Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Peace & Love by Nicola Zegrini

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The question is essentially this: can we defeat the people who  are using us as their slaves with their own methods?

Of course yes is the answer!


Surely you have noticed that these people make a great use of symbolism. If you had not done yet I recommend you to do some quick research. On the subject has been written a lot of articles and books and is not my intention to dwell here. I shall therefore do just a few examples :


Logo of the European Council .


All-seeing eye of the Illuminati symbol present in the one-dollar bill .

Egyptian eye .

Naomi Campbell’s house

Why do they do that? Why people whose purpose is to remain hidden to the masses the more is possible would use signs of recognition?

The answer to this question is not easy but it can be summed up this way: to use our emotions and to turn them in a manner consistent with their own design .

Let’s see how they do that.

Even if you do not realize it, our unconscious mind associates all those symbols to a certain thought pattern, also called Egregora. The egregora (and for those who had read the excellent work of Vadim Zeland , reality trunsurfing, the pendulums) are a kind of energetic entity that comes to life when a number of people think about a given topic.

Typical examples of eggregore are sports teams, religious associations or political parties. The Eggregores grows in power and size as the conviction and the number of people who, with their thoughts , feed them, grows with it. But their power is always exponentially greater than the sum of the thinking of the people who belong to it. When a person adheres, intentionally or not, to a certain erregora it contributes to strengthen it, but at the same time, it is conditioned by that. It is for this reason that, for example, there are people who always think to soccer and make their mood depend on the fate of their favorite team, or people who commit acts of violence driven by the fury of the mob without even realizing what are doing. The eggregore incline us to act in a manner contrary to our essence, but rather conforms to the thought-forms themselves. This is also an explanation of acts of political or religious fanaticism: Have you ever wondered why the madness of Hitler, which, this is not a secret, was used to do a great use of occult symbolism, were supported by a great multitude of people? Because he had created a eggregora, one with disproportionate power, that can affect millions of people.

The thought forms (another way of calling egregore) substantially affect the mood of the people who are part of it, so we tend to get angry when we are lined up in traffic and, for the same reason, watching a concert on television doesn’t give the same emotions that watching it live.

The egregora also gives a great deal of energy to the entity to which it is addressed, this is the reason why a team that plays at home has always been more likely to win or because there are some stars of the show business  who has a certain dependence from being at the center of attention.

This is the use of egregora that the individuals who control us always does: they direct our energy towards themselves and feed, themselves so to speak, of our negative energies.

How do they create negative energy? The answer is always before your own eyes: the bad news spread relentlessly by the media, the ” economic crisis” and the continuous show of their symbols that make sure that our unconscious is pushed to join the thought form represented by the same symbol.

They creep into our minds the idea of the inevitability of conflict, are forcing us to believe in the randomness of existence and the fact that we have no means to oppose the misfortune or misery. They force us to believe that evil is part of our society and that if we want to achieve a minimum success or wealth, we must necessarily bend to it.  We could make thousands of examples but what does matters now is the realization that everything we see is the result of a specific pattern: they’re trying to weaken us by all means, take off our energy and the ability to think in a independent way, they are using the egregore against us to take away our strength, which is our Free Will.


Because if we begin again to think with our heads they would be finished, done. They would be like a car without petrol or a dry river. Their power obviously depends on the control they have over us and if we took back our freedom and our free will we would have the knowledge and the strength to realize that everything they are telling us is only lies, that the deficiency in which we are forced to live is completely arbitrary, that our potential do not know any limits.  The only word that really make sense in a real and undistorted economy is this: ABUNDANCE.

They know that if we took back our awareness and our freedom to think and we realized who we really are, we could have the strength and the ability to say that’s ENOUGH, END OF GAMES. NOW WE RUN THE MATCH.

What are we waiting for then?

In a conscious person the egregore doesn’t have any effect or at least they have some only as long as this person is willing to consciously comply with them. Only then to figure out of which plot we are victims gives us a foolproof weapon to destroy that same plot, we can empty the egregore only taking away our consent and our energy to them, we would make them null and void, powerless.
Sure you might say, it’s easy to tell, but how do we do to awaken to consciousness the majority of our fellow human beings, those that are so slaves of the thought-forms that are imposed them that doesn’t even realize that their thoughts are not independent, that they are not spontaneous but are determined by the outside?

In other words, how could we make these people regain their human essence and their free will?
Sure, things are a little bit complicated now, but there’s nothing we can not do, and as the entities that control us are well aware, our potential is infinite and if we regain our consciousness there is nothing that can stop us.

What to do then?

We can create a positive egregora!

Let’s do it! A powerful enough egregora to destroy all the negative ones that took away our human essence.

An egregora can not resist if there is another one in the opposite direction that subtracts her energy, it deflates and falls to the ground like a punctured balloon. Finished. History is full of examples of that kind: the end of the era of gladiators with the arrival of Christianity in ancient Rome, the fall of the Soviet Union or the same third reich etc. .

The first, most important, thing that we must do to create a new and more powerful egregora is stop resisting the thought-forms that affect our fellow man. When we resist we only give new strength to this egregora and more power, this is because our resistance has the same potential energy of the entity that we want to annihilate. The new egregora must therefore have opposite potential, it must oppose love to hatred and so on.

Let’s stop then to get sick for the blindness of our fellows who do not understand what’s going on, if they want to listen well, if they doesn’t is because they do not think with their own head and they are slaves to a thought-force, so it is impossible to change their mind (since they do not have a own mind).

Let’s stop making ourselves sick for what happens in the world because like this we give energy to negative egregore: we must look at everything with indifference and think that soon this all will be over.

We can save the world!

Let’s stop once and for all to think negative and let’s bring light into this wonderful planet that has for too long been the victim of dark forces!

Let’s look at the world with optimism because we are the ones who can say the word END to all this slavery.


Once we have done this we can turn back to ourselves, to our potential and to our desire for change. We can send love every time we see a manifestation of hatred and remember that the human soul, if is not conditioned from the outside, is capable of a huge altruism and infinite love, that if we were not forced to fight each other we would pass our time working endlessly to make this world a better place and to help others. Let us realize that if somebody commit an act of malice or selfishness, it is because they have been pushed to do so: from poverty, loneliness , but especially from egregore that take away the person ‘s will to impose increasingly destructive thought patterns.


Let’s fill our hearts with love and joy: let’s pause to watch a sunset or to smell the scent of a flower blooming, let’s smile when we see two people hugging each other or a child playing. But beware, happiness can be very contagious, so beware to those who is beside you.

What you have to do is this: visualize with your mind a positive egregora around you, like an beaming energy cloud, we can see it leaving us and all those who, like us, have created it. Then we can visualize all of these single egregore coming together to form one. Let’s see it magnified and wrap everything and everyone. We can see it as it changes the mood of the people, while it transform the concern in smile, while it makes people aware again. Let’s visualize it physically like a light that awakens everyone who touch it.

This egregora , if we work hard on it, can grow, become huge, bigger than the planet itself. Because even though our number is not even comparable to that of the sleepers, we have a frightening force of will, able to bend anything. We have the potential to dissolve the negative egregore as they where clouds of steam.

We’ve almost made it

Let use the symbols as they do. Let’s put a peace flag at our window; wear symbols like this


or to make signs like this.

Of course! Let’s show that to the world, we do not hide who we really are: awakened beings who are taking back the peace in our world.

Let’s show these people how many we are and how strong we are and let it be that are our symbols now with can create the purest emotions.

Then we can send them our message:

“Thank you for everything you have done for us, without you we would never have known the wisdom we know now. Without you we would have never understand what it means to awaken to our true essence. Without you we would never have experienced an immense joy as that we are going to live. But now your time is over, now we are big enough to take care of ourselves and to follow our rules. Now we are ready to taste our freedom.”

The timing could not be better: our planet is flooded with positive energies that drive us toward awakening and awareness. These energies should culminate toward the middle of the current month. What are we waiting for: we can use these energies to give strength to our egregora, an egregora made of real LOVE and we can be sure that this will be the biggest force never seen before on this planet.

That’s what we want!

This thought form will grow with our joys and our satisfactions, it will become stronger each and every time we smile to life and choose love instead of fear, that will grow up every time we share with others our truth and remember that we are free men; it will be filled with energy whenever we embrace someone as a sign of peace and every time we forget our grudges and forgive those who hurt us. These egregora will become massive to embrace the whole world and will be contagious to anyone within its range.

This tought form will make it obsolete hatred and separation, and any action based on those feelings will no longer have force and will succumb and lead to failure.

This eggregora inaugurates the new era, the era of peace and love.

Let’s give strength to this eggregora! let’s make it grow and let it become powerful. This thought form means peace and love and freedom. This eggregora represents our awareness and it, thanks to all of you, will lead us to salvation. But keep in mind one thing: it is extremely contagious , it spreads like a virus and could not leave survivors.

Let us never forget: we alone can save the world, we have all  the tools.

The real man, when he is in full possession of his faculties , is not happy if his joy is not shared with others. E’ is the human soul. If this is true, if this thing makes sense to you, then I believe that we are ready for the gates of heaven to be opened for us.

Peace & Love


And be happy!