Friday, December 13, 2013

Global Currency Reset Update From Tony TNT - December 13, 2013

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TNT CALL - Friday, December 13 @ 1:04 PM STARTING NOW... T = TONY | C = CALLER

TONY - Good morning, TNT! This may be the luckiest day you've ever had. I'm going to give you some really good info - this may be the call of a lifetime!

T - We're set up for 250 callers but we have now 700 people in the queue. Not sure how that happens. Let's give some other people who haven't called in before a chance to talk today. If you want to get on the call and ask a question, then get on the call. Listen to the call so I don't have to repeat the same answers.

T - Last night around 10-11PM I gave you some info about today probably being our last call. I waited all day and I just don't come in and tell you stuff for fun. I waited as long as I could to see if anything would change. I try to only post once. It's good info. Yesterday we got calls about where we're at. About 2PM yesterday things got started, finalized, and we could've had the RV anytime and it literally it could go at any moment. The only thing different about today - everybody is in place and they have doubled the normal crews and they'll be working 12-hour shifts Saturday and Sunday, security is at the highest level. Everybody is clearly excited and saying today is the day.

T - We're hoping that while we're on this call we'll get an announcement because we're within the window.

DC - We're any second, any minute. They just sent everybody to lunch and they're back in their seats ready and they won't let anyone to leave. They're all expecting this any second.

T - We've talked to every agency and everybody we've talked to this morning have said this is it.

DC - We're literally just any second by second.

T - The rates have not changed. The only thing different is that normally the exchange people are in one location to be disbursed. Today they are already disbursed.

DC - Bankers at many different levels, law enforcement people at different levels, are all disbursed and waiting for the bell to ring.

T - This probably is our last day. I don't think we need to discuss anything else. You should be asking questions about your future and how to prepare for the future.


C - I pay 10% of my income as my tithes. If I give that large sum of money to my church will that be a problem? T - I don't think so. It depends on how you give it to them. If it's in a cashier's check you should be fine. They're only looking for cash transactions and money moving overseas. If it's easily traced like a CC then it shouldn't be a problem.

DC - One of the things that triggers flags is anything more than 7%. An audit isn't that you did anything bad - it's just them asking more questions. Don't be afraid of an IRS audit if you followed the rules.

T - All of those out there who took money from people under different sites will be audited. There is already a list. If you feel like you got ripped off this will be your opportunity to file something against them. A lot of people will be surprised.

C - Do you still feel the dealers will be competitive as the banks? And is that equal to or better than, concerning the fees? T - Let me say this: the dealers tell me they'll be competitive with the banks as long as it's the market rate. The rate we get may be a contract rate instead of the market rate, which they won't be able to compete with out the gate. Later on in the month they might actually be able to compete. The contract rate is being offered so you can go to the banks and the US Gov't can get the oil credits.

T - This may change, but at some point the 3.44 that Iraq has right now will come into play. The rate should match between the banks and the exchangers. There is a US rate and an international rate that will be running at the same time. We won't care until they match up. That's what we're hearing, but I don't know for sure. The dealers can't do the contract rate we know. I'll try to let you know before I sign my NDA. The message they want me to give you is that our gov't wants the oil credits and that's why they want you to cash in at the bank.

C - Why are the elite allowing us to have this when they typically want us to stay poor? T - Maybe there's not enough rich people in the world to stimulate the economy. Maybe we're not going to be the elite but instead be the new middle class. The rich still got richer. Somewhere with the GCR somebody had to have the money. Remember, this was all about Iraq in the beginning and was planned to stimulate the US economy. Remember when O came in and everybody got $1000? That did nothing for the economy. By doing this they're putting money in the real folks' hands - 5M of us. It will stimulate the economy. This will be a lifetime stimulus, not a one-day or just for a couple of months.

T - The new budget deal that was just passed, nobody won and nobody lost. They didn't have to because there's money flowing all around. Now for the next 2 years the budget is safe and nobody will look for it. Just like the Clinton years they'll leave office and nobody will say anything.

DC - I am not an elite, but I have friends who are. They're not intentionally trying to keep them down. They're just looking after themselves. By us getting all this money and 50% keeps their money, that in itself will stimulate the economy. Look at what just an 8% growth does for our country and the world. It will help not only our citizens but the global economy as well.

C - If this doesn't go through this week or next, what should do? Is there anything we should do, like call people, picket, etc.? T - what would that do to make this happen? Absolutely nothing. They're not going to listen or pay attention. You don't even know if they get your calls. You don't want it to go public then you'll get on a list. This is the US Gov't and they do get the final word since they write the laws. They could do away with 13303 and you get nothing. But if you're getting NDAs don't you think they're trying to protect themselves. When you start moving towards a mob-mentality, you've lost it already. All it takes is 1 phone call to ruin your life forever. I'm speaking from experience.

DC - What would you be protesting? That some people allegedly cashed out? Are there receipts? No. There is no hard evidence. They got to do this because of the place they're in. There's nothing you can do about that. What can you rebel against? People would think you're crazy if you demanded the gov 't gave you 3,000 times what you have. The process doesn't work until it goes public. Iraq has enormous resources of oil, gas, and gold. This has to go public for this to work. 15,000 have already cashed out and they are dependent on the rest of us cashing out.

DC - we started hearing early last week and it's now absolutely true we have from 8-10 sources who don't know each other or talk to each other, is that the key staff at the IMF and UST can't go on Christmas vacation for 2 successive days after the release (24-48 hours post RV). This is a helluva motivator to not slow things down at this point. Some of them tried to get around this last night and this morning and were told "nope, not until this happens." Some fresh blood was brought in and there are some of the old and some of the new.

C - Are all of the currencies going at the same time? T - Yes, positively they are all going at the same time.

C - I'm hearing this is the 10th anniversay since Saddam was picked up. Correct? T - Yes.

C - I'm in a Skype room and they're telling me that on Iraq TV they're saying the RV has occured in Iraq and they can't use USD anymore. T - It went into effect on 12/11. If could happen since we're expecting something during this call.

C - I heard there's a big come to daddy meeting in DC right now? DC - The meetings are all done. It has nothing to do with the RV activation now, just about the spending.

C - Is the VND going to drop back to the .40/.50 area? T - It has to drop because it can't be valued more than the dinar. I just don't know the timeframe. C- I'm concerned about my reserves because I have 2-3 times what I have in my pocket in reserve at Sterling. T - I don't know how fast they can do it. All I can say is to cash out as fast as I can. For the VND I don't see it following the same path. I think it will end up at the IQN range ($4) with the dong below that. Nobody can lose anything. If you're 5 hours from Atlanta I'd be in my car right now. I'd be spending the night in Atlanta if it didn't go today.

C - I don't have any dinar. I have VND and ZIM. Should I use the 800#s? DC - If you have anything significant you should go through the call centers. They only question they're going to ask is how much dinar you have. You can go anywhere with the other currency and they're going to give you a pamphlet. With any bank - if you have any significant amount of currency they'll ask you to make an appointment. If you already have a PD or WM, particularly with BoA if you have a relationship with your branch manager, they are authorized to do things on their own for you.

C - Any info on the ZIM? T - All I've heard is that they're removing 6 zeros making it .22. I got this from a DC source. The rumor of the 9 zeros is probably inaccurate. PAM - we've heard the 50 and 100T are going to be the ones with 6 zeros being removed.

C - Do you need an appointment if you only have 1 100T ZIM note? T - Do to the high volume they will want you to make an appointment. Not every branch can handle that amount. It won't hurt to call the 800# for that but I don't think that's going to apply.

C - What do we have to do to keep the old chat site because the new one SUCKS? T - The sites were consolidated to help the mods because we have limited numbers of mods. After today it won't matter. The old one will be shut down today. PAM - because of the impending RV we left it open until midnight so we'll have a place to chat.

C - Do you know anything about an agency or holding account? T - I don't know about those. As soon as this call is over I'd call and discuss it with the bank. Find out what the guidelines are before it happens.

C - Do I have to make an appointment to exchange VND? T - the only one you have to make an appointment for is the dinar. If you have a significant amount of ANY currency they're most likely going to ask you to make an appointment, give you a 15-page pamphlet and ask you to call.

C - with a 13-day delay now, are we still expecting a drop in the rates in 5-7 days? T - they're hoping to get everybody cashed out in 5-7 days. They don't know what the hedge funders will do when it goes live. If I was a betting guy I'd bet you'd have a little longer before it drops. They absolutely positively want you in the banks with money in your bank account spending.

C - Playing devil's advocate, what happens if midnight tonight comes and it still hasn't popped?

T - I wasn't paying attention because I just got a call. Can I read this? DC - yes, just don't give out the source. T - They are complying with the WTO requirements and merchants are confirming that the RV is being announced in Iraq as international. We were hoping that in the middle of this call we would get confirmation and we'd get the 800#s. We are definitely in the window and today is to be out time. DC - I just got a text that the RV is being announced on Iraqi TV.

DC - We were able to confirm yesterday that those outside the country on Wednesday had the rate of 3.44 and they've been spending at that rate for at least 2 days.

C - The NDA sounds like a setup to me. What's your take on it? T - It's not a setup. First and foremost, they did it to protect themselves because they don't want to answer why they knew about it all this time and didn't share it with their constituents. Second, it forces us to protect ourselves and keep from becoming a target ourselves. It means we need to keep quiet like a rich person, and if you can't we will make the decision for you. If the public knew 5M just became millionaires there would be a growing sense of hatred for those who didn't work for it.

C - Is there any concrete way yet for taxes? T - it's still up in the air. I would set aside 50% for taxes. Put 25% aside to work for you (interest), and 25% to spend and payoff debts. If we come back in Jan or Feb and find out it's only going to be 9.37%, then you have lots more to spend. On the other hand if you spend that money you will regret it for the rest of your life.

T - If we pay cash for a house and get audited down the road, how do we account for it if we signed an NDA? DC - The NDA was to protect and keep social unrest from happening. It's there to keep massive problems from happening. If you drive around like an idiot flashing your riches, you become a target. On audits, keep your paperwork. If you don't do anything bad you don't have to worry. 12% of the people on this call will be audited. Everyone of us who made this kind of money will be audited. Follow the rules. Hire and accountant to follow the rules.

T - What is keeping them from doing it today? They want to do it and it's frustrating for all of us. There is info out there that could be embarrassing for some agencies. There were personal egos and agency competition involved, as well as some timing issues. Today and this week some things happened that didn't have to happen. At this point it doesn't matter. DC - It's doing down and the rest doesn't matter.


T - What do you know about a plane from DC landing in Reno and Feds looking to start the process? DC - I know of no such plane.

T - Why can't Obama step in and say "just do this already?" DC - POTUS is the president, not a dictator. Regardless of your political affiliation, the POTUS is head of 1/3 of the gov't and can't push it. It's also out of his area - it's the IMF. He's pushing it and wants it badly. But there are procedures to follow.


C - When will your sites go down? How long with the 800#s be up and what about the begining rates for the currencies? T - I will get the 800#s. I don't know the format or how many numbers I'm getting. We will put them up after we call each bank and get their rates. This late on a Friday those rates should stay the same all weekend long until Monday. They don't update them over the weekend. I'll leave the site up through the weekend. I can leave the site up indefinitely. The Forum will be up at least 24 hours.

C -In the budget bill is there a 9% rate included? T/DC - still trying to find that out.

C - Are there treaties or agreements between countries that would affect the tax rate? T - In the 20-page contract I have from Reno there is something in there about that. I don't know about the other groups.

C - Is the US ultimately paying us for the dinar? There would seem to be a cash-flow problem. T/DC - The US gov't has several trillion dinar itself. They can offset of the $4T they can count it towards a Fed deposit (account for our exchanges), making it a cash-neutral event.

C - What about dealer fees? T - I haven't talked to Frank in a while. Once he's selling or buying, that's how he makes his profit (fees).

C - If we go to Atlanta to pick up currency can we exchange it there if we live in another state? T - Make your appointment with the zip code where you live. I plan on being in Atlanta on Monday to pick up mine.

T - Please be aware that if you plan to go to your dealer to pick up dinar, know you're not going to be alone. Your appointment may be pushed out a couple of days. If you have people coming from 49 other states to GA to cashout you can be assured of a waiting list.

NOTE: Atlanta, GA is where Sterling Currency/DB is located.

C - In one of the chat rooms it was said that Lloyds of London insurance is no good. T/DC - I have no idea.


C - Have you looked outside to see if Santa and Okie are out there? T - I'm looking out there and all I see is sunshine. I actually thought we'd be able to do this on this call. We may have to plan another call. But since we have confirmation from Iraq that it's being announced over there it can't be that much longer. And now that they know that WE know and you know we shouldn't be that far from our official announcement.

DC - Just got a text that everybody is on pins and needles. They were told to take a quick break and get back to their seats.

T - I'm going to do a tweet, a blast, and put it up in the forum on DC - I absolutely believe we're hanging off the edge and there's nothing below us.

C - Question about an interest-bearing account, sweeping into secondary accounts, premier accounts etc. T - The only reason to move your money from the account in which you received a wire transfer from an exchanger is for security reasons. CNN reported that 60M accounts have been hacked. Protect your money. Make a clean account. Beware of people who will try to take your money with offers.

T - You don't need to open the 2nd account 5 minutes after you exchange. Just do that within days.

C - Is it true the WTO will audit Iraq on 12/29 before allowing them in? DC - Yes, and they have to have tradeable currency before that happens.

C - In your heart of hearts do you believe it will happen today? DC - yes, can something screw it up? Yes. But I cannot for the life of me see why this isn't going down now. They can't go home until it does. They can't leave for the holidays. I don't know why they're dragging it out to the last minute.

T- Just receive video of announcement from live Iraq TV that the dinar is now international.

C - I bought currency from several banks and it has all been verified with black lights and books - not DeLarue machines.

C - Are we still going to have a "cattle call" to cash in? T - Yes, they want us to get in and be done with it. There's no way it will take 30 days. They are not feeling compressed

C - How will they let people know (families and friends)? T - It's not their job to tell people. It is our job to tell people we know. People have been laughing at me for 3 years. They will tell me later, "hey you didn't call me." Well I'll be laughing for the rest of my laugh. That's not going to happen.

T - the 29th for Iraq (WTO) can be extended. They've already scheduled bank personnel for this evening (2nd shift) and they will be working this weekend. Everybody is all pumped up and they will be working 12-hour shifts. We are absolutely excited and waiting. Watch for the Tweet and Tony Blast coming soon. We've spent 3 years waiting for this moment. Walk through your plan and be ready. Iraq got their official notification and we have video. We cannot be that far behind!