Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cabal Hacks Neil Keenan's Skype To Get Location Details On The Book of MAKLUMAT

Going Public . . . from ~Jean, November 12, 2013

Last night, I started to receive Skype messages that I almost chose to ignore. I get up very early, so for me it was later in the evening than it might be for most people. But the messages seemed to come through rather insistently, so I had a look. It seems that Neil Keenan’s Skype account was compromised, and people – I don’t know who they are – were trying to locate him, seemingly through me. Fortunately, Neil is a very bright man, and under such circumstances I cannot imagine that he would inform me of where he was going. Neither did he ever inform me about where the Black Book is, nor where its many copies are, as well. 

I had nothing to tell these people, whoever they might be. 

I did/do not like the feeling at all, and I do not think the ‘good’ US military would operate in this manner. I am comfortable, however,  with whatever may come out of this, because in the end I know this planet will be free – even if I  may not be here to celebrate it.  I have chosen not to live my life in fear; I cannot. I know the energies of this time are with us. I believe this fervently! 
Since I was not on my computer when the messages came through, the only way I could get them to display here was to take an actual photograph of them on my  iPad. I realize they are not as clear as they might be, but I ask you to be lenient with me at this time. 

Although I do not have any proof at all, my feeling is that Neil is quite safe and will keep himself that way until this is over. Should he ever be able to read this, I send him the biggest of hugs and wish him well.

Love and hugs to everyone,