Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lloyd Pye - What is the Star Child Skull - Is it Human ?

Published on Dec 16, 2013
Lloyd Pye Tribute - Live in Liverpool 16th September 2012 What is the Star Child Skull - Is it Human ?

This week on Planet X Live - we pay tribute to the researcher and author Lloyd Pye, who sadly passed away this week 9th December 2013.

Lloyd dedicated his life to the pursuit of Knowledge and Truth - and not just as 'Custodian' of (what's now become known as) the 'Star Child Skull'

He was an eminent student of (the late) Zecharia Sitchin - and wanted to know and understand all that he could about 'The Sumerian Tablets' - which Sitchin translated.

Most touchingly - Lloyd will be remembered for his quick-silvered mind, his humour - but especially for being the gentleman that he truly was.

We honour his work but most of all - against all the adversity that was thrown at him during his life as a researcher - he battled on and dedicated his whole life to his pursuit of the Truth.

Lloyd was very much loved by us here at Planet X - He was more than just an acquaintance - he was a true friend.