exchanges and banks across the planet. Then its Christmas time for

So all can now know. I am no longer posting anywhere as this letter is strictly to personal contacts and friends.

Peace and Luv to ya,
mnt goat