Monday, December 2, 2013

Mountain Goat Update - December 1, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Want to thank everyone for all the 100s of heartfelt emails wishing me and my familie a great holiday season. As you know we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving like the USA. It is not a national holiday in Germany. Nonetheless we did enjoy the day and yes we did cook a nice dinner yesterday consisting of foul and all the fixings but it was not turkey. thought it now would be a good time to talk now about some recent  news on the revaluation of the Iraq dinar. Also there are many rumors about that are just not correct and I do not understand why some “intel providers” do not check more closely and use some old fashioned, common sense prior to posting such nonsense. These people are being irresponsible and should be banned from providing intel if it were up to me.

My intent now is not to bash other intel providers, or to make myself sound all high and mighty but maybe to awaken them to realize some send the entire dinar community on a spin with all the unnecessary hype over such unverified rumors and misinformation. Are you only looking for fame or are you really sincere in helping unravel this revaluation process?

Such nonsense only makes the job of those good intel providers who want to really help and assist in this matter much harder. Do you really want to get involved in such rumors? It does not even make sense to state them on a post or conference call and then claim they are only “rumors”. Do we all want to listen to such rumors?  Personally I want the facts, only the facts. If you have a rumor that sounds logical  are going to further research and get back to us? If so then I would accept such information but I would expect you to kindly tell us it’s a rumor, why it could be true, then finish what you have started and do your homework.  Then go and do your diligence and report back to us.

That is a responsible “intel provider”. Otherwise fade away and leave us all alone. We do not have time or patience for such nonsense.

At this stage of the process all newbies should please find a good source for Dinar 101 and read it. Why did you buy dinar anyhow if you did not even know the facts about this investment?  Are you foolish?  Are you going to repeat this behavior after you have millions in the bank post RV?  Maybe this investment is not for you?

Here are some recent rumors that need to be put to rest and I'd like to do it now.

  • Hedge funds are now buying into IQD- how can this be when the IQD is still a speculative currency and it is illegal to speculate using other peoples investment funds? It will remain a speculative currency until we see it activated at the banks. Don’t buy into this disinformation. It is meant to get you all hyped up and then you are only let down later.

  • Maliki is no longer prime minister - totally ridiculous but a hint of truth to it. He still remains and will remain PM until the 2014 elections. He in fact plans to run for a 3rd term for prime minister. Remember something important – Erbil Agreement is now activated and this means Maliki simply steps back and no longer controls the defense, security and interior ministries. They appointed permanent ministers This does not mean he is no longer prime minister. His wings have just been clipped. Remember also this was supposed to happen in early 2011 anyhow and was delayed when the USA decided to use Maliki as their patsy to do their dirty work in the government and hold up the RV as long as they could until the IMF and UST were ready to push out the GCR. They are now ready. I have talked about this in many of my past emails and posts too. Yet another sign we are very close to activation.  

  • Using USD to purchase Iraq Bonds – foolish again. Stated Dec 1st new Iraq banking laws - USD is no longer a legal tender in all Iraq banking transactions. These middle east countries do not want to use USD any longer.  If you wanted to purchase these bonds in Iraq you could and would  do so by converting your USD to IQD at the new RV rate. We also do not need their currency  to go international for them to begin conducting business on these bonds, unless they plan to price these bonds and sell them exclusively on the international bond markets. So be careful what you are reading. As I stated in prior emails, Iraq has had an in-country RV already and the initial rate was $3.44. It has since climbed and is now over $4.00.

  • The CBI site must first reflect the new revalued rate prior to the currency going international – this is totally false. I never said this. What I said is look for the new CBI site to come up with the new rates on or approximately around the same time when the rate goes live international. Remember the other 190+ countries rates are also changing and so none of the new GCR rates can go public until the entire GCR group is activated.

  • Global Currency Reset (GCR) is an IMF term widely used by the IMF and CBI – totally false. This is a term made up solely by dinar  intel providers in 2011 when it was decided to hold up the IQD revaluation, group global currencies and have them revalue or devalue as needed to balance out or reset the global economies of the world. So do not expect to read or listen to IMF or CBI sources or other politicians use this terminology. It does not mean the “GCR” is not real and is not going to happen. It is real and is very late in it’s initial planned activation already. It is planned to be activated very soon.

  • Challenging the NDA will prevent you from signing it. You may still exchange your IQN, VNN or other currencies at the bank or via private exchangers– totally false again. Personally I wish everyone would just totally drop the subject of the NDA, and stop talking about it. It is now a dead issue. We all put this through  the ringer already and its dead ! I see someone once again did not believe this info so they had to call Sterling Dinar Trader to verify. They were told they knew nothing about providing it. So what did this accomplish? I will tell you. First maybe Sterling was missed by the UST and never received the NDA as of yet or maybe will never get the NDA to have you sign it?  If you exchanged and kept this fact quite maybe you would not have had to sign one? Now because of your BIG MOUTH  I am sure the UST will stock them up with plenty of NDA and force everyone to sign them. Again just something that you got all hyped up and you are your worst enemy…yes You!  Who is pumping this hype anyhow? Could it be this group NASARA?  There is nothing you nor I can do but sign it and keep our big mouths shut afterwards… PERIOD!   We all have big mouths including me. I luv to brag.

  • Recent Iranian Treaties are holding up the activation- again totally false and just rumor. If you would use your common sense you can see how, if nothing else, this would force the activation must sooner. We did not have to wait for this to happen. This only effects the back end of the RV in the brokerage of the oil. Do I believe the US strong armed Iran for a reason years ago and used the embargo to their advantage to get these lucrative oil contracts with other countries? – yes of course! Again lets put on our thinking caps….think…think…think…All these oil credits from our exchange will be used for this purpose. Like I said in many of my last post this is a very lucrative deal for the USA. Why not? The USA risks may of your brave men and women to free Iraq from Saddam and fight these terrorists. There is always some payback from each war. The VNN is also USA payback (a bit on the late side) for Vietnam conflict and this is why there is also such an increase in their currency for the GCR. Having said all this now that these oil contracts are done it is time to open Iranian oil back up to the world. It is really as simple as that. This is why we are now seeing all these agreements with Iran  and this is also why I feel this is yet another sign to us that our activation is sooo close at hand.

Todays News
Yesterday I called my IMF source to verify all was still on still on track. I was told any technical issues are now resolved in the UST and they need and want to pop this activation now. I know from another source that this is just a cover story for what is going on behind the scenes. Iraq implements (is now effective) on is strictest banking laws in the history of Iraq today. Did you hear me?  I said now!  This is of course IMF speaking not the UST. I have many indicators that they can not hold off on the activation much longer. I mentioned a couple above already.

Iraq is also now scheduled to be audited (or reviewed) by the IMF for ascension in the WTO on December 29th of this year. One of the criteria is to have an internationally traded currency. They have until this date. Iraq is putting extreme pressure on the USA to activate but remember they can’t bark too loud since this last delay was at their request.

So today is Sunday December 1st and I have to apologize for I said December 1st was Monday in my last email. Anyhow it does not make too much difference since we only needed to cross this new threshold to be once again in a prime spot to get the activation. I really hate to say this again but what I was told is look for the activation in the window of Thursday thru Sunday of this week. There are reasons for this timeframe consistently and I am told not to broadcast the reasons as it is sensitive info. I will when I am told I can.

I sincerely hope this is our exchange week whether it is earlier in the week or in the  Thurs – Sunday window I have been given. Sooner than later would of course be better.   

Peace and Luv to ya,  
mnt goat