Sunday, October 27, 2013

Waking Up to the Holographic Universe

by Yukon Jack

flammarion_woodcutHumans are waking up and becoming divine spiritual beings, so goes the New Age mantra. How many of us are we really waking up, why are so many still asleep, what exactly is going on? Why are we able to overcome the holographic mind programming of our ancestors and becoming a fully self aware human? 

As science peels back the tapestry of the heavens and exposes fundamental reality of what kind of hologram in which we exist, how does this new information change our existing myths? How do I become self aware, what should I change my mind about and what is going to happen to our society? I’m glad you asked.

Humanity is in a crisis, most humans are stuck in ancient myth yet we have developed every kind of technology and weaponized it turning everything lethal. Don’t eat the GMO vegetables, don’t breath the chem trailed laced air, don’t eat the radioactive tuna, don’t watch the poisoned television programming.

Technology has progressed at an unbelievable pace yet much of humanity are stuck in 4,000 year old myth. The innocuous analog amp meter hanging on the outside of your house, that spins slow to fast measuring current flow is now a ‘power’ meter of the elite, they can spy on you or even turn your power off remotely. Friendly technology turned ugly by evil minds, they did it because they could do it, they are applying their will against us.

Humans have big brains that are self aware, inventive, creative. They can be used for anything good or bad, a relative judgment we assign to things. Will we as a specie make it? I am not so sure and as a betting man I would say the odds favor more destruction.

I think a few of us will make it but it will at very great cost, more bloodshed then we have ever seen before. We are currently careening toward doomsday of our own making. What can save us from certain doom? You can’t save the world but you can save yourself, personal transformation is the key to your survival.

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