Sunday, November 17, 2013

Benjamin Fulford Responds To Readers Questions - November 17, 2013

A few questions:
1. re:
The White Dragon Society promises to take care of the French Rothschild faction if they cooperate with the new financial system and take care of them if they do not. The same thing goes for the Israelis and the Saudis.
What is meant by "take care of"?  Is that literally or do you mean to eliminate them, as in the mafia "take care of..."?
2. re:
Last week a representative of a hitherto unknown (to me) foundation claiming to have “69 digits” worth of dollar assets contacted this writer (through a call to my mobile), offering to contribute to the White Dragon Foundation. If you go with the current mainstream calculation that world GDP is about $100 trillion, then this number would be 54 digits more than World GDP. That beats the previous personal record financial number shown to me by the P2 lodge that only had 46 more digits than world GDP. She also said “digital movement of Gold [sic] is happening now, and has been for quite some time.”

a.  If someone has this kind of money, why do they need to contact Benjamin Fulford to make a contribution to the WDS?

b.  A "personal record financial number" means what?  That this is the amount of money possessed by one person in the P2?
c.  Why do you accept this extraordinary amount of money as even possible?  "Dollar assets" means actual paper money, correct?  Where on earth would such an volume of bills be stored?
d.  Really, anyone with this much wealth doesn't need to make a contribution to any project.  They can carry out any project they want without the WDS.

3.  As the national blackout and the presence of Chinese troops on US soil did not happen, how do you account for the inaccuracy of this news which you considered believable enough to report
why do you think it did not happen?

4.  Your earlier descriptions of the WDS said that they were made up of old Asian families who wanted their gold back; but later you said the WDS is a western group who wants to stop world hunger, end environmental destruction and distribute wealth among humanity.

Your reports make the WDS out to be some monolithic group with such great power that the cabal is running in fear of it or doing all it can to slow its inevitable takeover of the wealth of the world and reverse the terrible results of the cabal's rape of the planet and its living beings.

Can you explain who the leaders are of the WDS, their positions in society, what real power - economic, political and military - they possess - and, perhaps most vitally,
why they are so cohesive and unified that they appear to be almost a council of god-like elders?
Are they made up of the monotheists you say want to only help the planet and humanity rather than behave as monotheists and convert the world and claim its wealth for God?

You see, we know the cabal, whether a Jesuit operation or a Zionist plot, has been building its pyramid of power and extending its tentacles into governments and societies and corporations while accumulating immense wealth for centuries.

How is it that a WDS can appear on the scene and have the organization, the philosophical unanimity, and the connections and faithful following throughout the world, not to mention the wealth and the blackmailing leverage, sufficient to counter the Jesuit/Zionists cabal - which, as we suspect, possesses the super technologies to destroy continents, murder with invisible rays, and control the minds of perhaps entire populations as well as of any individual they select?
Bottom line:

I am finding it difficult to believe the WDS is what your reports imply it is.


Answer from Benjamin Fulford

1: The phrase "take care of," was deliberately meant to be vague.

2a: Perhaps they think the White Dragon Society has the best plan for the future of this planet and its living beings.
b: "A personal record" means it is the highest number I have been shown by any of the groups who have lived above the public financial system. The P2 Freemason lodge showed me the picture of a bond with 46 digits, that is to say 33 more than world GDP and that was the previous record.
c: The money would only have meaning if delivered in the form of goods and services and environmental protection efforts. My belief is that $700 trillion, or $10,000 for each man woman and child on earth, delivered in the form of goods and services, would be enough to trigger the start of the golden age.
d: The money is frozen due to a deadlock at the top of the financial system. We are trying to break that deadlock.

3: The national black out exercise took place as scheduled but it was just a training exercise although there were temporary sporadic black outs as part of it.

4: The WDS speaks through actions, not words. The formal name of the White Dragon is 白滝龍王神 or the Dragon God King of the White Waterfall. It is pure undiluted energy of the universe.

Believe it when you see it.

Benjamin Fulford