Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mountain Goat Update - November 26, 2013 - Global Currency Reset / Corruption / Delay Tactics

Hi Everyone,
I really thought my last email would be my very last one. Events however do not always progress as planned and so I thought it would be a good time to talk now about the hold up and give some recent  news on the revaluation of the Iraq dinar. Today I will not talk about my family, as they are fine and preparing for much celebration. I do have very important revaluation news to bring and I need to get right to the point.  I have held off on this news until now since this is what I was told to do by the IMF sources. However I have now been told, after checking with my sources today, that I can tell all as I will proceed to so now.  This news letter may be lengthy today.

On Friday 11/15 I received a call from IMF source and here is what I was told. They began by explaining how Iraq wanted to stall the international rollout until it could fully implement some final banking laws effective on Dec 1, 2013. The USA of course was not happy about this situation but really had no choice but to instruct all parties involved in the rollout to attempt to stall until this point. I have been told many, many  times and even laughed at by many intel providers that my past news of Iraq had no longer any impact or significance in this RV matter and yet time and time again this has been proven wrong and now I am being told once again the same and I believe once again this intel is correct in that  Iraq has asked to hold this activation up until December 1, 2013.

What do these new Iraq banking laws tell us?  (effective 12/1)
·        USD will no longer be acceptable currency in banking and market transactions in Iraq
·        Markets should now use Dinar at current  in-country reinstatement rates $3.44+ (meaning one price structure for all goods),
·       lower denominations fully in circulation all banks as of 12/1.
·        As of 12/1 the three zero notes are not longer legal tender in Iraq. In other words citizens have until 12/1 to turn in and exchange all the remaining provisional currency in their possession  
·        Banks can no longer charge in excess of 2% for exchanging currency..Up to now these charges were the sole sources of profits for most banks   in exchanging currencies at very high spreads
·        Banks must now move forward to the real business of banking – keeping saving acounts, checking accounts. investments and managing loans to businesses as their source of profits or close.

I know this may be very hard to swallow and for me this news was not very good news either. I wanted to jump on email and let everyone know, but I was instructed to keep it to myself until such time I could bring this forward. Now is the time, as I am told. Read these new laws. How could they go international with their dinar without these very basic laws enacted? Made total sense to me when I was told this information.

So the stalling began two weeks ago, when this decision was made and agreed to. Excuse after excuse and we can now all see how this is occurring. It is now only a big game of tricks and monkey business until next Monday December 1st when we have the best possible change of activation of the rates and getting the 800#s. If you don’t believe me fine. Just wait and remember this post. I hope you too remembered when I was telling you in the past Maliki was the hold up? Remember how he had to deliver a speech and do it correctly. Sounded like he has some influence to me. This of course was just one example that surfaced for all to see. You know I get really tired sometimes of trying to convince people of the legitimacy of my information. So I will just say one last  note – wait and see who is right once again! This is not even about who is right or who is wrong but about trying to figure this out together.

Let’s look at the progression of these recent stalling tactics by the UST ( if you don’t believe me)

1. I was told us we would see this over the timeframe Thurs 11/14 – Sunday 11/17. I relayed this info to you in my last news letter. When this window expired I was told there were still agencies not onboard and these agencies did not give an accurate estimate of the situation. So the activation was held up until this was settled. In fact the RV was not yet complete. Okay so I believed and went on with my life. Then it got even better.
2. Then on Monday 11/18 I was told the activation would happen once the $3.44 in country Iraq rate reached  $3.87. This happened on Tuesday night $3.89 however still no activation. I know for a fact the rates were live for a short period of time and then put again on hold. This time the 800#s were in fact given to the banks for the first time , yet still no activation for us. What is going on I asked?  
 3. Then not much happened all week until we hit the Thurs – Sunday window again. This time I was told they would launch the activation once an automated  time sequence hit a certain combination and it could activate the rates anytime. This was to prevent fraud and insider trading.  This timing began Thurs 11/21 in the afternoon and was to end Sunday 11/24. The activation could happen anytime prior to midnight 11/24. Stalling again. It gave them 4 more days. Getting closer to 12/1 but not there yet ! Was there more insider trading going on?
4. Today is Monday 11/25 and still no activation, yet I  know the rates are at the banks in a admin hold status and could be activated in a matter of minutes. I was not given any logical explanation as to why the activation was once again held from us. My only sarcastic remark was – the UST must have run out of excuses to give us. Stalling again. Yet another day passed. I think Tony and his DC guy said it all on the TNT call today.
5. Now on Monday 11/25  we are told that the IMF may take control again if this does not get activated  by 9 am Tuesday morning 11/26. I don’t understand?  I told my source, - why not just activate it now and get it done? Stalling again?  They then told me CL will activate it by Tuesday – Wednesday 11/26-11/17 if the UST does not. Really? I wait to hear what excuse we will get on Wednesday. If the IMF does take control we are told it could take upto 48hours to activate. Why? The rates are done and the activation on only on an admin hold at the banks. The banks have the 800#s. So why 48 hours?
6. This brings us to Thursday thru Sunday window once again. How convenient ! Can you now see the intentional stalling taking place. Is it just me or am I making this up? I had to ask once again what is going on? 
So I have to think only one thing now that my source in IMF telling that this will be held up until Dec 1st is in fact accurate since I see the stalling playing out right in front of our faces. I do not really care what the UST is telling these intel providers. They are only messengers passing along the stalling until the time is ready. They believe what they are telling but we shall all see as all in good time who is correct and this will be our proof.    
I think this RV was handled as one big mess. In USA let’s not all forget this in 2016….hint…hint…hint………

Putting this whole mess into perspective
There are only a few words to describe this mess….corruption and incompetence.
Yet  the entire whole world awaits and needs these currencies to reset as a major part of the rebalancing that needs to take place?

We have seen in the past that there have been exchanges taking place already for those privileged. I do not have to remind anyone this is unlawful and had stiff penalties as it is in violation of the US and international IMF exchange commissions laws. So why do the elite privileged do it and get to exchange and yet the rest of the world is held up? (I won’t mention the global reset effecting all aspects of our lives….opps I mentioned it…). I do not have the answer to this question but I am sure there are reasons and we are told we just must wait our turn. Okay-  as long as our turn gives us the same benefits.   

These early exchanges for the privileged do, however now have in impact in going forward if the IMF has to take over this activation as we are being set up now to believe may happen on Tuesday (tomorrow). Would our rate then be reduced to the Iraq $3.44? Why not then the $3.89 as this we were told was the current IQD rate on last Tuesday (but how do we prove or disprove this?)  

The ramifications are such that all those funds to the elite over the $3.44 rate that we may be reduced to may have to be paid back to the banks (thus UST). Do these elitist (senators, congressman and others) want this to happen? As it stands they could be under deep scrutiny now since they are in violation of about 20 security and exchange laws still in force.  Simply put you just can not put spilt milk back into the bottle. Exchange at a rate that is not announced to the rest of the world? Prevent the international currency rollout by insider trading? Do not give everyone a fair chance at the same opportunity to do the same AT THE SAME TIME on an open market basis?  

The rate must be on the exchange prior to any selling or buying. This would be “rigging the market” or better known as “Insider Trading”. Since when to do the “privileged” go ahead of the line and violate these principles established years ago and in force today…..and in a time of a global economic crisis  when they are attempting to resolve such bad past financial practices ? Wow ! Definitely not a good thing to do in this time of global economic crisis  and get caught at it too! If this was to go public! It will only take one bad apple to blow the whistle. This brings us to the NDA….I do not need to go any further….I will stop here.

This is why I do not think we will get the lower rates. What do you believe? If we do get the lower rates-  all I can say is perhaps this has been the plan all along? Simply put -  a set up all along?, and we have had to go down this road for months now?. I wonder how many millions of dollars were spent on layaways and reserves. Any connection?

I do not make accusations but only ask these questions as an intelligent person. These last 2 weeks just baffles my mind !

I sincerely hope this is the final conclusion whether it is Tuesday 11/26 , Wednesday 11/27, Monday 12/1 or shortly afterwards.  

Peace and Luv to ya,  
mnt goat