Monday, November 11, 2013

Roy Potter: The Quantum Change

Published on Nov 11, 2013
A discussion about the subatomic changes that are occurring in the Solar System and the galaxy and how that will affect human beings. The division of good and evil, including that division in nations, and how the evil influences seek to protect themselves from the coming cosmic influences and prevent you from benefiting from those same changes. I anticipate cries of "foul" from certain believers, but Jesus Himself referred to these things, and God calls them His "Marvelous work and a wonder," His "Pouring out of His Spirit upon all flesh," and many others. A link to these scientific explanations is Sacred Geometry and DNA
Also, short mention of all the fired military officers, Obamacare, and an update on Boston Bombing revelations. The link to PlasmaBurns video on the theatrics of the Boston Bombing is

The WND article link on the purge of military officers is