Monday, November 25, 2013

Canauzzie Update - November 25, 2013

An addendum to the most recent article in full.


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Nation Building Team Agenda

One World of Nations
25 November 2013

These are constructive and valid suggestions from the Global Monetary forces who do care. They have no intentions of running any government. We are all in this boat together, and the key Trust's job is purely to help humanity. They are collectively seeking to withdraw from the squalid Cabal/Treasury/Fed run Banking operations and placing capital to underpin Nations and Humanitarian causes.

If the Federal Reserve becomes a government entity, the Trusts will forgive debts of the Fed Reserve both owed to and owed from. This includes the US Govt and the UK too. They offer to cooperate, we will pay the debts, not just "write off". And in your country it is THE COUNTRY, not a private entity as in the US. This is not solely limited to your Nation, but all others as well. This is something the "squatters" have no capacity to do. The Treasury at this moment has the asset base to print currency (instead of issuing a debt instrument, it can be a hard asset) over to the Reserve, shall it be a "govt entity". So assets are moving from the left hand to the right hand. The cost to buy USD by Foreign Entities is around 10%,( this includes England), and is the base reason your Petrol prices are substantially higher than USA prices at the pump...none of this "fee" goes to the government at all at this we suggest if it is nationalized, the 10% can be dropped to 5% (either slowly or at one time) and the fee would now go to the govt for budget as "income" of the govt. This alone will create an impact in many aspects as you can imagine. It directly and positively affects the situation with China, and allows the govt a positive flow. Overtime there wouldn't be talk of a "debt ceiling".. Further this improves our relationship with our neighbors, does not have any impact on the Oil producing Nations, and the consumer would see a reduction in everything from Petrol to Food at the local grocery.

Secondly, there are budget allocations in place to support the US and UK Govt during the period of Transition. We have had those orders for 2 years, and we did make the assignment but have been blocked at every turn from submitting.

Now we have the issue of the CUSIP bonds, aka the "citizen future tax payment bonds". When we stopped buying the end result was the market crash. These bonds were originally created to provide education and other needs of citizens. These trade proceeds were supposed to go to the Department of Education for one example not as a debt, but to provide for the nation. These funds and proceeds are locked up now in the Trust and are ready for disbursement. The program clearly didn't work under old management, however, we can re-collateralize these bonds with gold and solve some of our social issues with the proceeds, whilst fixing the market and the Pension funds at the same time. This is all of course up to the government. Then we have the toxic asset programs as discussed in our previous letters. A mortgage program that works both for the banks and for the people is sorely needed. Our people need food, healthcare, education, shelter.

These to momentous steps can create a better way forward, merely suggestions and they can "mock up" impact, as we have done for their own comfortably.

In the interim, we are coming on the holiday season, and our citizens and direct holiday spending is going to be an issue. We need to find a way to fill the "gap" during the time the decisions are being made at the top. A level of certainty needs to be put in place, and confidence in our Government restored. We can talk about suggestions of both sides on how to fill gaps. Of course this would be in addition to the budget allocations. Remember, our dollars are bought and paid for already. So we granted gold to the Treasury with our left hand, and will monetize it in USD with our right hand, no debt instrument necessary;

  • Grants for the SNAP program to allocate to all the food stamp cards 100 to 150 USD 2x. Once this week/next week, once again in December.
  • For the disruption in pay to our Government workers, additional bonus in first week of Dec. Uncertainty of this situation arising again in January will most assuredly affect the holiday this year for all these families.
  • Funding for the Obamacare program.
  • Distributions of Gift Cards via the Public School System (they can pick the foundation who donated this) for holiday spending in some nominal amount.
  • Supplements in Social Security, Welfare and Disability for the month of December.

(Remember, the proceeds from the trade of the CUSIP bonds is sitting here for all these programs already, every Social Program including pensions and Social Security is there)

We can then begin working on the debts owed to foreign creditors and establishing a long term recovery plan. All this is available now with a responsible minded US Government and joint UK initiative.

These, ARE the Collective Negotiations developing, seeking to free the nations from economic bondage controlled by self serving Cabal and old Banking bloodline families.