Thursday, December 26, 2013

Intel Updates From 'MR. S' on the Batman Conference Call - December 24, 2013 PLAYBACK OF THE BATMAN CALL WITH SPECIAL GUEST MR. S


Phone # 805-399-1099


PIN: 184762#  



Topics Discussed:

  • Foreign troops landing on US soil in order to do mass arrests along side White Knights in Military. 

  • Three US locations discussed that are holding massive gold reserves for the global currency reset.

  • The end of the Federal Reserve

  • Obama and his executive orders

  • FEMA camps and its use to house the criminal elites and refugee camps for the criminal elite families.

  • Global currency revaluation hold up issues

  • Explanations of why the elite have been cashing out early and the plan to use this opportunity to arrest the elite.

  • Plan by White Knights to stop WW3