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Ø  Keenan is forced to clear the air one more time, as Hudes spreads misinformation
Ø  Hudes would have had help from the Family – if she hadn’t tried to undermine Keenan
Ø  Where’s the gold?  Not in the Vatican, Karen…
Ø  Speak whereof you know – Keenan on the Asian gold and why it won’t be going to the World Bank
Ø  Update on funding and Nelu’s fight for freedom
Ø  Keenan rebounds from attack – back in action

by Michael Henry Dunn

November 6, 2013
It is old news by now that picking a fight with Neil Francis Keenan is a bad idea.  Certainly Karen Hudes had an instructive experience in that regard the last time around, as may be seen in this writer’s last post on the subject of her misinformation.  It is also apparent to all that the bankster/bloodline cabal loves to see in-fighting within the freedom movement.  Neil Keenan has much better things to do with his time than fighting off misinformed smears.  But when he perceives an attack, his 29-and-0 Golden Glove fighter’s instincts kick in, and he hits back hard.  Mr. Keenan clearly believes it is too late in the game to allow misinformation (whether accidentally or deliberately spread) to create fog on the battlefield – which can lead to “friendly-fire” casualties.  The guns need to be pointed in one direction – at the enemies of humanity.

The accompanying 23 minute video is vintage Keenan, and is well worth viewing for those who have the time.  Forcefully and unmistakably, he rebuts Ms. Hudes’ recent statements to Ben Fulford.  It appears that Hudes realized too late that her unguarded words would cause trouble for her, and she made attempts to prevent the full interview from being distributed.  However, her efforts were too late, and Mr. Keenan had no choice but to strongly rebut another round of misinformation from Karen Hudes.

Even so, he waited some days before responding.  In a conversation with this writer, Keenan stated that he did not want to have to issue yet another rebuttal to misinformation, but once it became apparent that Hudes’ statements had been widely distributed, “enough is enough.  It’s bad enough having to deal with the poison thing…but we don’t need this garbage out there, too.”
He goes on to share important updates regarding Nelu, and the position of the Asian families regarding the assets of the World Bank.

For those who need to quickly absorb the gist, and revisit the video later, here are the essentials:
Ø  Karen Hudes did work with Keenan – and then attempted to cut him out: Contrary to Ms. Hudes statements that she “never worked with Keenan, and would not work with Keenan,” she did receive direct and important help from The Keenan Group, which gave her a crucial introduction to S.C. Chiang – a powerfully influential figure with the Asian families who own the vast majority of Global Account assets.  Mr. Chiang stood ready to help Ms. Hudes in her dealings with the World Bank…until she attempted to go around Neil Keenan to work unilaterally, attempting to cut out the man who has earned the families’ trust.  This backfired badly, as Mr. Chiang informed Keenan of the incident, and withdrew his offer to help Hudes.

Ø  The Monaco Accords:  This is a repeat of Ms. Hudes’ misinformation from the last round.  She states that Neil Keenan was merely “among those invited” to the secret gathering of finance ministers which took place in the fall of 2011.  In fact, it was Neil Keenan who was instrumental in instigating the crucial gathering, which then was facilitated by influential figures in Switzerland.  The World Bank, the IMF, the BIS were emphatically NOT invited, and not in the loop.  On her own turf as a World Bank lawyer, Keenan acknowledges, Hudes is an expert.  Outside that turf, Neil suggests to Hudes in no uncertain terms that silence might be an attractive option.

Ø  Is there gold in Indonesia?  Is the Pope Catholic?  And speaking of the Vatican…
Once more Karen Hudes steps outside her expertise to hold forth on the question of where the gold lies, stating that there is no gold in Indonesia.   “Really, Karen?” asks Neil Keenan.  Wrong, says Neil – in Indonesia there is “lots of it!” (Keenan will let us fill in the zeroes on what “lots” may mean).  And Hudes say it’s in the Vatican?  Keenan’s information is direct.  Karen admitted to Benjamin Fulford that she was only repeating hearsay.

Ø  The World Bank and the Asian assets:  “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice….” The East entrusted the West with its gold a hundred years ago, and a century of fraud, robbery, and bloodshed ensued.  This will not be allowed to happen again.  Do not look, says Keenan, to see the Asian families hand over control of their assets to a cabal-created institution like the World Bank.

Ø  Update on funding:  The campaign to complete Keenan’s work on the Global Collateral Accounts is making good progress, thanks to the efforts and contributions of many.  Additional help from key figures is in process.

Ø  Nelu’s fight for freedom:  The case of the Keenan Group’s key partner Martha “Nelu” Wibawa – wrongly imprisoned for sixteen months in Indonesia – will soon be before the High Court, where Mr. Keenan has hopes that he will finally receive a fair hearing.  The shameful record of denial of justice in this case may have one last chance to be rectified before being taken up by an international tribunal.

A final note: Mr. Keenan’s health is rebounding after narrowly averting an assassination attempt via poison.  His Irish luck is holding out – this one was close.  Your prayers and good thoughts are deeply appreciated.

Michael Henry Dunn