Monday, December 16, 2013

CMKX Update By WhiteHatAuxiliaries In Regards To Attorney Al Hodges



We are pausing from the usual to bring a brief comment from a CMKX shareholder who is in touch with Attorney Al Hodges, a key player in releasing funds to CMKX shareholders. We have a small number of CMKX shareholders who read our blog and I want to assure them that they are most welcome. Their story is a most interesting one. They have been on some journey, let me tell you! 
The message, found today, is as follows: 

Attorney Hodges will be communicating with the Shareholders this month.

We are posting this because Mr Hodges is working with the White Hats and we felt it important to post. We will post the message from Mr. Hodges when it is available.

We do not know what Mr. Hodges will say, good or bad. However, it is rare that he updates the field, so we will certainly be looking forward to it.