Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mountain Goat Update - December 3, 2013

UU1104 – Exchanging Earlier Than Expected - mnt goat

Hi all,
Just received an update from mnt goat. Never got one so late in the day since she is normally in bed at this hour.  I thought this was worth passing on to my TNT friends ASAP.  I am so excited!!!!  


Hi Everyone,
http://gothunts.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/mountain-goat.jpgJust was awakened in the middle of the night. My sleep was much needed since I have been so involved in this research these last couple weeks for news on the Iraq dinar activation for international countries. Anyhow…I literally just  got off the phone after an hour of talking. From what was just told me I believe that we could see this prior to the morning hours of 12/4 in USA and it will go live activation in banks at that time. The 800#s will then be rolled out soon after and the exchanges could begin as early as tomorrow afternoon if not late in the morning of tomorrow .

I know the same source has told me we may have to wait until the Thurs – Sunday window of this week once again but I hope you don’t mind if we can exchange a day early…do you?

Not much more to say at this hour of the morning. I am still half asleep and could not believe what I was hearing. I wanted to email to everyone in case you are concerned. I only get these types of calls when there is something either very positive or very negative that needs to get our to my readers immediately. This was all very positive and so I now am saying good night and going back to bed.

Geee I feel like Meine Kinder at Christmas time. …..let’s see what’s under the tree tomorrow morning…can I even go back to sleep?

One word of caution-  No one should know the date or rate. Neither do I, but I am staying positive that this is done tonight or early tomorrow from what I was just told.  

Peace and Luv to ya,  
mnt goat