Thursday, December 5, 2013

Project Camelot - U.S. Secret Space Still Hard at Work Buying UFO Crashed Disks...

  • Written by Kerry Cassidy
[12/5/13 :  UNDISCLOSED SOURCE was told there was a ufocrash in Thailand in March 2013.  March 23rd to be exact, in the disctrict of PHETCHABURI. The leftovers at first were recuped by the Thai army under the comandment of Jan-Ocha, air force chief officer from the Hua-In district, then everything was handed over to the US authorities, as u said thy handled it all over the world! Damn... some connection to the operation Paperclip or not there?

[12/5/13  Kerry Cassidy: don't know

[12/5/13 Kerry Cassidy: but that is good info and further proves that the US Secret space is buying up every piece of evidence they can

[12/5/13  Kerry Cassidy: still hard at work

FOR FURTHER INFO ON HOW MJ12 operates and continues to do so... with impunity around the world I recommend buying (can't get it anywhere I've found except through purchase.. the DARK SKIES TV SERIES FROM 1996... "History as we know it is a lie..."

More truth there than anything that's currently out there in TV or movies.  Tell Bryce Zabel who also co-wrote "After Dsiclosure" with Rich Dolan I want to interview him.  I've written to him but get no reply.